Kokua Beta 3.4.2/25211


Kokua Beta code base updated to Linden lab (LL) viewer-release 3.4.2. Feature catch-up with pie menus optional and defaulted to pie. Audio stream titles now display in chat and can be turned off or directed to a custom chat channel through debug settings. Based on user feedback, these settings may be moved to preferences in a later release. Invite to group from profile made clearer with the button “Invite” instead of a “+”. As in the LL viewer, invite to group is available in right click avatar context.

Detail of changes can be found by review of commits available here.

Release notes with download links are here.


7 Responses to “Kokua Beta 3.4.2/25211”

  1. H4n Marquis

    Just installed and run smooth and round, above all it seems the only one viewer running on GNU/Linux Mint 14 64bit…
    …Great Work…
    …I am always looking forward when someone whish to develop old Impru pretty unique features… …anyway right now thank you, you are who had made me online again with my GNU/Linux Mint 14 64bit…

  2. Zauber Paracelsus

    I’m seeing a 50-60% drop in FPS with this release, even after disabling deferred rendering. Was the 64bit Linux viewer built with debugging symbols left in or something?

  3. NickyP

    The install archive size of ~55 Megabytes indicates that the debug symbols are stripped. A version with debug symbols has an archive size >200 Megabytes.
    Can you bring up 3.4.1 and 3.4.2 concurrently with different avatars on the same sim and compare FPS?
    There has been some activity in LL viewer-development and viewer-beta concerning graphics so, it might a known issue that is being worked. My linux 64 bit build/test system is in a VBox VM so, I would never see this.

  4. Zauber Paracelsus

    Unfortunately, it appears that 3.4.1 has the performance problem as well. I could have sworn I had gotten Kokua tweaked enough to get performance comparable to v1 viewers, but apparently not.

  5. Timo Gufler

    When I try open the bitbucket download url, I just get Access Denied error. What’s the problem?

  6. Dianna

    This viewer has nothing left common from Imprudence, just another Linden clone.
    trash it and restart from 1.4b adding Henris mesh code

  7. Timo Gufler

    In my opinion, the new Kokua looks promising as it offers working music streaming in 64-bit Linux environment and doesn’t need any 32 wrapper libraries there. Feature-wise it is still behind both Firestorm and Phoenix, but eventually it will be there. :)