Kokua-3-4-2/25211 spam texture fetch messages on opensim grids



Additional testing shows that the problem is deeper than this one changeset. My test build worked fine with a local opensim grid and the viewer on the same machine. Once separated by network the problem would come and go.

kokua-dev is set back to public. I suggest if use of 3.4.1/24900 on opensim grids that have not updated.

I have not seen spammed logs on that version. With 1000 downloads of that version, if  the issue was there it stands to reason that it would have been reported.

Grid operators may want to ban kokua 3-4-2 and SL 3.4.2 until after simulator updates.


This problem is from LL’s 3.4.2 code. I have identified it to changeset https://bitbucket.org/lindenlab/viewer-release/commits/eeb7464542b8c4a23f8cf98c4490be7419207eb5

I have backed out this changeset and will provide new downloads later today. I mean time the kokua-dev repository is set private to prevent additional issues for opensim grid operators that have yet to update to the latest master version.  Osgrid updated to master (10-12 hours ago) and that  corrected the spam issue there.

The messages on the opensim server console are like:

2012-12-05 19:22:44,159 WARN  – OpenSim.Capabilities.Handlers.GetTextureHandler [GETTEXTURE] : Malformed Range header: bytes=2048-

The corresponding messages in the viewer log are like:

2012-12-06T02:11:54Z INFO: newview/lltexturefetch.cpp(1307) : LLTextureFetchWorker::doWork: HTTP GET failed for: Status: 400 Reason: ” Attempt:4/4

This did not occur on SL grids.

The message spam is no longer present once the above referenced changeset is backed out. No apparent ill effects were noticed when logged to SL beta grid using a test viewer with the offended changeset backed out.



3 Responses to “Kokua-3-4-2/25211 spam texture fetch messages on opensim grids”

  1. Zauber Paracelsus

    I just did some testing with an older Kokua version,, built on October 23rd, 2012.

    The spam issue is still occuring with that version of Kokua.

  2. Anita Floyd

    I have been getting this:Why do I get: Malformed range header: bytes – in simonastick. So its the Kokua viewer doing it? Is there a download for the fix yet? It also freezes up when I try to use inventory, ect.

    Thank you, Anita

  3. NickyP

    That is a very old version.
    Recently Kokua split off with a separate version for Opensim.
    And you can follow along as additional release are made
    Just pick the most current version that is titled Kokua-OpenSim.