Kokua 3.5.2 is released.

Kokua 3.5.2 is released.

Release highlights:

Code base to Linden Lab (LL) viewer-release 3.5.2
Opensim Lightshare imported from Firestorm / Cinder Roxley by tx Oh.
Opensim maptile texture size increased to 1024×1024 by tx Oh.
Disable Build Constraints feature edge case failure corrections.
Linux 64 bit boost and colladadom libraries rebuilt. Driven by LL’s boost version 1.52 re-factor.

A detailed change log is here.


2 Responses to “Kokua 3.5.2 is released.”

  1. Bob

    Hi Kokua,

    Can we use your viewer 3.5.2 with opensim release or osgrid release ?



  2. NickyP

    Yes, it works on opensim (including osgrid) and secondlife.