Third Party Viewer developer meeting notes.

Oz Linden is very interested in having users update to a Server Side Appearance (SSA) capable viewer. He quoted stats (number and four zeros) of users still using older versions. When first reported the issue of a non-SSA capable viewer on an SSA enabled grid was that avatars would appear grey. In the past few days an issue was found where skin and eyes became corrupted and could not recovered while using a Phoenix viewer on an SSA enabled region. Details. LL is trying to find a solution but, that is likely a one-off effort and after launch they do not intend to give any time toward solving issues with the older viewers.

LL’s server side appearance blog announcement is here.

Kokua versions 3.5.1 forward are SSA capable.

Imprudence viewers are not yet SSA ready.

LL also announced the Materials Viewer is in beta. The blog post is here.

None of those features are Kokua. The code for the materials viewer just recently became public.

Comments about materials viewer and interest in having Kokua materials capable are welcome.

10 Responses to “Third Party Viewer developer meeting notes.”

  1. RavenmanSkwer Resident

    comment on the great job you are doing for imprudence, when do you think sbb will be in imprudence, and also mesh, I will wait as long as possible for sbb to be implemented and mesh, i just am asking.

  2. RavenmanSkwer Resident

    and thanks for updating this also

  3. Graham Mills

    +1 for the excellent job with Kokua but as an OpenSim user my vote would go towards anything supported or likely to be supported on that platform. Oh, and Rift support :)

  4. Mike Chase

    Sounds great. Materials is a very important project IMO both for SL and for the OpenSim grids. I expect it will get adopted quickly into OpenSim. I know there is work in progress on it now.

  5. Justin Smith

    Editing in Kokua 3.5.1 on 64 bit Linux kills off my keyboard. The mouse works fine but I’m unable to type anything — even after I get out of Kokua! I have to restart X-windows to be able to use the keyboard again.

    Does it redirect keypresses to some mysterious limbo? How can I stop this odd behavior?

  6. Justin Smith

    I’m unable to enter Second Life with Kitely 3.5.1 (on 64 bit linux). It starts to log in and crashes with a comment that I need 32-bit compatibility libraries. I never get this when using any other grid. Compatibility libraries are only theoretically available for my distribution.

  7. NickyP

    Please update to kokua 3.5.2

    Then test and file a bug report if still experiencing this problem. A lot of the problems with linux are distro related so please provide those details in you report.

    Most often a back trace is needed to fully understand what is going on.

    If you are on a build from source distro then you will need to converse with other users of that distro for help.

  8. Marcus Llewellyn

    Materials support in Kokua would be very welcome. OpenSim does have some support for materials, but it can be a pain to test, as the only viewer with the material code at the moment that also has support for alternative grids is Cool VL. A V3 viewer with a grid manager and materials support would absolutely be useful.

  9. onefang

    @RavenmanSkwer Resident: tracks the Imprudence plans for catching up on those features the long pause in development had us miss out on.

  10. RavenmanSkwer

    any update on ll publising the ssb code so it can be in the imprudencer viewer or atleast implements of mesh

    glad this is getting notice cuz i will make imprudence my defulat viewer when ssb and mesh is enable