Kokua- is updated to Linden Lab(LL) viewer-release 3.4.4 which  has many crash fixes and appears to be, with an update of libraries, a stepping-stone release for server side baking.

There have been comments in internet relay chat (irc) rooms that Kokua and all Third Party Viewers(TPV) will no longer work after LL completes work on server side baking.  All TPV developers where given test viewer code to prepare for server side baking.  The server side baking code was merged into Kokua windows, linux 32 bit and linux 64 bit platforms. These merged viewers performed equal to LL’s project viewer  on the aditi grid test region.  Information about server side baking can be found in this LL wiki. If anyone desires to test a Kokua server side baking viewer, please comment here with an email address and platform and I will provide a link to the install program/archive.

A draw distance slider has been added to the right side of the status bar next to the dropped packets and bandwidth graphs. These graphs are now defaulted on. This addition continues  Kokua Project’s minimalist approach to feature additions.  The lower draw distance  limit is three(3) meters. That should provide combat users (sword fighters, etc.) the ability to quickly lower draw distance and gain frames per second (fps) during a match. A side benefit is that the volume slider icon is farther left, and away from the notification chicklets.

Login uri is functional again however, it was tested on windows only.

The main menu entry “Me” is now “Avatar”.

Vivox Acceptabe Use Policy was added to windows install and is present in Linux install directories.

Release notes and download links are found here.

12 Responses to “Kokua-”

  1. Dil Spitz

    and beside Your cool viewer gotten all its long held fixes, You added the wonderful fixes for MAINT-628 ( http://jira.phoenixviewer.com/browse/FIRE-4725 )!
    Thats so great :)
    now we can do over-screen-sized snapshots again!
    Thank You!!! \o/
    Dil :)

  2. Damian Zhaoying

    I interested in test Kokua with Server-Side Code. I’ll run into Linux 64Bits Platform.


  3. NickyP
  4. greybeard

    And what about opensim compatibility Nicky?

    Have the ideals of the original team gone by the way side in favour of that over serviced system called SL now?

  5. Dil Spitz

    were just on a
    ‘OpenSim 0.7.3 Release (Win/.NET)’
    and liked ii :)

  6. NickyP

    Most if not all the opensim changes for Kokua Alpha are in the present Kokua

    Some of these could have reverted during merge. I will be glad to reinstate any that have. Please open a Kokua issue on the redmine bug tracker.

    I am reluctant to add complexity of a second or third voice server given that Vivox has relaxed (free) licenses for small grids. However, I am open to having my mind changed.

    I would interested to know if any other viewer allows mesh scaling to 256x256x256 meters on opensim.

    I spend 2/3 and sometimes more testing time on opensim than secondlife.

    To ignore the wealth of work happening upstream at LL and wear opensim blinders would, in my opinion, be foolish.

  7. Han Held

    -login and -loginuri worked as expected when I tested them on my Ubuntu 12.04/amd64 installation.

  8. Arielle

    Here is the link to the download site for anyone else looking :)

  9. Joe Greene

    So when will the forums be resurrected? I tried to post a query Christmas week, but before it got reviewed the forums started the whole:
    SQL ERROR [ mysql4 ]

    Table ‘kokua_phpbb.phpbb_config’ doesn’t exist [1146]

    Is this going to be fixed.. it’s been a couple of weeks now.. do you need help to get it fixed (15+ yrs as a Unix admin here…)

  10. ZZ Bottom

    Do any know if latest serrver side code that LL released, messed up the moving objects via scripts (cars and bikes) on SL?

  11. Orinoko Aridian

    I’m very pleased to see that you are building a native 64 bit linux viewer.

    I am trying it out but, as usual, I still cannot get flash based media to play. The only viewer that I can get media to work in on linux64 is Singularity, and it lacks web-on-a-prim functionality.

    I’ve documented the issue over here http://jira.phoenixviewer.com/browse/FIRE-7464
    and it appears to be related to a change in llqtwebkit sometime in early summer last year.

    I should note that I have switched to the 64 bit version of linux mint 13 since then, and that in this particular build of Kokua, quicktime doesn’t seem to be working either in spite of my having all the correct gstreamer plugins to my knowledge.

    Well, anyway, failure of media is the only issue diminishing my enjoyment of SL on 64 bit linux at the moment, just thought I’d let you know.

  12. NickyP

    Thank you for testing the linux 64 bit Kokua viewer.

    Please try this version.

    MP4 video works with this update. Other video formats have not been tested.

    Please report any failed media including a test link here.

    An earlier bug report comment with references is here.