Kokua team provides an alternative to FMOD streaming audio.

Rumors have surfaced that the owners of FMOD have pulled from their website archives the zip files used to build FMOD libraries.

Recent attempts to build 3p-fmod locally seem to confirm the rumors.

Kokua uses an open source solution, openal and gstreamer010, for streaming audio.
We have provided this solution to Linden Lab for inclusion in the SL viewer. The changes  can also  be applied to third party viewers.
Reference the Linden Lab jira entry https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/OPEN-151 for additional information and a link to the changes.

1 Response to “Kokua team provides an alternative to FMOD streaming audio.”

  1. fabrixx

    Wow i try kokua 3.4 and sound work better of any other viewer.
    Voice work correctly and have no volume issue in my linux