Kokua-3-6-6 is released

I was pleased to represent Kokua at the Open Simulator Community Conference’s panel discussion on viewers, also on the panel were representatives from Singularity and Firestorm. We were questioned about what was known as the 4096 jump bug. This bug “bugged” many in the OS community; the problem was to move more than 4096 grid locations you had to have jumping locations about the grid. The Monday after the conference Shaun (smxy) Emerald opened Firestorm jira FIRE-11593 . Tonya Souther submitted a patch and while that patch did not correct the problem it did trigger a round of testing on osgrid. Latif Khalifa developed a Singularity patch that fixed the issue. He also provided patches to Kokua and Firestorm. His patches are in this release. Opensim developers provided invaluable testing using Singularity and Kokua that provided the symptom verification, proposed fix, and a verified solution to this bug.

If you ever had a failed audio stream at a live performance I think you will find some nice features in this release. Jessica Wabbit has ported some audio stream features from Teapot viewer that allow stream urls to be copied by a right click on the stream announcement in chat and from About Land Sound tab. So if you wonder if you have a bad stream or if it is an in world issue just copy the url and paste into a system audio player such as VLC.


– Code base to Second Life (SL) Viewer 3.6.6 (materials) and 3.6.5 (cocoa).

Kokua Team Contributions

– Placed a selection for LSL wiki under Help and Build->Scripts menu items which should save steps for new script writers who often need to reference language specifications.

– Added a credit tabs for Firestorm and Kokua in the About->Kokua floater thereby formally recognizing Firestorm viewer contributions to Kokua.

– Implemented the display of decimal global coordinates in About->Kokua floaters. (from singularity / Llirusaito)

– Fixed the 4096 jump bug that had plagued opensim grids for several years. (fix provided by Latif Khalifa with significant testing on the part of opensim developers and kokua)

– Fine tuning of avatar’s age in name tag.

– Added a “Zoom In” option to the object context menu in nearby chat.

– Corrected property lines jumping out of place when minimap re-sized.

– Several enhancements to stream title display including giving the stream its own chat identity and expanding the stream metadata display to also show the stream name. If you ever had a failed stream this is a big helper, just right click on the steam’s chat id and select copy the stream and paste into your system’s music player.

– Added a “Visit This Stream’s Website” item to the Audio Stream context menu in nearby chat.

– Added “flip” check boxes to the texture tools panel to flip the diffuse/normal/specular map images horizontally or vertically instead of specifying a negative value.

– Corrected Object->Pay missing from the pie menu.

– Added a “copy to clipboard” button to the Sound tab on the About Land floater. If you ever had a failed stream this is a big helper, just copy the stream and
paste into your system’s music player.


22 Responses to “Kokua-3-6-6 is released”

  1. Reyfer

    This version, as the previous 2, doesn’t work on Linux 32 bits, with the following error:

    bin/do-not-directly-run-kokua-bin: error while loading shared libraries: libalut.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    *** Bad shutdown. ***

  2. NickyP

    Thanks for reporting. Please report a redmine issue. Include linux distro information.

  3. NickyP

    This is on a virtual machine Ubuntu 12.04 32 bit linux with freshly installed Kokua- It runs with out error.
    nicky@nicky-VirtualBox:~/Desktop/kokua-i686-$ ls -la libalut*
    -rwxr-xr-x 1 nicky nicky 32541 Sep 19 04:54 libalut.so

    This was with an extract to the Desktop and a run of ./kokua from the extracted directory.

  4. NickyP

    Messages on internet relay chat indicate there are issues with the latest GPU table from linden lab.
    So far it is affecting GTX760 nvidia GPU cards. The problem and recommended workarounds are in SL jira issue: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/STORM-1950

  5. Sarge Misfit

    Just gave it a try on my offline AuroraSim instance. It crashes at loading region. The problem is likely due to the fact that Excelsior Station is 8,092m x 8,092m.

  6. Sarge Misfit

    sorry, its 8192×8192

  7. Pyrii

    This version seems to have sent my framerate into the toilet, constantly freezing up over and over. I wish I could go back to 3.6.4 but you’ve made this a mandatory update.

  8. NickyP

    pick a 3.6.5 test or beta. 29432 is 11 changes up for 3.6.4 the beta or test versions should not send you into updating,

  9. NickyP

    Ive not tried but, you could install 3.6.4 and on the command line add –channel “Test”

  10. Pyrii

    I noticed the official viewer was much better, till after awhile I had the same problems and then realised it’s related my my cache, I set it to 2Gb on a drive I normally use for scratch for various programs. Reducing it back to 512Mb has helped a lot.

    Whether this is a problem with my scratch drive or with cache reading in the client, I don’t know. But when SL freezes up, it freezes up my whole computer which I don’t appreciate.

  11. NickyP

    Thanks for following up.
    I logged on after you first comment and went to known to be laggy club on SL and maintained 20fps.

  12. Tali

    Just wanted to say I *love* the audio stream right-click options.

  13. Tali

    -Oh, and the zoom-in on a speaking object.

  14. Pyrii

    It doesn’t really seem to be lag, but once the cache fills up, moving the camera around turns into a freeze-up-fest where the client and computer keep freezing up over and over.

    It’s next to impossible to find an angle where it stops sometimes.

  15. Pyrii

    I’ve tried moving the cache, changing cache size, clearing the cache stops it for awhile, but it degrades into an unusable state again.

  16. NickyP

    1. Do you have a very large inventory? >50000 items
    2. Is the inventory fully loaded when the problems start or is it still in the loading process?
    3. Have you checked you internet connection with something like speedtest.net? LL date centers are in Reston, Virgina; Dallas; and Phoenix.

    It could be that both the LL viewer and Kokua have the same issue as most all the under the hood communications in Kokua is the same as LL viewer.

    Please open a redmine issue if this continues. http://redmine.kokuaviewer.org/projects/kokua

  17. Pyrii

    My inventory is 11630 items. Fully loaded. I just tried 1.6.5 and all was fine at first and then the problem slowly degraded. I dunno how long I’ve had the client open, but it takes about an hour to fully start.

    I’m on 75Mb/15Mb Fibre, so connection isn’t the issue. I’ve set the bw slider to max.

  18. gnarf

    Upgrading AMD gfx card drivers from 13.4 to 13.9 produces crash after login. Second Life Viewer is affected as well. Any chance there will be a fix soon? Not pushing, just want to know if the issue is already known and being worked on. :) Keep up the good work!

  19. NickyP

    It is BUG-3487 in sl jira and I am following it. NickyD of Firestorm contributed a patch and it was pulled off by SL. They my want to approached it differently.
    I am going to wait til SL provides a fix or blesses the FS contributed one.

    Last jira as of this comment is:
    MartinRJ Fayray added a comment – 24/Sep/13 3:49 AM – edited
    I’ll have to figure out why Oz deleted your patch. Please contact me directly if you want me to test it anyways : D

  20. jw

    Im using manjaro linux 0.8.7 and im having problems with audio streaming, itll start fine but if i stop it, it won’t start again and only a reboot fixes it. Had this problem also on ubuntu gnome 13.04. Firestorm 32 bit streaming works fine

  21. NickyP

    Are you using 32 bit or 64 bit linux in manjaro and ubuntu?
    Try, turn off the stream in preferences. tp out and back and then restart the stream in preferences.

  22. Waykool99

    NickyP or anyone, by chance, have an 1.7 GB ISO of Ubuntu Studio v10.04 LTS 64 Bit? Tried v12.04 LTS 64b, many installs. v13.x brutally crashed. Gave XFCE many fair shots over several PC’s. I’m sorry. Nothing beats Studio v10.04 LTS 64b. Found 32 bit 10.04 LTS DVD to install in the meanwhile. Spent 3 days combing Ubuntu downloads. Its like Studio v10.04 LTS 32/64 bit was wiped off the face of the earth. My original DVD got a hairline crack, spread about an inch. Friend in New Zealand said must have 64 bit, LTS in order to DJ in SL with IDJC (from Sourceforge.net). Streams paid up to June 2014. Fingers crossed somebody responds…