Imprudence experimental 1 is released –mac version is now available.

By onefang rejected:

Mac OS X Intel

Source tarball

Source repository (this release tagged as v1.4.0.3-exp1)

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5 Responses to “Imprudence experimental 1 is released –mac version is now available.”

  1. RavenmanSkwer Resident

    woot woot downloading it now

  2. Gavin Hird

    Very good work on the Mac version! Keep it up.

  3. ScarecrowPA

    I’m glad to see development continuing on Imprudence, it’s just about the only cross-platform viewer I can support. I’d help the effort if I was able to build a working executable from source, but the documentation is way behind reality. I cannot build a working copy using the instructions in the wiki – but clearly it is possible since someone is able to post binaries. I’d like to help with the Mac issues, but I can’t make useful comments if I can’t build from the source!

  4. onefang

    @ScarecrowPA: Kentron Katana is the person that is making our Mac builds at the moment, you will have to ask him how he does it. On the other hand, building the Linux and Windows releases is done by a script, which documents exactly how I build them. is the script I use, I hope it’s helpful to you. In both the Linux and the Windows cases I’m basically using the build scripts in the Imprudence source codes linden/scripts/linux directory. Yes, Linux build scripts work under Windows when using Cygwin. I expect they would work fine under Mac OS X. I can’t help much with Mac builds, I don’t own one.

  5. onefang

    I now have a Mac Mini for doing Imprudence viewer development on, so Mac releases will soon be coming out at the same time as releases for Linux and Windows. Apple has made it hard figuring out how to support older versions of Mac OS X though, so I’m still investigating how best to deal with releases and instructions for others to compile Impy. You can follow my rambling notes on