Imprudence and Kokua are in process of moving.

Several months ago Imprudence and Kokua teams (team purple) decided to move to SourceForge for our server hosted activities. Some of you may have noticed that Kokua downloads are now present on Bitbucket and SourceForge sites. Our plans are to move forward with phased moves to SourceForge. We have on SourceForge a team-purple project that has Imprudence viewer and Kokua viewer sub projects. Team purple will host activities that are common to both Imprudence and Kokua. For example, prebuilt libraries will be hosted on team purple. There are quiet a few “gotchas” involved in this move. We are asking for patience while we work through the moves. The first move will place downloads under SourceForge’s File Release System (FRS) and will follow shortly thereafter. As an example of the benefits, a file upload from 3 days ago has been replicated to 17 mirror locations. Hopefully, many mirrors will provide a better download experience.

Here are links to Team Purple, Imprudence and Kokua SourcForge locations.

3 Responses to “Imprudence and Kokua are in process of moving.”

  1. Han Held

    Like, Sourceforge has changed their policies so that they are now forcing questionable adware into their downloads.

    The kokua/impy teams should take the “side-loading” issue into consideration during the move and make a point of advising their users on what to look for, as well as how to avoid any potential malware.

    Anyone interested can read the details here:

  2. ssm2017

    the gimp is leaving sourceforge too for the same reason.
    maybe you can try bittorrent for a better mirroring system ?

  3. onefang

    As far as I can tell, this adware side loading issue is opt in for projects. We have no intention of opting in. If it turns out to not be opt in, but is instead forced onto us, then yes, we will consider other options for downloads.