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Kokua-3-6.12 is released.


– Code base to Second Life (SL) Viewer 3.6.11 (GPU Table cohort) and 3.6.12 (Name Updater cohort) These changes do not affect viewer functionally.

– At viewer start there will be a notice and link to check graphics drive availability. Please use due caution in updating these drivers as updated drivers have resulted in system breakages in the past. The notice is a recommendation to check for updated drivers not a requirement to update.

– SL Release 3.6.11 notes.

– SL Release 3.6.12 notes.

Kokua Team Contributions

– Significant UI enhancements by Jessica Wabbit.

– Great Britain english option provided by Jessica.

– Removed packaged pcre libraries from linux 64 bit builds as they caused web kit to not load on newer Debian based distributions.

– A complete record of changes is here.

Please follow this link to obtain downloads.