Corrected Kokua linux 64 bit media plugin webkit failed to load at viewer start.

On newer Debian derived distributions in the class of Debian testing (aka Jessie) there have been complaints of web kit plugin failure to load at viewer start and also no voice and no audio streams. This has also affected Ubuntu 13.xx distributions. Some time back there were issues with not being found at viewer start. Users where applying symbolic links from the viewer’s lib64 directory to the system pcre. At that time Kokua started packaging the build system pcre with the viewer to save on user hassle of finding the system pcre and applying symbolic links. This no longer works correctly as modern distributions have updated. A test viewer is available that removes the four libpcre* libraries / links from packaging with the viewer. This has been tested and works correctly on Debian Jessie and Ubuntu 13.10. This may affect non-Debian distributions and a return to applying a symbolic link to may be needed.

The test viewer may be downloaded from Kokua viewer nightly folder on sourceforge.

2 Responses to “Corrected Kokua linux 64 bit media plugin webkit failed to load at viewer start.”

  1. NormB

    This fixed the music stream for me on my Ubuntu 3.10 64 bit system. I can now hear streaming music. I still can’t see the white dot over my head for voice though. I haven’t been able to figure out what the problem is with that. Thank you for your effort!!

  2. Phaytal

    As of Kokua this happend at very first start when using Arch Linux. It only happened/happens(?) though during very first start of Kokua, and doesn’t seem to fail anytime after.