Kokua 3.6.1 Mesh Deformer Test Viewer

A mesh deformer test viewer is now available. This viewer uses the recently released Inworlz deformer patch by Karl Stiefvater (aka Qarl Fizz) and McCabe Maxsted with minor tweaking to make it friendly with the 3.6.1 code base.

The links to the downloads are posted at the bottom of the Kokua Downloads wiki page under the title Additional Test Viewer Downloads.


11 Responses to “Kokua 3.6.1 Mesh Deformer Test Viewer”

  1. Mike Chase

    Awesome to see this!

  2. NickyP

    Please document experiences using the deformer in the successes and failures issue here: http://redmine.kokuaviewer.org/issues/1259

  3. Clematide Oyen

    Great release, it works fine.
    But I have a strange issue with Kokua viewer and only with it, in every releases.
    I use an UK english keyboard although i am italian. This keyboard uses the keys ALTGR+U to draw the “ú” character (and ALTGR+A to draw “á” and so on for each accented vocal). In other viewers this works fine while in Kokua it unfortunately opens popup windows to upload something… How to avoid this?
    Thank you.

  4. christy

    Hey where is the joystick controls?

  5. Jessica Wabbit

    @Clematide I can’t reproduce that on my system. I use Gnome-2 on Gentoo GNU/Linux. I also have the compose key mapped to the right-alt (AltGR) key. It seems from what you said that you are holding down the right-alt key and then tapping “u” to make a “ú”. To get that character on mine I tap the compose key (right-alt) then the “‘” (single quote) key and then “u”. If I wanted ù (accent the other way round), I’d tap compose followed by a backtick (`) and then tap “u”. A pound (£) is made with compose then “=” then “L”. The compose key is supposed to make a single special/accented character out of the two keys you press after compose (right-alt in our cases).

    I tried doing it your way (holding down compse (AltGr) and tapping the “u” key but it did nothing. I tried that in the viewer and got nothing. If I press control-U, on the other hand, I get the upload file selector.

    It could be possible that you have the right control mapped to the right alt and causing some confusion for your window manager. I tried that mapping but still couldn’t reproduce your problem.

    This may well turn out to be a keyboard settings issue in the window manager, but I don’t know why that would only show up in this particular viewer if it was. Can you check through your keyboard settings anyway. Perhaps set the keyboard settings back to their defaults and try it. If that clears the problem then try mapping the compose key back to the right-alt key and try again. If you make some other changes to get the keyboard from defaults to the way you like it then please describe those changes.

    If you are holding down the compose key then please note that that’s not the correct way to use the facility. It still shouldn’t cause this though.

    Which window manager are you using (Gnome-2, KDE, Gnome-3 with Gnome Shell or Unity, other). Which GNU/Linux distro are you using also. These details often come in useful when describing a problem.

    @christy: Preferences -> Move & View (tab) -> Other Devices (button). I don’t have a joystick, but I think that’s what you are looking for.

  6. Justin Smith

    How does one take high-resolution snapshots in Kokua? Clicking on the “High Resolution Snapshots” item in the Advanced menu doesn’t seem to do anything…

  7. NickyP

    snapshot procedure

    It should be the same as the SL viewer. The above seems to be a detailed how-to.

    I haven’t done photography enough to offer first hand advice.

    If it is a problem with kokua please comment again.

  8. Justin Smith

    It’s not the same as the SL viewer: it just lists the size of the existing window with no options for changing it. Here’s a screenshot:


  9. Justin Smith

    OK — I figured it out. You have to select Save to my Computer and then select “Custom Window Size” from the menu.

  10. Vinde

    Before downloading and testing, I was wondering-

    Is this a test viewer that allows rigged mesh to fit our shape better, or am I confusing this with something else entirely? I remember at one time there was a sort of movement to push LL into allowing this to work, but running into disagreements and problems. I am excited if that is what this is relative to, or even if it helps with avatars (like petites) to rez correctly without having to relog when changing into/out of it.

    Is that what this is for?

  11. NickyP

    Yes, it has qarl’s mesh deformer patches.
    Please monitor this feature issue.
    And report your experiences.