Imprudence experimental 1 is released.

By onefang rejected:

Release highlights:

More build clean ups.

Made the Windows installer and build system more like other OSes.

Added Windows nmake builds using Cygwin. Windows building is now fully scriptable like Linux builds. With some help from Robin Cornelius.

Added compatibility with V3 autobuild libraries.

Updated boost on Linux to 1.52.

Fixed a startup crash on recent Linux machines, thanks to Johnnie Carling.

Fixed a crash when creating a new Inventory folder, particularly when creating outfits, thanks to Kentron Katana.

Fixed shadow Frustra missing from Advanced Menu > Rendering > Info Display.

Fixed Inventory “Cut” and “Paste” deletes inventory item instead of moving it.

Fixed registering secondlife:// handler with KDE, thanks to Thickbrick Sleaford.

Various fixes to the edit tools radio button group, thanks to the Imprudence team.

Added ‘Show hidden selection’ and similar things to the advanced build options.

Added new communication channel urls to the viewer’s Help menu.

Updated the basic graphics detail sliders. Graphics cards have moved on in recent years, now we can bump the detail up more.

Removed hotkeys for obscure debugging stuff.

Updated credits.

Updated the release notes for 1.4.0 beta 1 and 2.

You can download binaries and source code from –

Linux 32 bit

Linux 64 bit

Mac OS X Intel

Windows 32 bit

Source tarball

Source repository (this release tagged as v1.4.0.3-exp1)

33 Responses to “Imprudence experimental 1 is released.”

  1. Andre

    On windows(8) it works great! :) no problems to report so far…

  2. RavenmanSkwer Resident

    woot woot, thanks for the dedicatons you all are a great team, I have a mac but i will download it asap when it comes to mac. I will make this my defualt viewer perminatly.

  3. RavenmanSkwer Resident

    and for the mac versions if u need an beta tester i will gladly vonlenteer

  4. onefang

    The Mac OS X viewer is at The announement will be updated soon.

  5. greybeard

    Onefang, something not right with the new windows version when logging to Metropolis grid, only on certain regions.
    For instance the region called *CenterWorld* (note; the ateriscs are part of the region name.)
    Logs give no indication as to why it just suddenly crashes to desktop.

  6. onefang

    @greybeard: I’m not seeing this under the 64 bit Linux viewer. I’ll try the 32 bit Linux one next.

    Could you provide more details please? Is it the asterisks in the region name that is the problem? What version of Windows are you using? What version of OpenSim is that region running? Does it work fine with older Imprudence versions?

    It would be useful if you could open a bug report, and give more details, on the issue tracker at –

  7. RavenmanSkwer Resident

    Im loving this viewer even tho it just experimetal, it has great features, it is smooth the log in, and log out is quicker no hangups, it is a cool viewer i love it when they make it mash compatible i will make this my #1 viewer

  8. RavenmanSkwer Resident

    and i love the windlight settings too

  9. Tahuti MortmagusII

    I was going to install latest official Inworldz beta viewer and then found out that the ignorant prudes are refusing to include an RLV viewer in it due to, quote: “There are some rather frightening things that could be done to unwitting residents that might be tricked into enabling the features”, so I updated my imprudence to this version and am very pleased with it.

    Now back to my campaign to ban all Internet access in case someone sees something they don’t like :))

  10. Ci Sense

    Really well done Imp team!

    Exp 1 runs sweetly on XPSP3 with a HD6870 card and does not crash in dense busy avatar areas. Good to hear it will also support SSB/A in future.

  11. greybeard

    @Onefang, sorry I’ve not got back to you.
    Yes, the asterisks are part of the region name.
    I still have no idea what is actually causing the instant crash to desktop as the logs don’t get time to write the crash. I’m still half convinced it is actually something on that region or a nearby region, as the new Imp experimental only crashes for me close to that *CenterWorld* region.

    I have also found that linksets are limited to the crap SL max of 256, Imp was first and foremost an Opensim viewer, we need our no limits back mate. There are already more than enough cloned SL viewers for that grid.

  12. onefang

    @greybeard: Tonight I’ll be trying experiments with Windows to see if I can get this to happen to me on my test grid with a similarly named region. If it’s not the name, then you need to figure out what is causing the crash, and put details on the bug tracker I mentioned before.

    Hmm, I thought we had no Impy limit on linksets? I don’t recall that being a problem last time I tried. I’ll test again.

  13. onefang

    @greybeard: I cerated a bug report for your crash at I see the same crash in the same sims under Linux, so I’ll be able to track it down easier.

  14. onefang

    @greybeard: Just tested, I had no problem linking a 496 linkset, and likely I could have done more. Perhaps the sim / grid you where in was limiting that?

  15. RavenmanSkwer

    any update on ll publising the ssb code so it can be in the imprudencer viewer or atleast implements of mesh

  16. onefang

    @RavenmanSkwer: LL published the server side baking code long ago, but it’s a huuuge mess of changes that assume the viewer is based on V3, which Imprudence is not. I’ll need to get mesh done first anyway.

    You can track progress of Imprudence development on specific features on the issue tracker –

  17. Susannah Avonside

    Great that Impy is again under active development and will be adapted to support mesh. However, one old and very niggling fault is annoying me: when I click the audio button the viewer ‘hangs’ or freezes for a couple of minutes – 1.4.0 rev2 also did this. I’m using the 64bit Linux version, so maybe it’s the Linux cranky implementation of sound that is causing this.

    Though I love Impy for building, (and can we have positioning to four decimal places…please?) I tend to use Firestorm even though for many things it’s pretty crap for OpenSim, (silly SL limitations on prim linking etc) it does have shadows that work well that don’t give you the totally black sky with snapshots that Impy does with shadows enabled, and alpha actually work on FS with shdows enabled, unlike Impy.

  18. onefang

    @Susannah Avonside: If by “audio” button you mean the “Play streaming music” button, that’s working fine for me, and working instantly. Using Ubuntu 64 bit Linux (12.04), standard Pulse Audio setup from that distro. Generally any pause of that long would log you out of the grid you are in as well. Could you raise a bug report on the issue tracker please, and fully detail your OS/hardware setup (from Help menu -> About Imprudence -> Version tab, Copy to clipboard button).

    From the Tools menu -> Advanced build options -> Object edit decimal places, you can go up to 5. On the other hand, specific grids might have limitations, as in the end, it’s up to the server how much precision it will actually allow. Even then, it also depends how high up you are. Go up 100km wearing attachments and see how entirely useless any sort of precision can be under some circumstances.

    Imprudence shadow code was in an early experimental state when development went on hold. I’ve not looked at it. Complicating that is that my graphics card can barely handle shadows, really low FPS, so I leave it turned off. So I’ve not noticed your issues. Once again, could you raise a bug on the issue tracker please?

  19. Susannah Avonside

    I would post a bug report, but for some reason the issue tracker won’t let me register – just reports a ‘Login invalid’ when I enter my details.

    The problem with shadows is common to all the V1 viewers that implemented it, certainly Phoenix has this problem. It is only an issue when taking photos as it is usually the case that FPS drops to unacceptable levels if used all the time, and this it true for most viewers.

  20. greybeard

    sorry I haven’t been on for a while.
    Regarding your reply about linksets, I found the problem, build limits had been reset in your experimental to lousy Linden limits on installation, I had to disable those limits in debug settings and all was fine again, maybe a change of how or where it defaults for settings .xml’s would fix this.

  21. onefang

    @Susannah Avonside: The issue tracker is on a very slow box, sometimes it has problems with that. Often it’s helpful to reload the page if there are errors. We are looking at a few possible replacements for that.

    I confirmed the black skies in photos with shadows turned on in . The shadow / alpha interaction bug is also confirmed in .

    Thanks for bringing them to my attention.

  22. onefang

    @greybeard: I can’t find any debug settings that affect link set limits. Could you tell me the name of this setting please? The only thing I can find in the code that limits linksets gets those limits from the grid.

  23. Andre

    bug with imprudence: “can’t save scripts within new prims”

  24. Andre

    not sure if this is a imprudence bug, but if it is i can fill in a bug report.

  25. onefang

    @Andre: I read through your bug report. I don’t have Windows 8 available to me. I tried it with the 64 bit Linux release (same version you reported), on OpenSim 0.7.5, both the latest releases. I was not able to reproduce this issue.

    Please open an issue in the Imprudence issue tracker at –

    There we can work through trying to nail it down a bit more. Trying various versions of OpenSim, Imprudence, Operating System, etc.

  26. Andre

    UPDATE: with “Imprudence 1.4.0 beta 2 (Sep 23 2011 20:58:56)” still good, so its a viewer bug…

    see image

    i will fill in a bug report..

  27. Nick Zwart

    Wow, this is all great work, does it have MOAP allready?

  28. onefang

    @Nick Zwart: It has half of MOAP supported, that was in exp 0. This is in the form of a MOAP “radar” that shows a list of MOAP objects around you, and you can open their URLs in a web browser.

  29. Nick Zwart

    @ onefang: Ok, thanks. I understand (or hope) that MOAP is one of the things that will work in the next version.
    I work in educational field and most schools have old computers that can’t run V3 viewers, Imprudence runs fine on it, so if only MOAP was added to it, that would allready be the best improvement.
    Mesh is not that important yet, we just build in prims then.

    One other question: can you also create some stripped down version of Imprudence where e.g. kids only can navigate but not build, etc. Can I contact you about that?

    Thanks for all the effort.


  30. onefang

    @Nick Zwart: Implementing the other half of MOAP is on my TODO.

    I’m happy to be contacted about working on special versions of Imprudence. You can find my contact details on the Team wiki page –

  31. Susannah Avonside

    I’m still using Imprudence, as even though it’s ‘old’ in that it doesn’t support mesh it is solid and reliable and relying totally on manual configuration doesn’t try to ‘second guess’ user input when creating new grid entries as does Singualarity/Replex, i.e. try creating grid entries that have similar domains, but different port numbers and both these will record them, but only the last created grid will show up in the Grid Selector.

    Imprudence may be ‘stupid’ but and require the human using it knows what they are doing, but this is pereferable to a viewer that think it knows better than the human using it!

    What I want to know is when is an upadated version of Imprudence going to arrive, perhaps with mesh and maybe more adapted to the OpenSim environment?

  32. onefang

    @Susannah Avonside: Imprudence just wont work any more on Second Life, due to Second Life dropping support for client side baking, since Imprudence doesn’t support server side baking. So Imprudence is basically OpenSim only for now.

    My intention is to polish off the combined code I wrote for dealing with the many methods of setting Wind Light stuff from server side, and fix a few more bugs. Then I’ll make a proper 1.4.0 release.

    As has been mentioned above, then I plan to add mesh, server side baking, MOAP, and all those other missing new features. This will be for a 1.5 release.

    BTW everyone, everything except this blog has been moved to SourceForge. So you can create tickets at is tracking all the missing new features.

    Unfortunately RL has eaten most of my time this year. B-(

  33. Susannah Avonside

    Thanks Onefang. Good to know that work on Impy is progressing still. I know that development work on this kind of project is a labour of love more than anything else and that it’s the kind of thing that is done in ‘spare time’ whenever that is available, but as we all know, RL has a habit of taking over.

    The work of all developers for viewers, OpeSim code etc is much appreciated by us all, and we probably don’t actually voice that appreciation enough.

    Looking forward to the proper 1.4.0 release and even more to the 1.5 :) Impy with mesh and other goodies! Woohoo!!