What’s Next..?

Here at Imprudence we’ve been juggling several issues, trying to develop two different clients at the same time (Imprudence and Kokua) for three different platforms in 32bit and 64bit flavors. not to mention supporting not only the Second Life grid but all the various OpenSim grids as best we can. We think we’ve made some pretty awesome viewers but lately we’re also become stagnant as we’ve been weighted down by trying to juggle all these various things. It seems we may have over extended ourselves a bit and to fix that we need to refocus and simplify. Thus in the coming weeks we will be holding an all-hands team meeting for all Imprudence/Kokua team members, be they Dev or Support, where we will discuss what’s working and what isn’t and what we plan to do about it (Details have already been sent to all team members).

But we’d like to hear your input as well, as we make these viewers for you our users after all. Tell us what makes Imprudence special for you, what draws you to this particular Third Party Viewer over others and what you would like to see going forward.  How do you use Imprudence, and how do you use other viewers even the official one? What do you like about them, what don’t you like, and how is that similar or different from Imprudence. Do you use OpenSim, Aurora or any other alternative grids, even your own local grid? Is there anything you think that Third Party Viewers are missing that would make them easier or more productive for people? What about the site itself, this blog, the forum, the wiki and etc, how can we improve it?

While we can’t make any promises about addressing every issue, we will try to discuss any points made here in the comments.

58 Responses to “What’s Next..?”

  1. Evie

    I think drop the Imprudence viewers completely and concentrate on Kokua. The Kokua viewer was announced on November 1st, 2010, that’s a longgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg time to wait for a viewer!

    I get really impatient lol I know of many people that have problems with the current viewers, specifically Firestorm, Exodus and the LL viewers, so it would help them a lot if Kokua is released soon.

  2. Evie

    oh and also, please include the silver starlight skin in the Kokua viewer, that’ll make me a very happy bunny.

  3. Graham Mills

    Lots of great ideas here. I would vote for: Kokua (MOAP, mesh), FUI, grid manager, support for chatted hypergrid addresses (seems broken in all v3 viewers), some way to be able to hide/disable RLV support (not good for corporate users), parcel windlight settings, IAR import.

  4. Graham Mills

    … and support for the Linden Realms add-ons like automated HUD attachment.

  5. Gaga

    For me it is vital that the Imp/Kokua team maintains and even increases their support for the Opensim and Aurora-based grids. The open Metaverse is expanding steadily and hypergrid travel on the increase so we need a viewer that gives maximum support. Second Life is well catered for with something like 10 TPVs and the V3 official viewer but the open Metaverse is reliant on a just few usable viewers including Imprudence which is probably the most widely used for Opensim. Personally, I think we have to move on now and Kokua is the way to go if, and ONLY if, it puts a renewed focus on Opensim apart from support for many of the things expected of a V3-based viewer such as Mesh, Mesh upload, Moap, multi attachments etc. The kind of support that the viewer can give the open Metaverse should, MUST, include a Grid Search function to replace grid manager where grid owners can add their own grid address, info and logo/image. Currently, all the grid owners have to explain to noobs how to add an address and it is probably a serious stumbling block to recruitment.

    What I would like to see is an improved grid manager with a search function and method for grid owners to add their own grids and standalone sims so new users don’t have to add grid addresses themselves which a lot wont have a clue about but rather they can simply enter some key words to find grids of their choice (you need a registered name to login but why not allow logins to hg-enabled grids by adding the hg info to the user name the client has entered? That is, for my name, Gaga@hg.osgrid:80 for example. The grid manager could do this and I would log into OSgrid at a Plaza without having my name actually registered there.). It needs a back-end server to handle the database but I think this could be the single most helpful feature that would benefit Opensim users and grid owners as a whole. By this method the grid list would always be up to date and noobs would never need to enter an address. I believe grid owners would welcome this feature and promote the viewer since they would be able to direct their new clients to it knowing their grid is already featured and set up to go. No more need for grid owners to get someone to tweak the grid list and release a clone that does nothing for the Metaverse as a whole but is doing exactly what I am saying – only just for their own clients.

    Apart from a totally fresh approach to the grid manager I have to say I am unsure if having external profiles is a good thing or not given the controversy surrounding pseudonyms where Google Plus and Facebook are attempting to force users to reveal real names and Identity in order for there social networking forum operators to exploit the information. By it’s very nature virtual worlds will probably always support pseudonyms so if people must use social networks then perhaps external profiles and its features, the Wall, etc could actually be a good thing that might well benefit both Second Life and the free Metaverse.

  6. Nancy

    Imprudence is fantastic and I love it above all others.

    Ok It hasn’t got TP history – I can do without that!

    OK – I can’t see the TV images when a TV in-world shows you-tube – I can live without that too!

    I can’t see Mesh items as they become popular – OK I am sure the team is working on that…

    But what I love is knowing who is around me and as far as I know, no one but no one integrates the mini-map and the radar together
    I just LOVE this feature.

  7. StarMaker Boa

    i was looking at your blog here and i am confused i like imprudence cause tried the others and none satisfy me like you do now please help me what grid should i be on i have no idea
    i am 76 years old and i set it on second life if i just had someone i could ask questions too i would be happy thank you for listening and if anyone would like to put me on and mentor me just a few times is all i need i would love it
    have a good day thank you

  8. Librancien

    Hi, I’m a little late for that but here’s how I see the viewer future :
    – Focus on kokua v3 based.
    – Keep it open source and keep 32b and 64b linux versions.
    – Backport to Kokua all the improvements and style that made Imp b2 the best.

    For the new features that I would like to see in Kokua (in addition to the v3 viewer functions):

    – A way to import outfits from Imp

    – A filter by perm in inventory.

    – An optimized full sim radar.

    – A land manager function that allow to dump to chat/export land passlists and land banlists (I found it only in the estate manager module of metabolt viewer).

    – A group manager function that allow to dump to chat/export the group members list, the group roles with their UUID.

    – I don’t know if it is technically possible but a reliable and secure Name2Key and a GroupName2Key function would be great for the scripters.

    Many thanks for the work made so far with Imprudence, I look forward for the Kokua first experimental release that makes us dream yet.