Kokua-3.5.1 (CHUI) crash fix

A crash to desktop is corrected. Additionally, a merge to LL viewer-development is applied to rule out upstream code correcting the crash.

This crash occurred when a user received an instant message (IM) with the conversations floater closed. A quick flash of the incoming IM notification would occur but, the Chat button inside the toolbar would not flash. When the user pressed the Chat button the viewer would crash.

Updated downloads are available here.

For additional detail see the redmine tracker issue.

10 Responses to “Kokua-3.5.1 (CHUI) crash fix”

  1. peppe

    I’m testing Kokua, is very fast but the voice does not work on ubuntu 12.10 also the latest version of koukua continues to crash ……. sorry for my English but I am Italian

  2. NickyP

    Please open an issue at http://redmine.kokuaviewer.org/projects/kokua.
    Please attach logs for the crash. the are located at “~/.kokua’ which is a hidden folder.
    Is the listen or talk part of voice broken?

  3. peppe

    talk and listen

  4. fabrixx

    Ha ragione peppe, anche a me il voice non funziona a differenza delle versioni precedenti.

  5. NickyP

    Thank you for testing and taking time to comment.
    After reading peppe comments I went to the Voice Echo Canyon on secondlfe and was able to talk and receive voice. I used the windows viewer. Please visit Voice Echo Canyon to test voice issues.

  6. RavenmanSkwer Resident

    hello I am woundering when this latest realease will be on the mac becuase I like imprudence and I also like the graphics and stuff its more brighter I use this viewer more than i do firestorm becuase i love it feel free to im me or via nc or via im in sl becuase its a great viewer i want to see it keep being devoloped

  7. WhiteStar Magic

    I’ve been patiently waiting, watching and hoping for quite a long time now to no avail, so I feel it’s time to finally speak up.

    1) Are you ever going to implement OSSL support in the script editor ? Cinder Roxley even dropped it into FireStorm/OS… even without appropriate accreditation, it’s there.

    2) What about XML Backup or HPA Backup ? Yes, I know the difficulties in regards to Henri modding his license, but something needs to be addressed in Kokua. HPA code is in Nhede’s Angstrom Viewer V3 based but needs a correction.

    3) Any response to OSgrid forum post ?

    PLEASE Let’s get Kokua back on track and fully serviceable for OpenSimulator usage, I know you folks can do it. Otherwise please let the world at large know what the goal is and how it changed.

    Thanks for your attention.

  8. perez

    bonjour, a qui pourrais je Ă©crire pour demander qu’Imprudence et Kokua integrent NWG dans leur liste par defaut ?

    Hello, has who could I write to ask that Imprudence and Kokua integrates NWG into their list ?

    grid name: newworldgrid
    login uri: http://3d.newworldgrid.com:8002/
    login page http://newworldgrid.com
    website: http://newworldgrid.com


  9. NickyP
  10. onefang

    @perez: New World Grid is already in Imprudence.