Kokua 3.6.0 is released.

Kokua 3.6.0 is released.

Release highlights:

Code base to Linden Lab (LL) viewer-release 3.6.0 which is the materials viewer release. Build tools texture tab has changed.
Texture tab as a materials control.
Media texture controls are somewhat hidden.
Texture tab as a media texture control
User Interface (UI) enhancements (comments welcome)
Jessica Wabbit contributed Private Look at/Point at, a Cat mode on/off toggle and a date formatting change.
The added menu selections are at Develop->Avatar
Look at Point at Cat mode
Enhanced build tool with copy / paste of build parameters ported from Zen viewer as its implementation was newer than other LGPL licensed viewers and then completed the feature with fine tuning tweaks from Firestorm.
Build tools
For the frustrated “where the heck is it?” user, a Commands top menu entry as been added. At top are those commands that I knew had changed locations with different viewers. This can be programmed with changes if needed. Such as, add the shortcut for close windows to the top section. Please put these change requests in the issue tracker.
Commands menu
Chat bar as command line feature ported from initial Firestorm work and then gutted and added to. The description of the commands is in the Commands menu. The on and off toggle of Chat Entered Commands turns chat as command line feature on and off and controls visibility of the listed command descriptions. That is the only entry in the list of commands that is active. The other entries in the list are the chat entry commands to use. The chat entry command descriptions in other viewers are in preferences. This approach provides quicker access to the command descriptions.
There are eye sight / migraine headache generator changes. Some notifications are defaulted to be off to cut down on the excess of flashing lights that usually occur at log on. If the notifications are more important than flashing lights please adjust to on in preferences. A font size slider as been added to preference just below the UI size slider. Changes to font size require a viewer restart. Hopefully, UI size and Font size can be tuned for a better viewing experience.
Prim import / export ported from Firestorm / Techwolf Lupindo. When using export if you do not meet the creator / owner rules of the grid it will appear to be exporting but, in fact it is a silent fail. The xml file will not be present.


20 Responses to “Kokua 3.6.0 is released.”

  1. Justin Smith

    The latest Kokua doesn’t work for me. I’m running kokua-x86_64- on a 64-bit Linux system and get the message

    “You are running the Second Life Viewer on a x86_64 platform. The
    most common problems when launching the Viewer (particularly
    ‘bin/do-not-directly-run-secondlife-bin: not found’ and ‘error while
    loading shared libraries’) may be solved by installing your Linux
    distribution’s 32-bit compatibility packages.”

    Unfortunately, the compatibility libraries for my distribution suck our loud…

    (I already have installed all possible 32 bit libraries, but gui 32-bit programs don’t run).

  2. Justin Smith

    Never mind! It works fine now!

  3. Mike Chase

    Any chance a legacy search could be implemented for it. For OpenSim grids that don’t yet have web search. Also I’ll look for it but is there a page that walks through steps to compile? If so I can try and help in the future a bit.

    Primarily on Windows but I have Linux boxen also.


  4. NickyP

    My wish list is for legacy search and a Firestorm style friends list / radar. I don’t want to try either of those until after Firestorm finishes their CHUI merge. Once you can build / compile the LL viewer on windows you are 99.9 % there with Kokua. Once you reach that point drop me an email and we’ll step through the remaining 0.1 %.

    The LL instructions are here. FmodEx is current. Kokua doen’t use it so that shouldn’t get in the way.

  5. Han Held

    Wow, Kokua has come a long way! I’ll just repeat what I said on SLU:

    Materials seems to work well on my opensim standalone, at least the materials I added to a single prim persisted between relogging and restarting the simulator. I didn’t do anything particularly challenging, however.

    I did crash when I tried to run the “flr” command, tho that seems to be a fluke.

    It does feel a lil laggy…I’m guessing the graphics defaults are kicked up to support materials?

    I’m using it on windows 7 64-bit, with 4 gigs of ram, 512 megs video ram, for whatever that is worth.

  6. Reyfer

    Hi, this release, as the last 2 before, crashes on Kubuntu 32 bits whenever I want to log a different character (just clicking on the name bar at login makes it crash if another name is already there), crashes on opening maps, and crashes on trying to get the Advanced tab on the preferences menu…..any way to solve this?

  7. NickyP

    http://blog.kokuaviewer.org/2013/02/18/kokua-3-4-5-25935-is-available/comment-page-1/#comment-5127 please look this over. Stability problems for all KDE using oxygen+gtk theme started about 2 versions ago with an KDE update. Maybe someone using your distro can help.

  8. Andre

    still disaster on win8. Textures do not show and if you change graphics configuration, kukoa crashes…

    Image 1: http://is.gd/rXr2hG
    Image 2: http://is.gd/K10agW

    Textfile with information and crash:

  9. NickyP

    It appears the problem is in nvoglv32.DLL a graphics support library for nvidia. Sometimes the initial graphic settings from gpu_table.txt do not match your gpu card. I suggest removing the entry
    NVIDIA GTX 560M .*NVIDIA .*GTX *56.M.* 3 1 0 0
    in that file and start the viewer and then try graphics settings.

    Image 1 looks like the textures have not fully loaded which takes longer at first log since the add of server side baking to the viewer.

  10. Reyfer

    Hello, this release like the previous two, crashes to desktop whenever I try to open map, when I try to click on the Advanced tab in Preferences, or at login if I try to change the avatar name in the username field. I’m using Kubuntu 13.04 32 bits

  11. Reyfer

    Wow, I don’t know why my comment was duplicated here, I just wanted to say that changing the Oxygen-gtk theme made Kokua work again…..thanks!!!!

  12. Andre

    removing line diden’t work. look at “Fout 2”


  13. Andre

    removing line didn’t work. look at “Fout 2”


  14. NickyP

    I asked TankMaster Finesmith (GPU Meister) to look at your comments. He stated that while likely not the cause of the problem that your nvidia driver is not current.
    If after updating the driver the problem is still present please open a issue on redmine.

  15. Laura

    Just a question: Kokua has RLV support?

  16. NickyP

    Until one of the RLV authors can write it in a way that causes minimal merge conflicts when merging new features from Linden Lab it will likely not be added.

  17. Laura

    Great viewer, it deserved one of the first places in my “favourite viewers list”. And probably going to be my daily viewer.

  18. deMonti

    For me the only viewer which runs on Debian Jessie without making my hands dirty. But where are the RLV options?

  19. deMonti

    I forgot. Debian Jessie 64Bit.

  20. NickyP

    There are no RLV options.
    Each implementation of RLV that I am aware of causes significant merge conflicts when doing an upstream merge.
    If the RLV authors can write RLV to cause minimal merge conflicts then it can be put in. Otherwise, RLV will have to wait until the current pace of LL features slows down.
    At present the 3 upstream projects server side avatar, materials, and CHUI all have many changes that must be merged in order for Kokua to stay current.
    If someone that uses RLV would like to make an RLV fork of Kokua and present as a contribution it could be added.