A Small Update On Kokua


Work continues on the new Kokua viewer. We’re moving forward using the v3.2 Linden viewer as a base, we feel this version of the viewer is stable enough and has solved enough of the UI problems from v2 that our users will be happy with it. It’s also what many of you recommended in previous blog comments and at our meetings. We’re currently focusing on releasing a stable viewer on at least three platforms, Linux 32bit, Linux 64bit and Windows 32bit. You can follow our progress by trying our experimental viewers if you’d like, but buyer beware, these are alpha viewers and you should read the warning label carefully before use. You’ll find the link to our experimental viewers page on our wiki bellow…


Currently there is both a Linux 32bit and a Windows 32bit experimental client available and we’re working to support more platforms but said clients just aren’t ready to be posted to the wiki yet (They either don’t run/compile or have known showstopper bugs). With the coming site redesign we’ll create a better way for users to talk about the features they’d like to see. Please understand that these experimental viewers are pretty bare-bones and lacking features we plan to implement at a later date. We feel that right now the collection of sites we have is a little unruly for both you our users as well as ourselves in an administrative capacity and we’re working to improve that.


The current experimentals are based on v3 viewer code, future version will be based on v3.2+

15 Responses to “A Small Update On Kokua”

  1. Marcus Llewellyn

    Thanks so much for the update! :) I really applaud getting copies of Kokua out into the public eye, even if they’re definitely works in progress.

  2. Timo Gufler

    Thanks for the status update guys! Great to read that things are progressing. :)

  3. Ci Sense

    It may be a small update but it’s one big step for us!

    32 bit windows version installed cleanly and ran in basic mode.

  4. pierrottin

    Sad to hear that you mainly focus now on kokua. You’re loosing all that made your strengh in the past. Fortunately there is always persons like Onefang to keep the purple banner high

  5. WhiteStar

    Great to see movement and anxiously awaiting the goodness to follow. I’m very happy to see V.3.x is what you guys will be basing on, I have been playing with the LL Dev viewer & Zen and they work well (although I prefer Zen over ‘stock’ as it has the worthwhile extra’s AO etc…)

    Something for the Suggestion Box: http://opensimulator.org/mantis/view.php?id=5892

  6. Gaga

    I got the windows version of Kokua and it seems to be fine so far. I look forward to further development. Thank you.


    Hi WS, You make an interesting case for the Import/Export permission and I am following the debate close.

  7. MAdMaN

    pierrottin: “Sad to hear that you mainly focus now on kokua. You’re loosing all that made your strengh in the past.”

    What the change in focus will do is bring that strength to the v3.x viewer.

  8. onefang

    pierrottin: I’ve joined the Imprudence team now, though we are still sorting out getting me set up and stuff. I’ll be helping out with Kokua development to.

    Purple has always been my favourite colour. I suspect Kokua will be just as purple.

  9. TaraLi Jie

    The cocoon starts to split, and the first bits of the wings of the butterfly can be seen to slowly start unfolding.

  10. Cimlac Magic

    200 MB of download – 4 times the Second Life viewer? You are kidding.

  11. Bonnii

    I’ve been using Imprudence for a few months but just this week my viewer been acting up very laggy and reminding I never had a issue with my viewer until now so I wanted to try the Kokua viewer but when I try to run it I keep getting Kokua – Unable To Locate Component and continues with This application has failed to start because VCOMP100.DLL was not found, Re-installing the application may fix this problem…I tried reinstalling but I keep getting same message?

  12. Drake


    I tried installing this but I have windows 64 bit so I guess I can run it. I got an error message. Will there be a final release for 64 bit?

  13. WhiteStar

    You need to go to the downloads for the compiled viewer which are only 30MB or so. 200MB is the source code itself.

    @Gaga, yes, woudl be good if Kokua inter-op’d with OS to support Export Flags. Armin did prelim work on it for Imp sometime in November 2010.

  14. dizeyner

    and why no mac version???????? more mac people out here than linux users. gosh pods Im tired of all the windows lovers trying to shut out good machines. your basically tellin me Id better stay with SL because ya’ll dont care about mac…not since 2010. grrrrr.

  15. Don Roodborst

    Why in the world are you folks still messing around with Imprudence? It is Viewer 1. It is time to move on. It is sad to see people complaining about the focus shifting to Kokua, when that is all the project should be focused on at this point. You want to continue to use Imprudence? Fine. But please don’t hold the rest of us back.