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Kokua Beta Update

Release Notes

This beta release should correct start-up crashes with concurrent use of Microsoft Skydrive and Teamviewer that was posted here .


Kokua is still beta — why?

We haven’t time to formalize and administer a release. A release version must be supported formally with monitoring of this blog, the forum, and redmine bug reporting communication tools.  Additionally, we would have to provide crash reporting and followup.  Staying in the development/beta cycle allows the team to push changes quickly and get them into your (our user base ) hands quickly.  Some users shy away from any beta software and may have been lost because of that.  Some users seem to embrace change and actively seek new viewers to test.  The beta and development viewers we provide are maturing nicely and should provide a stable viewing experience.  We have two (2) developer feeder repositories that maintain viewer installer downloads. For Apple; for Windows, Linux 32 bit, and Linux 64 bit These feed into our team repository at There is a downloads area on kokua-beta but, it will lag behind the developer’s repositories. If you have a  account you can follow a repository and track its activity or use the RSS feed to track an accounts activity.

Kokua team provides an alternative to FMOD streaming audio.

Rumors have surfaced that the owners of FMOD have pulled from their website archives the zip files used to build FMOD libraries.

Recent attempts to build 3p-fmod locally seem to confirm the rumors.

Kokua uses an open source solution, openal and gstreamer010, for streaming audio.
We have provided this solution to Linden Lab for inclusion in the SL viewer. The changes  can also  be applied to third party viewers.
Reference the Linden Lab jira entry for additional information and a link to the changes.