Kokua Beta 3.4.1/24900

A few hours ago Linden Lab (LL) updated viewer-release from viewer-beta. The last couple weeks we have provided test viewers based on viewer-beta.
Hopefully, the bugs introduced by the Pathfinding merge are resolved.  Pathfinding functionally is unknown and needs tested. Certainly, the parts of the feature that require a Havok sub-license will not work. This beta release is up to date with LL viewer-release with bug fixes related to upload of textures and mesh models. Thanks to Timo Gufler for reporting these bugs and referencing the Firestorm fixes.

Understandably, some users are tiring of the pace of updates. Hopefully, baring urgent crash fixes the pace will be more reasonable.

Release notes with download links are here.

5 Responses to “Kokua Beta 3.4.1/24900”

  1. Frank

    From a gaming and competition point of view, this viewer does not make the grade.

    The radar and minimap lacks needed things like color coding players and multiple tracking beam placement on players.

    I think the 1.3.2 version is much better in this regard, and it still needs the color coding.

    So, I will conitnue to use version 1.3.2.

  2. NickyP

    Thanks for taking time to evaluate and comment.

  3. Michael

    I’m glad to see the good work continues! Imprudence/Kokua is still much preferred in the OpenSim community. Most other developers let us down in favour of havok 12.

  4. GBTW

    Is there any chance Kokua will have xml (prim-and-textures-)import/export functionality implemented as Imprudence has/had?

    Would be great to be able to use just one viewer instead of hopping back and forth, especially because Imprudence (and all other 1.2.3 based viewers) have corrupted font visuals after one of the latest .Net updates on Win x64 (not sure about x86 Win).

    Please, give us back xml import/export!

  5. anonymous

    Can imprudence have COLLADA.dae file format for importion of objects? please, this one is important…
    thank you