Kokua Beta

Using Kokua Beta 3.4.2, some opensim grids experienced texture range message spam as outlined here. With test assistance from Marcus Llewellyn (osgrid region owner)  we determined that lindenlab (LL) viewer-beta 3.4.3 no longer caused grid console message spam.

Earlier today LL merged viewer-beta to viewer-release. So, that code is now go to go for third party viewers.

Below please find a  restate of the features from 3.4.2. Nothing has been added as this is a code base upgrade.

Feature catch-up with pie menus optional and defaulted to pie.
Audio stream titles now display in chat and can be turned off or directed to a custom chat channel through debug settings.
Based on user feedback, these settings may be moved to preferences in a later release.
Invite to group from profile made clearer with the button “Invite” instead of a “+”. As in the LL viewer, invite to group is available in right click avatar context.

Detail of changes can be found by review of commits available here.

There are some linked library differences between linux 32 and 64 bit platforms. If you are a user who can please run both and provide a performance comparison.

Release notes with download links are here.


8 Responses to “Kokua Beta”

  1. Zauber Paracelsus

    Where are the download links?

  2. NickyP

    Post update with release notes with download links.

  3. Susannah Avonside

    Having problems with Kokua running on Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit. After installation it runs well for a while and then for no apparent reason just crashes on launch. Why are 64bit viewers so apparently rare? Kokua is the only game in town, apart from Imprudence, which now has very long teeth, sadly. I hope Kokua gets to be as good as Imprudence, and that *eventually* Kokua will inherit the built-in AO and great building tools that Imprudence has.

  4. NickyP

    Please open a redmine issue and attach the kokua.log from ~/.kokua. For a more complete data attach a gdb backtrace using these instructions


  5. Phaytal

    @Susannah Avonside

    Kokua and Imprudence are not the only 64-bit viewer in town anymore, Singularity is full 64-bit with full mesh support, and Teapot is also full 64-bit and I think has full mesh support as well.

    However Kokua is, IMHO one of the best viewers out currently, and it truly is an amazing evolution to Imprudence.

    You’d think LL would get off their lazy asses and actually develope a native 64-bit viewer for the official viewer, as well as the Firestorm team.

  6. LaeMing

    Anyone else getting a crash with Aurora/standalone for var-regions over 256×256? (equal or below works fine, though).

  7. NickyP

    This version is not fully Aurora aware.
    Some work was done below but it was several months ago

  8. LaeMing

    Thanks for the info Nicky, I am now running on OpenSim with a 2×2 megaregion setup for now. Things are going well (Linux64).