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Linden Lab’s (LL) Communications Hub UI (CHUI) project is merged into Kokua Experimental viewers.

The Communication Hub UI  has Instant Messaging , Chat,  and Voice controls in one floater as was done in version 1 viewers.

Inprudence users have asked that Kokua implement the Imprudence UI for communications. I would like comments from Imprudence users about this interface .

This merge affected many parts of Kokua code. Please test and report problems using our bug tracker.

The CHUI project is due to be merged into LL’s viewer-development repository  in February. After that we will begin merging into our release viewer.

Please review our testing best practices wiki before logging on with these viewers.

Downloads are linked here.



Kokua- is updated to Linden Lab(LL) viewer-release 3.4.4 which  has many crash fixes and appears to be, with an update of libraries, a stepping-stone release for server side baking.

There have been comments in internet relay chat (irc) rooms that Kokua and all Third Party Viewers(TPV) will no longer work after LL completes work on server side baking.  All TPV developers where given test viewer code to prepare for server side baking.  The server side baking code was merged into Kokua windows, linux 32 bit and linux 64 bit platforms. These merged viewers performed equal to LL’s project viewer  on the aditi grid test region.  Information about server side baking can be found in this LL wiki. If anyone desires to test a Kokua server side baking viewer, please comment here with an email address and platform and I will provide a link to the install program/archive.

A draw distance slider has been added to the right side of the status bar next to the dropped packets and bandwidth graphs. These graphs are now defaulted on. This addition continues  Kokua Project’s minimalist approach to feature additions.  The lower draw distance  limit is three(3) meters. That should provide combat users (sword fighters, etc.) the ability to quickly lower draw distance and gain frames per second (fps) during a match. A side benefit is that the volume slider icon is farther left, and away from the notification chicklets.

Login uri is functional again however, it was tested on windows only.

The main menu entry “Me” is now “Avatar”.

Vivox Acceptabe Use Policy was added to windows install and is present in Linux install directories.

Release notes and download links are found here.