Advanced Build Tools available with Kokua-3-4-4-r6

I had planned that Kokua-3.4.4-r5 would be the last in the 3.4.4 releases but, some “It doesn’t feel right merges” with LL’s viewer-beta 3.4.5 caused me to change my mind and make another release of Kokua-3.4.4.

The Advanced Build Tools floater has a layout design from Imprudence with some bits from Firestorm.

Advanced Build Tools from Main Menu

The Advanced Tools Floater can be invoked from Ctrl-Alt-B and from the right pointing arrow in the build tools floater.

Download from here.

Also included is spinner step control with Alt: x10; Control: x1/10; Shift: x1/100; from kadah / firestorm.

Added Metropolis Metaversum to the grid list. This is grid mainly caters to a German speaking audience. However, when I visited I was readily addressed in English.

3 Responses to “Advanced Build Tools available with Kokua-3-4-4-r6”

  1. Han Held

    There is a growing community of english-speaking people who have recently moved in to Metropolis because it has the same ability to connect one’s own hosted sims to it, but none of the authoritarian issues that come with a certain other grid.

    Anyone who might be considering a move should not be put off by it being a European grid, they are very international and have ambitions of becoming even more so.

    About Kokua -will you be able to add chat commands to it (gtp, rezplat, etc), and if so at what point do you expect to have that included? It’s a feature I (and I’m sure many others) seriously miss!

  2. Wordfromthe Wise

    has this version problems with HyperGrid jumps ? And no lightshare support as of now ?

  3. Wordfromthe Wise

    oh nevermind .. that HG issue seems something different .. so still no Lightshare support ?