A Little Tease

Above you’ll find a little tease of what’s coming down the pipe. Can you spot what’s significant in this screenshot (Hint check the image url)?

Click the image to see full size…

56 Responses to “A Little Tease”

  1. renayoy Oh


    thanks for imprudence 64bits, it’s simply the best viewer for ubuntu, the fastest one that never crash…

    how things go, in the dev of kokua?

  2. RL66

    hello, few ago LL have introduced havoc making SL viewer nearly incompatible with SL.

    will you support both opensim and LL grid or only opensim (well i guess you will not support only LL lol)?

    and also is there any news on the dev of kokua? last reposit is a bit old now.

  3. fabrixx

    Sorry, i’m tryng teapot but whwn i select camera control nothin appear,is possible?

  4. renayoy Oh

    your dead ??

  5. Mindy Mathy

    That’s just GREAT ! :( So, who sold out ?? If we wanted a
    UI that was identical to
    SL2, We would use SL2!
    What were you guys THINKING ????????????????

    former imprudence lover

  6. NickyP

    Here is the link to the current repository for re skinning kokua to be more imprudence like.
    Provide help with the re-skinning and we will review your contributions and
    include in a development build for peer review testing.