Kokua 3.5.0 is released.

Kokua 3.5.0 is released. If you track version numbers you will notice this version, Kokua-3.5.0, is less than the one used for development. Kokua-3.5.1 will stay as the development version and have Server Side Avatar Baking merged in. Communications Hub User Interface (CHUI) is a significant feature provided by the Linden Lab folks. Kokua main menu is changed to File Edit View and the camera floater reduced in size similar to Teapot Viewer. If any menu functionally is lost, please comment or file a bug report. With input from Light Drake the OpenAL Soft audio library has been updated. Nicky Dasjin provided a much needed patch to allow compiler optimization of the Linux 64 Bit version. Likes and dislikes can be reported in comments to this post. Bugs need to be reported in our redmine bug tracker.
Downloads: Windows Linux 32 Bit Linux 64 Bit
Detailed change log is here.

19 Responses to “Kokua 3.5.0 is released.”

  1. Monerda Skute

    Maybe it has been gone for a while I have not been keeping up with the latest but I still make extensive use of the ability of Imprudence to export and import avatar shapes, which appears to not be available in Kokua. Also, I find LL’s CHUI incredibly annoying to use and I wish it could be optional. They have succeeded in making the simple process of text chatting awkward and I find myself missing what people say to me. Just my opinions on first using Kokua. I hope it will be more stable than either Firestorm or SL V3.


  2. Arielle Popstar

    Thanks for including the download link!

  3. John Small Berries

    With the Linux 64-bit client, I consistently crash within a minute of connecting, usually (but not always) with a message on the console about corrupted memory. I don’t experience these crashes with 3.5.1.

  4. NickyP

    thanks for the comment. Please open a but report and include logs and a copy of Help->About Kokua. Kokua is built on Debian Squeeze and tested before release. However, it is tested from within a virtual machine and a skew of results is possible.

  5. Timo Gufler

    Kokua viewer is my primary viewer now. It works very smoothly and it’s so nice to have music streams in 64 bit Linux finally. The snapshot seam bug fix is also included, that’s something, I have been waiting for a long long time. It takes time to become familiar with the new chat system, but I guess, there will be improvements coming from LL on course of time. Three features, I miss from Firestorm are better snapshot+photo tools, focus-to-avatar feature of the “radar” and automatically rezzing with the land group.

  6. Andress Renault

    Would you please consider a OS Grid version? Thank you!

  7. NickyP

    On a whezzy virtual machine I could not reproduce.
    uname -a Linux Wheezy 3.2.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.2.41-2 x86_64 GNU/Linux
    This was using which has server side baking added.

    On 64 bit linux clients there can be pointers that work fine on 32 bit and in most cases work on 64 bit. That leaves the edge case failures.

    A stacktrace is needed in order to troubleshoot farther.

  8. Andre

    loading textures is still a bit of a problem (with me) on osgrid. Any advice is welcome or do i need to upload them again?

    see snapshot: http://is.gd/vrWnP9

    Christopher Metalfan (osgrid)

  9. NickyP

    Could you send me a link to download the raw file. png jpg etc?

  10. André Verwijs

    if you click the link in my previous comment, you can download, but i will send it to you…


  11. NickyP

    Sorry, too much vacant space between the ears.

  12. André Verwijs

    lol :) did you get the image? i send it to the email address…

  13. NickyP

    Yes I received it. Been working on linux build tools (gcc 4.7.2) and haven’t tried to apply it.

  14. André Verwijs

    OK COOL…

  15. NickyP

    Now I remember why I asked. I can’t use the snapshot. I need the texture file that you uploaded or a save of the texture to disk. The raw file not a snapshot or a clip of the file.

  16. André Verwijs

    this one i uploaded fr osgrid. looks good i guess it wasn’t fully uploaded…


  17. André Verwijs

    this one i uploaded from osgrid. looks good i guess it wasn’t fully uploaded…


  18. André Verwijs

    but concerning kukoa, first remove all LL stuff…

  19. Royer Pessoa

    Nice! Running 64bits Linux version for days without crashing.
    Fastest viewer since Imprudence 4 beta, as fast as Teapot. And all the new nice stuff.

    Thanks a lot!