Kokua 3.6.2 is released


max reported a problem with the name change from Kokua Viewer to Kokua and both programs using the same settings file. An uninstall of Kokua Viewer wiped the settings file and then the install of Kokua had fresh settings. If you need to maintain settings; backup the settings folder and then copy the back up to be active.


– Code base to Second Life (SL) Viewer 3.6.2.

– Includes vivox voice improvements.

– Automatic update functionally added. Recently, working with Oz Linden we have turned the automatic update feature on to attempt forced updates of older Kokua viewers.
It doesn’t appear we will be able to update older viewers as they are coded to offer links to the SL download site instead of the Kokua download site.
From this version forward automatic updates will be in play. Bitbucket does not support SL’s program control methods of downloading and automatic updates will come from Kokua’s SourceForge download area

Kokua Team Contributions

– Returned to standard SL viewer Debug for the login menu. This allows selection of Debug level before logging in.

– “Stop animating me” short cut is assigned to Shift-S.

– There are several Linux build changes to allow compiling on current compilers. (Builds on gcc-4.7 and gcc-4.8 have webkit runtime issues)

– Maximum number of groups is corrected for OpenSim.

– Freeze/Unfreeze and Eject/Ban context added per Feature request #1254.

– Clicking on the bandwidth or packet loss graph brings up Statistics window.

– Reach Out slider renamed Radar Range and now has a 4095m upper limit and is re-positioned above the mini-map.

– Middle mouse button functions as paste.

– Middle mouse button can scroll the world map.

– Toolbar button for “Map” is renamed to “World Map”.

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7 Responses to “Kokua 3.6.2 is released”

  1. Mike Chase

    ooo, the gcc improvements sound promising. I may have a chance at compiling it now!


  2. max

    There’s something you forgot to say about this update:

    The name of the program changes, froim “Kokua Viewer” to just “Kokua”. This change makes the program not updating your actual kokua installation and giving you the two versions together.

    Oh and also, despite this detail, the program uses the same settings folder (logs, cache and the rest) as the previous version. so if you uninstall the old kokua, you will loose all of your logs and settings!!!!!

    Thanks for reminding it in the post… At least i jsut started using it for a week and i didn’t lost much.. but what about the ones who uses kokua for months?

  3. NickyP

    Thank you for bringing it up. The name change is necessary to make upcoming automatic updates work properly. I never thought about the effect on settings. In development your lucky if you have 3 days without wiping the settings file and starting over. I’ll edit the blog to warn about backing up the settings file.

  4. Hue

    NickyP, if you have to wipe your settings every few days during development, you are doing it wrong. I commented to ask though: Will there be actual features in Kokua too? Like unique ideas, not just the rehashed stuff from others and LL with the Kokua label on it?

  5. NickyP

    There is the case of a new user with no settings file.

  6. dav2

    For a MacBook, the settings, logs, caches I have to backup are all under Library | Application support | Impudence ? I like the old version for what I am doing with it and am loathe to change – it is also, or was so, until today, more stable than The Standard Viewr.

  7. onefang

    @dav2 Imprudence and Kokua should be able to be installed side by side, so you can use both. I don’t know if that works on a Mac, but it works like that on Linux.