Imprudence experimental release exp 0.

By: onefang rejected

Finally there is movement from the Imprudence developers with the release an experimental build called “Imprudence exp 0”. There will be additional experimental releases based on progress and time to make them. Work continues toward a beta 3 release soon, followed by the usual release candidates, then an actual full release of Imprudence 1.4.0.

A quick summary of the changes –

Many bug fixes since the last 1.4.0 beta 2 release (see the source code commit log for details), thanks to Armin Weatherwax, Beeks, Jacek Antonelli, McCabe Maxstead, Nicky Perian, and onefang.

Ported inventory category capability from LL, thanks to Henri Beauchamp and Armin Weatherwax.

Converted to the ISS installer for Windows, thanks to McCabe Maxstead.

The removal of the translate feature (it used a Google service that was withdrawn by Google).

Added Linux build scripts (they almost work for Cygwin to, still working on that).

Simplified the build process a little, and made it more consistent.

Changed the storage methods for users passwords to patch up security a little. NOTICE – this may cause problems if you move back and forth between viewer versions. Recommend backup of your old grid_info.xml file. Storage of grid_info.xml varies depending on OS and other things. Blame onefang.

Fixed building under Mac OS X, thanks to Mimika Oh, Nemurimasu Neiro, and to team member Kentron Katana for building this experimental.

Fixed building under gcc 4.5.2, thanks to Lord Drakeo.

Added a MOAP radar, thanks to Robin Cornelius (full MOAP support coming soon).

Updated the grid list to match Kokua, thanks to Nicky Perian.

Various code and build system clean ups, thanks to the Imprudence team.

Apologies if I missed any thanks, it’s been a long time.

You can download binaries and source code from –

Linux 32 bit

Linux 64 bit

Mac OS X Intel

Windows 32 bit

Source tarball

Source repository (commit for this release)

34 Responses to “Imprudence experimental release exp 0.”

  1. DBDigital Epsilon

    Wow! Wonderful! Thank you. I had given up hope on ever seeing another imprudence release. It is still my favorite viewer even after all this time. :) Thank you again.

  2. Okami Aquila

    Is this new version mesh compatible yet? If not when will Imprudence be mesh compatible?

  3. RavenmanSkwer

    I love the imprudence viewer I am glad to see it a new release of it and i know many people love it too because of its visual ease of use and smoothness also. I do have an suggestion is this viewer still be ready when sl goes to this new sbb server side banking. Many Many people would rather use imprudence viewer rather than firestorm viewer.

    I do have an suggestion tho is imprudence gona come up with an notification tab like in firestorm, because many people love that i inclosed a screen shot to show you, because instead of clicking tru messages they can just right click and select close and that will close them all without clicking them one by one like you see in the picture, and also you can do that with the chat tab also

    and one last thing are you gonna work on mesh enable viewer

    I run a blog and i will give updates on this if imprudence will keep on

    signed RavenmanSkwer Resident

  4. fabrixx

    wowwwwwww I was in the past singularity because I love the old interface but now I can get back to basics how nice

    THank you

  5. onefang

    First I would just like to repeat the warning about the security changes to passwords. discusses why this security fix was made, and some of the issues involved. It was a bit of caught between a rock and a hard place, if we left the original passwords in, the security problem would have remained. So just keep in mind that using this experimental build means that the passwords stored in the grid_info.xml file will be changed to something older Impy viewers can’t read. Make a backup of that file, and store it some place securely if this is important to you. The location of this file depends on lots of things, the various operating systems, and even different versions of the operating systems, put it in a different place.

    If you have any ideas on this subject, please discuss them on the link above.

    On my TODO is to have a proper multi acount per grid account management system, and including a master password like browser and other software use would be a good idea for that.

  6. onefang

    To Okami Aquila and RavenmanSkwer,

    Obviously progress on Imprudence has been really slow during the last few years, and there is lots of catching up to do. Mesh, MOAP, multiple attachments, other things not beginning with the letter “M”, and now server side baking as well. They are all a lot of work to get through, and the small Imprudence team will take some time to get through them all. We are working on this in our spare time, and RL has a tendency to soak up lots of time. So while the plan is to catch up on all of those new features that Imprudence has fallen behind in, there can be no estimate of how long they will take to complete.

    RavenmanSkwer you did not include the screen shot you mentioned, but if I remember V3 has something similar to what you described that I liked. So it’s likely to be implemented after all the other catching up is done.

  7. onefang

    MOAP I’ll mention first, since by happy coincidence, Robin Cornelius provided Imprudence with a working patch that included most of the missing stuff that full MOAP support needs. So this work is likely to be finished soon.

    For mesh, the main issue is that the old render code is not suitable for mesh (technical reasons, it only deals with triangle strips, which meshes are not). Which is why other viewers had to rip out the horribly complex render code and replace it with something else before they could deal with meshes. Imprudence has the old render code still.

    I have been experimenting with code that bypasses the bulk of the old render code for meshes, and steps in at the last moment to add the mesh after the rest of the render is done. This has worked as a proof of concept, now I have to make it work for real. I do intend to eventually rip out the old render code and replace it, but that’s a huge job best left for after we have done some catch up.

  8. onefang

    Server side baking was created by LL not so long ago, to replace the current viewer side baking, but not in a backwards compatible way. LL has rushed this into production, and will be dropping support for the old method quickly. “Rushed” in this case means, far quicker than the really slow progress of Imprudence development has been able to keep up with. Other viewer developers have had time to include it, but they have bigger teams with more time available to them during this short window of time. RL soaked up most of my time during this period.

    OpenSim still uses viewer side baking, so Imprudence will have to support both.

    The server side baking code is a huge mass of changes to the viewer code, and it’s designed for V3 code. So lots of work will be needed to make it suitable for Imprudence, which is based on pre V3 code. Basically, Imprudence likely wont be able to support server side baking quickly enough to meet the LL roll out on the SL grid, but we should manage to support it some time after. I really wish we had enough time to do this proprerly before the LL cut off, but it’s their time table, their decision to not be backwards compatible, we cannot influence that.

  9. RavenmanSkwer

    thanks for the replies on this i cant find the place to include a screen shot but basically instead of clicking one after another to click out notices you have a tab like in firestorm notification so basically u can just right click close all instead of clicking one after another

    I glad to see this is being worked on cuz i am on a mac and i would rather use the imprudence viewer than the firestorm and the sl viewer, becuase as i said i like the interface the ease of use and the visual, and smoothness of it. I been in sl and i hear allot of people use the imprudence viewer and also can you input an ao tab thing. and about the ssb i will wait aslong as it takes for this to happen. rather it will be a fast or a slow process

  10. greybeard

    Welcome back Onefang.
    So glad you are back on deck and rolling out some much needed modernisations to what is still the best OpenSim viewer around.
    Don’t rush it, some of us are not interested in SL or what LL is up to, admittedly not a great number, but enough to say “let LL do what they will” and stick with making Impy the very best OpenSim viewer you can make of it.

    Runs to do the backup of grids.xml and grab the shiny new test version of Impy. Woohoo!

  11. RavenmanSkwer

    I agree greybeard and onefang i am glad to see imprudence keep going on and thanks to replying i more interested in imprudence viewer more than all others, and i will wait as long as possible cuz this viewer is worth the wait

  12. onefang

    RavenmanSkwer I am not sure what you mean by “ao tab thing”, but if that’s a feature request, then like your request for a notification tab, it’s best to put feature requests (and bug reports) on the issue tracker –

    There they can be prioritised, worked on, and tracked properly.

  13. Olga

    Having graphic problems with the viewer. Everyone has shapes for heads blocks or cylinders (except me )

    Looking for a fix.

  14. RavenmanSkwer

    Thannks for replying, sorry if im replying so late im not sure how to submit that feature request but i am figuring it out slowly, but my feature request is an built in animation overrider ie AO and On the server side baking, it will take awhile I know but for that I thanks you for continueing this viewer. I tried to sumbit a request feature but i dont know how. even on that website

  15. catkins_in_nz

    THANK YOU! This is the best news for a long time! I love Imprudence, still recommend it as the most stable viewer around but was getting to the point of thinking I would have to give it up. So glad I don’t need too – thanks again!

  16. NickyP

    for bugs
    for features

    You will need to open an account and login. There is a new issue tab on the menu bar fourth over for left. Select it and get started.

  17. RavenmanSkwer

    You welcome all and ty for the replies I am really glad you are continueing imprudence, so i thanks everyone for doing this, i am in the imprudence group in sl and many people think this viewer is dead i do not, I and many many people love this viewer. I know many many people will be greatful of this, cuz i know allot of people who rather use this imprudence viewer than all the others. and ty for the links nickyp

  18. RavenmanSkwer

    I posted a feature and i place 2 screen shot as the attachments it is a double post im sorry i didnt meant to double post the number is #1230

  19. onefang

    Olga, that sounds like everyone is using mesh on their heads, likely their hair. Imprudence does not support mesh yet. I’m still working on that. That’s just a guess though, I’d need to see a screenshot. If it’s not meshes, then please follow NickyP’s instructions on creating a bug report, and add a sccreen shot to that.

  20. RavenmanSkwer

    onefang and all the staff and group is really great and replying and keeping up with this post

  21. onefang

    RavenmanSkwer Imprudence has had a built in animation overrider for a long time. NickyP added a screen shot of it on your feature request. I’ll modify your request to just be for the notifications tab.

    The issue tracker is still running an the ancient really slow server. It has a tendencie to show an error when you create an issue, but it’s only a temporary error. Sometimes people see the error and duplicate their reports.

  22. RavenmanSkwer

    ok cool thanks onefang and you all are great at replying to this post and all

  23. Zauber Paracelsus

    I get the following error when attempting to run the 64bit Linux version of the viewer:

    bin/do-not-directly-run-imprudence-bin: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    I checked the lib64 folder, and is present.

  24. Tstorm

    I just saw this .. I am so happy … and I am willing to wait . Thank you for taking the time to do this

  25. RavenmanSkwer Resident

    I cant wait eithor I will wait aslong as it takes for the imprudence to come out, and when it does ill be the first one out of many to download it and will make it my defualt viewer

  26. fabrixx

    Try the 32bit version of this lib

  27. onefang

    @Zauber Paracelsus, please go to and create a bug report. Please give some details of which Linux distro you are using, your CPU, and other things that you think might be relevant. Thanks.

    The 64 bit Linux version works fine for me, that’s the one I use all the time.

  28. Zauber Paracelsus

    I got the 64bit Linux build to work. It was trying to find libllcommon in the nonexistent lib folder, so I had to create a symlink to the lib64 folder. After that, it started working again.

  29. onefang

    @Zauber Paracelsus, looks like it was failing to detect that it is the 64 bit version. Could you tell me which distro you are using please? Also, the output of this command (run from the impy installed directory) –

    file -b bin/do-not-directly-run-imprudence-bin

  30. Andre

    latest Imprudence new function “restore to last position” but i don’t think this is fully implemented yet in to opensim…

    running opensim as standalone..

    06:29:41 – [CLIENT]: Unhandled packet RezRestoreToWorld from Melnik OpenSim (root ) in METROPOLIS. Ignoring.

    please talk to opensim devs to implement this…


  31. onefang

    @Andre: Actually that’s an old function that was put into Imprudence long before I joined the team. I don’t think I’ve ever actually used it though.

    There’s no magic communications channel between me and the OpenSim developers, so you can talk to them just as well as I can. Would definitely be better if the request came from someone that actually uses the function.

  32. Andre

    not sure if other opensim users wil even use it, and its a bit redundant option since the position of an attachment is already being saved.

  33. RavenmanSkwer

    I am glad there dedication to this viewer, becuase no only for me but for everyone, rather you choice is Kokua or imprudence or both, rather you a builder a photographer, or just an exploror like I am. I gotta say many people like imprudence also cuz it is smoother and the visuals are great, and that is good for photographer. It has some great windlight settings, and for laggy sims it is great also cuz it is light weight, but you can still do the things you wanna do, and not expereince lag, in laggy sims

    and I thank you for the continueing with this, I know the process is not as fast as Kokua but for many people like me it is worth the wait rather how long or how short it is.

  34. ieks

    It’s not showing mesh, if it does i love this viewer but no mesh fix this man