Kokua 3.5.1 is released.

Kokua 3.5.1 is released. If you track version numbers you will notice this version, Kokua-3.5.1, is less than the one used for development. Kokua-3.5.2 will stay as the development version. Linden Lab Server Side Baking is in play with this release. For OpenSim users, Disable Build Constrains has been added under the Advanced menu. This feature is aimed at region operators who also build things so that the maximum prim limit can be set high in the simulator configuration and then be the prim size constraint controller. In the viewer the lower limit is zero so if the simulator limit were lowered from its present 0.001 meters very small prims are also possible. This allows large and small objects that can be transferred by the IAR/OAR procedures. For OpemSim script writers OpenSim Scripting Language (OSSL) hover text is in the viewer. This was ported from the work of Cinder Roxley of Firestorm and based on licensing we collectively owe her a beer. Likes and dislikes can be reported in comments to this post. Bugs need to be reported in our redmine bug tracker.
Downloads request have to be routed through a central wiki page because of TPV disclaimer requirements.

Please download from here.

Detailed change log is here.

13 Responses to “Kokua 3.5.1 is released.”

  1. onefang

    Imprudence and Kokua released at the same time. Anyone would think we are syncronised. B-)

    It’s not a good idea to lower prim size limits to 0, this can trigger some bugs if you actually build prims with a zero dimension. The prims can be hard to delete, and you can’t select them to edit them back to a bigger size. So be careful when using this new feature.

  2. NickyP

    It is necessary for an OpenSim owner to lower the simulator limit from the current 0.0001 configuration setting in order for it to be in play. I was more concerned about a divide by zero error within in the viewer math routines. If it causes a problem then it can be lowered to 0.000001 for this purpose. I think is is low risk, how many OpenSim operators are also tiny prim builders? Server side baking in SL drove this release. Doing two releases in a month not pleasant.

  3. Royer Pessoa

    Download page still points to 3.5.0.

  4. NickyP

    Thanks, corrected.

  5. André Verwijs

    Kokua After turning off shadows, Kokua does not start no more. Running with ultra graphics…

    Log file can be viewed here:
    (copied from Windows (error) logs)

    Windows Report.wer (log output after crash)

    Kokua’s main log file

    kokua’s debug_info.log

    Optional: I can fill in a official bug report, please tel me where and how..

  6. Danko Whitfield

    Hi, I just used Kokua for the first time today. I’m in love! Thanks for a great viewer.

  7. NickyP

    please open a bug issue here if you haven’t an account please open one I know that is drag but, necessary.
    Crashes should be higher than Normal for priority.

  8. André Verwijs
  9. Andre

    Tried Kukoa Viewer today… Still a BIG DISASTER..!!

    First i used Imprudence 1.4.0b2 (this one works!!) to setup opensimulator, see images.

    But with Kokua its a different story, textures won’t load (trees/plants and avatar) when i change graphic settings within options, it crashes, see images.

    So, still a lot to do… i don’t recommend using it for online grid, first test it with a standalone setup…


  10. NickyP

    This does not reproduce on a win 7 machine. Need an additional test on a different windows 8 machine. Initial logon rez take a little longer on Kokua. But not very much longer and in my experience when prims begin to rez it is usually quick and not near as long phase in period. There are no other reports of crashing when changing graphics settings.

  11. Mike Chase

    Noted an issue with group chat that also is in Firestorm. When used with an OpenSim based grid (in my case locally and on InWorldz) others see my comments on group chat but I dont see my own. Any suggestions on what might be going on? Maybe a missing message or flag in OpenSim thats new for these viewers?

    Otherwise I’m loving Kokua. The new communications panel is very nice. Initial rez is a bit slower than other viewers but not bad and overall performance feels very good.

  12. NickyP


    This had a lot of upstream LL commits. But, if it is Opensim only it likely is not fixed.

  13. Mike Chase

    Yeah I noticed the new release and downloaded it. It also has the same problem as does Firestorm. TY for following up Nicky.