Kokua 3.6.1 is released.

Kokua 3.6.1 is released.

Code base to Linden Lab (LL) viewer-release 3.6.1.

Linden Lab had some bug corrections related to materials rendering. After much self grumbling and looking over the 20 or so commits I decided to go with a Kokua release.

Also, there was a bug reported that affected the edit of object position from build tools. That alone would justify a bug fix release.

I want to thank all who have downloaded and tried the viewer. At this writing there have been 606 downloads in 7 days. While this is small compared to other viewers, it is a record for Kokua. I am sorry to ask for additional updating so soon after a release but, based on feedback from Linden Lab and the Kokua bug it appears necessary.

Included is a range slider beneath the mini-map within the People->Nearby tab. This is a convenience to allow adjustment of the 130 meter default radius which is the debug setting “NearMeRange”.
Near Me Range


9 Responses to “Kokua 3.6.1 is released.”

  1. Norm

    Nice work team!! Kokua is the only v3 viewer that I can get to work on OpenSims, like InWorldz and OSGrid. I works great in SecondLife too.

  2. Someone

    Seems to be a bug in 3.6.1. Alpha blended textures appear darker than they should when shadows are enabled.

  3. NickyP

    Upstream issue please review and verify: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/MATBUG-235 No sure if this is set to public access.

  4. Someone

    OK the alpha blended textures only appear dark if they have been tinted with some color.

  5. BelleJour

    huhu, first, my english is not very good, but i hope all understand it.
    I have the most viewers with this bad UI try, and Kokua is really the best of all, Im on win 7 and all work, only the FPS is not so high like in Singularity,
    the Login is a pain, i donr understand why Kokua not a dropdown menu for more avatars have, Im a builder and for Animations try I must login with 2, 3 or more avatars, and for every avatar i must full name and password tipping, with a dropdown menu is it must better. You click a name in the list and login, ready… in this new viewers is enough what you must 2 times, 3 times or more times click, before what happends.

    … and I hope really the notifys stop 1 times in future, its a real pain in all new viewers, in old viewers was payment infos, friends on/off all in open chat… now pops alltime a notify on.. this makes me grazy…

    … but much thanks for the good work with Kokua viewer, its a light in the far for hope of a better UI in the new viewers.

  6. NickyP


    Added as a feature request.

  7. LaeMing Ai

    I can’t work out how to add a custom grid address. The UI I am getting doesn’t match the online docs and gives me no clues as to what to put in that single “Add new grid” field. Trial and error had it accepting a raw IP:port address for my home server without error, but the list does not update.

    The “Type or paste new login uri” menu option also doesn’t seem to work.

    I’m also happy to edit the local raw gridlist file if someone can point me to it.


  8. NickyP

    At the login page select grid manager and it will pull up preferences. The selection may or may not be on grids if not select Grids. In the Add new grid text box enter the url of the grid. example would be http://mysim.dyndns.com:8002 press enter and the there will be a query to select the grid and its information. If the query fails there is an error. The grid list should update. If not. select Refresh. Close preferences and the grid should be in the drop down list.
    The primary file that holds the grid data is app-settings/grids-fallback.xml. The active user file is ~/.kokua/grids.user.xml

  9. LaeMing Ai

    Couldn’t get the UI to accept it, but editing the file got it in. Thanx.