Kokua-3.6.3 is released

***Note to windows users***
The name of Kokua changed from “Kokua Viewer” to “Kokua” to allow auto updating to work properly. If you are using a release named Kokua Viewer and then install Kokua the versions will be side-by-side. If you then decide to use the un-installer to remove Kokua Viewer it will remove your settings file. On windows 7 the settings are stored at C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Kokua. You need to backup this folder and then restore from the back up after removing Kokua Viewer.

Automatic updating will be in play for users that updated to Kokua-3.6.2 (about 350 users). Please leave comments about how it worked.

The folks at Singularity recently developed (and licensed it LGPL) a neat feature to allow prim export to Collada (dae) and Wavefront (obj) formats. Jessica Wabbit has contributed a port of this to Kokua for Collada export. Based on user feedback she may include the obj exports at a later date. Testing this feature shows it complies with Second Life permissions. You must be the creator and the owner to export. I tested this on the beta grid with a couple random prims and then on a cube I created. It seems to solid in that respect.


– Code base to Second Life (SL) Viewer 3.6.3.

Kokua Team Contributions

– Added a new “Permissions” sub-menu for friends on the People floater.

– Added display of group and role UUIDs at the end of the group’s General and Roles panels.

– Added Open Simulator Community Conference 2013 grid to the grid drop down list.

– Added plain text chat history as an option in chat preferences.

– Fine tuned notifications for the automatic update feature.

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4 Responses to “Kokua-3.6.3 is released”

  1. RavenmanSkwer

    no offense but you all dedicating time to all the new viewers but yet while you leaving imprudence viewer to die off, and that not fair, like improvements are making sure there made to all these other viewer while imprudence is left to die what with that

  2. Mike Chase

    Nicky, tried building a 64bit linux client and am stuck with it looking for a ogg library dependency. Did something not get pushed? Also let me know if you prefer questions about building go to an email account.

  3. Orlando Frequency

    Yayy, I like this release. Whatever happened I’ve got far less graphics glitches (stray triangles all over on an Intel HD4000) then before, so I actually can use Kokua again. It is still the only viewer I’ve found to give me streaming media and voice simultanously on a Linux x86_64 system.

    Thanks for your efforts :-)

  4. onefang

    @RavenmanSkwer: We are doing both Imprudence and Kokua. Nicky is mostly working on Kokua, while I work mostly on Imprudence. Recently I’ve been hard at work on migrating our web site to SourceForge though, so no time for Imprudence development until that is mostly done.