A Little Taste

This weekend we’ll be having our all hands meeting to discuss the future of the project as mentioned in our last update. Many of you have replied with your thoughts and suggestions on the last blog post and even attended our weekly meeting to lend your thoughts. We’re very pleased to see such interest in the project, and a lot of your thoughts are in line with our own. So it’s good to know we got the right idea. Here is a highlight in no particular order of some (But not all) of the ideas that were suggested by you…

  • Focus on the next generation Kokua client rather than Kokua & Imprudence
  • Continue to support Linux 64 bit
  • Keep it easy to explore alternative grids (ie not Second Life proper)
  • Mesh support in Second Life and OpenSim
  • Support older hardware
  • Experimental builds

I think my favorite comment was from Chaniyth, simply because it made me laugh out loud, literally. Here’s what Chaniyth had to say (Emphasis mine)…

First and foremost, please don’t be asses […] listen to your end users, do the respectable thing and listen to what your end users want and need, and in a timely fashion [Experimental Builds]!

That would make a great company slogan wouldn’t it? “Please don’t be asses”, perhaps even better than Google’s “Don’t be evil”. Could we live up to it I wonder? Haha

It brings up a good point though, in that it’s important to listen to what your users want. Granted sometimes there are things we just don’t have the manpower to do. Ideally we’d love to make a viewer every month with a completely revamped UI that is fully customizable and adjusts to a users tastes (Are you a builder or a shopper, a dancer or a socialite, a machinima maker or a sailor etc). Unfortunately there are limits to what we or any developer can do, but  we’ll try to work out what’s best and try things from time to time. Experimental builds are a great step along this line, as suggested be several people, as it allows the public to test out new viewers before they’re really “ready” and give us feedback, allowing us the opportunity to make changes to things before we put too much time into them and it’s too hard to change course.

And so we’re going to try to release more test viewers, starting today. We’ve set up a special page on the wiki were we will post test viewers as we can, they may or may not be announced here on the blog. Please understand that these are not Beta viewers but Alpha viewers and are generally only tested internally. We’re going to make an effort to put more of them up on the blog though. They may not be available for every platform (ie it may be only Linux 64 or Windows 32 and nothing else). But if you want to see what’s “brewin in the pot” this is one way you can do it, just be sure to read the instructions on the page and take whatever necessary precautions are recommended (This is the knife’s edge folks, you have been warned).

On The Wiki – Kokua: Experimental


13 Responses to “A Little Taste”

  1. Marcus Llewellyn

    Thanks guys! That’s awesome. :) Forty lashes with a wet noodle for anyone who complains over bugs in experimental builds!

  2. Shigeko Tachikawa

    Thank you.

  3. Wol Euler

    The experimentals are a great idea. Think how much less awful v2 could be had the Lindens asked for (and acted on) comments from residents :)

  4. Zauber Paracelsus

    Question: there’s a new viewer out based on viewer 2/3 called Zen Viewer, which restores the muscle memory friendly Pie Menu feature. Will this be integrated into Kokua’s code?

  5. Timo Gufler

    Thanks for listening to us! We appreciate your work. :)

  6. Gaga

    I am glad to see new work in progress and my heart-felt thanks for that. I was probably beginning to give up on Imprudence/Kokua so only just seen this year’s blog posts and added a long comment to “What’s Next?”

    I was pleased to see “Keep it easy to explore alternative grids (ie not Second Life proper)” in the list of features the team will concentrate on since my own comments very much aim at it with the grid manager improvements I would like to see.

    Anyway, I remain a committed Imprudence user as first choice and look forward to using Kokua.

    Thank you again for your hard work.

  7. Royer Pessoa

    Awesome. Thanks everyone.

  8. LaeMing

    Great news. Agree with Gaga and everyone else above fully.

    And… Please please PLEASE make “Don’t be asses” your slogan (not because you are asses – you are not – but is is soooooo funny on at least 3 different levels, poking one at Google being the best) :-D

  9. Royer Pessoa

    Kokua 0.11 is working great on my Ubuntu 64bits here. Mesh working (didn’t test any uploads, just visualization) and Video/Audio seem to be working extra fast and good.

  10. Royer Pessoa

    Hey, please update the wiki. I can help if I have access.
    There is linux64 version 0.11 working nicely too – the wiki only shows linux32 – other files in the bucket that might interest the fellas. I say this because someone asked in chat a while back.

  11. ZATZAi


    If you mean the experimental builds, not everything will get posted to the wiki. I’ll see if there is anything current or newer than what is already posted can be put on the wiki.

  12. Royer Pessoa

    Yes experimental all the way… just get a hint in there, that there other experiments besides linux32 in there. I found cause I’m curious enough :D.

  13. DBDigital Epsilon

    Wish I could have attended the meeting, but here is a few things:

    I agree take viewer 3 and add everything that made Imprudence Imprudence: Building tools, Minimap radar, Full radar, Auto Responder, object search, texture browser, temp texture upload, inventory method/system with enhanced searches, etc

    Have mesh optional (so those with computers it does not work well with off, if at all possible).

    Also have web profiles OPTIONAL. They are sooooooo slow compared to the old method. And 99% of the time the old method works just fine.

    Have the old IM system optional. I *HATE* the new system of IM’s in 2/3 and it is the one item that really keeps me from using verison 3. I like notices that pop up and stay up until I dismiss them (although a option to sent them all to the notifications to clear my screen on occasion when I have a sudden large amount of them might be handy). Another feature that might be nice is possibly to “save” notifications so that if one crashes they can still review them. But only as a option (and not a very important one as we don’t have that now…but it would be a nice addition).

    Give HTTP texture fetch optional as well as sometimes it does not work as expected, at least in my experience.

    Oh one final thing, separate the “combined” people window. I find the new location of “friends and groups” annoying. I would rather have friends and groups separate button or something more accessible.

    Looking forward to the next version. :)