Imprudence Townhall, Volunteer To Dev/Test!

Volunteer to be a Dev/Tester/Etc for Imprudence (Not Kokua)

Sunday February 26th @ 20:00 UTC / 12:00pm Noon Pacific

Hoagie Sim @ 3rd Rock Grid

As many if not all of you are now aware, after a lot of input from the public and our own discussion and thoughts on the matter, the current team has decided to move ahead with Kokua development to the exclusion of Imprudence. However we wanted to find an answer for our users who still prefer/rely on Imprudence but we weren’t sure what that was going to be, which was why after the town hall we stated the future of Imprudence was still to be decided. One developer outside our team had desired to join us or some time now, but he wanted to work on Imprudence not Kokua. Some of you may be able to guess that his person was onefang rejected, create of Meta-Impy. This gave us a series of options on how to proceed with either depreciating or continuing support for Imprudence.

There was much internal discussion on how this should be handled, we definitely wanted to move the existing team to Kokua. This extra help certainly meant we could at a minimum push out a final 1.4 release of Imprudence, but was it possible to do more? We decided to take a chance, and for the first time create two teams under the Kokua/Imprudence project (Perhaps we should call it Team Purple to simplify the joint name); the existing team members would work on Kokua and a new team of separate devs would continue work on Imprudence. These would be devs who would otherwise not work on Kokua, and the Kokua devs would largely not involve themselves with development of Imprudence as Kokua is now the flagship project (Though we’ll have occasional joint meetings and try to help each other of course). So it was decided to invite onefang rejected to join the team as the head of the Imprudence project, he’ll have to staff his team with devs and volunteers who are passionate about Imprudence like himself, so for all of you who love Imprudence he’ll need your help.

Thus we will be holding an Imprudence town hall of sorts, this Sunday February 26th at 20:00 UTC (That’s 12:00pm Noon Pacific) at our usual meeting place on the Hoagie sim of the 3rd Rock Grid. The purpose of said meeting will be to enlist volunteers to help develop and test Imprudence going forward, and to decide what direction to take it in. However unlike the recent Kokua reorganization, this will not be a “reboot” of the project but a continuation. So for all of you out there who lamented the “death” of Imprudence, here is your chance. Join us this Sunday, be you a potential developer or tester and help us to bring Imprudence into the future alongside Kokua.

24 Responses to “Imprudence Townhall, Volunteer To Dev/Test!”

  1. onefang

    “Team Purple”, I like it. B-)

  2. pierrottin

    nice to hear that Imprudence will continue. I will try to be there at the meeting.

  3. pierrottin

    just a question:
    20.00 UTC?
    does somebody know what time it could be in french hour?
    (hours and time zone have allways been a problem for me)
    Thanks for help

  4. onefang

    France is Central European Time (CET) +0100 UTC, one hour ahead of UTC.

  5. pierrottin

    thanks for your answer Onefang,
    i will come and hope to meet you there.I’m not good enough to become a developer (i make all my possible to reverse this) so i will be happy to help the community by doing tests (i have on my computer windows 7 and linux 64 bit).
    Just another question:
    i have register at your site and have received no news since the mail of the 14/02/12 saying that my account was waitting for approval is this delay normal?
    Thanks if you could answer me

  6. onefang

    Oops. There was a lot of spam accounts created around that time, and I accidentally deleted your account along with 50 odd spam accounts. You will have to register again. Sorry about that.

  7. Greybeard

    Great news, (steps up alongside his fellow Aussie Onefang).

    Not a coder, but been part of the Imp test cycle since the dinosaur age, (waves to his mate Mac).
    Looking forward to doing whatever I can to help bring Imp into the next phase.

    Won’t be able to make the meetings at 3rdRock, at least not yet.

  8. pierrottin

    no problem Onefang i made another registeration now.

  9. Ci Sense

    Imprudence is by far the best viewer for making machinima and so I am more than happy to help with making improvements.

    It’s unlikely that I’ll be at the meeting, however to keep everyone connected it would be helpful to have a new section of the Kokua/Imprudence forum for this work and I’ll be able to contribute there.

  10. Jack Mawer (avatar name is the same as real name)

    I am a developer but i don’t have enough knowledge to make updates for imprudence, but i would be happy to test the new versions of imp as i am a fan.
    I have only two questions:
    1: Which grid will the meeting be on
    and 2: if i live in england (gmt +00:00) what time would i have to meet you at?
    Jack Mawer

  11. ZATZAi

    @Jack It’s on 3rd Rock Grid at the Hoagie sim. 20:00 UTC is the same as 20:00 GMT with no adjustments for daylight savings, so it would be 8pm London time on Sunday.

  12. Ryou Yiyuan

    What a pity that will notbe in my hours range. But if you wanna some test on an old computer I can try hahahaha.

  13. Iggy

    I’d love to join you for future tests.

    The educational community working across grids is rather “dead” without the viewer’s import and export functions. I don’t know if Kokua will offer this…I hope so!

  14. Greybeard

    Onefang’s Drupal site hates me.
    Finally think I got an account request correct on the third attempt.
    Looking forward to some news about a new test version of Impy, maybe even with mesh capabilities?

  15. Jack Mawer (avatar name is the same as real name)

    thanks to ZATZAi i have realised that i can’t meet up at that time. even so, i would like to help test impy on osgrid as this is the grid i use the most and i would like to test it for that.
    Sorry about that.
    Jack Mawer

  16. Shadder

    I’d be happy to do testing on InWorldz as needed.

  17. onefang

    @Greybeard: Your drupal account is good now, though it’s not really needed. My site does not have a lot going on there. lol

    Thanks to you all for offering to help. I’ll see some of you at the meeting.

  18. Gaga

    Hi, I probably could make the meeting. I assume hypergrid travel from OSgrid is possible so can anyone tell me the hg address please?



  19. Xpontaneus

    Hi hello guys, How I can participate as a betatester of Imprudence, I would like to help with this viewer. Imprudence is so cool so I want to give some feedback to the developers.

  20. Brunita

    HEllo everybody, I would like to say that i am an Imprudence user since some time ago and i really like this viewer. When i heard about its situation i got in panic because i really love to be an Imprudence user, specially in SL photography even if the pick most be a bit fixed after, The backgrounds, lights, colors and the possibilities that Imprudence has on taking good SL photos is huge, also i like this viewer also for building projects due to its easy way to handle with SL prims. I am happy to hear that Imprudence can have another opportunity and i would like to cooperate as a volunteer, i knew late about the meeting, so i hope to be on time if possible to cooperate and send some feedback, because i would love to continue using Imprudence in the future.

  21. pierrottin

    no news of an imprudence update to test?

  22. onefang

    I’m working towards an Imprudence 1.4 beta 3 release, but it’s not ready yet. You can watch progress on the issue tracker scroll down to the bottom for 1.4 beta 3.

    If you are capable of compiling the viewer yourself, then those that volunteered to help test can do so without waiting for a release. I’m thinking of putting up nightly builds or something, but at the moment I can only do that for Linux 32 bit and 64 bit.

    The issue tracker has some Mac specific issues that are marked for 1.4 beta 3, but we lack a Mac developer, and I don’t have a Mac to test things on. If someone could help out there, it would be much appreciated.

    @Gaga: It’s my understanding that the 3rd Rock Grid admins tried HG, but turned it off again.

  23. pierrottin

    Thanks Onefang,
    I’m not very good at compiling but i will try…

  24. onefang

    The regular Imprudence development meetings will be on the third Saturday of each month, at the usual time of 20:00 UTC (see above for help translating that to your local time zone). They will be at the usual place on the Hoagie sim of the 3rd Rock Grid.

    So the next one is at Saturday, 2012-03-18, 20:00 UTC.