Imprudence 1.4.0 beta 2 Released

It is with great joy that we bring you Imprudence 1.4.0 Beta 2. This release contains a very large number of stability fixes especially for Windows machines. We also fixed several bugs with the audio subsystem and replaced the old flaky Windows installer.

IMPORTANT: Unfortunately those fixes does not include streaming for Macs, as we are currently out of a regular Mac developer. This build does NOT include Henri Beauchamp’s mesh patches either, as Imprudence is feature frozen. We are currently discussing the possibilities but are really focusing on Kokua’s next release for now, which will bring mesh support anyways.

If you need help with the viewer, please see our Support page. If you find a bug and want us to fix it, please follow our Reporting a bug guide.


This build is mostly about bug fixes, you can view the entire list here: Commit list


  • Selective cache clearing: now you can selectively delete different types of disk cache separately.


Builds for other platforms should be released soon, thanks for your patience.



50 Responses to “Imprudence 1.4.0 beta 2 Released”

  1. Trance Mistwallow

    I have only one thing stopping me from using your new beta release and that is that I cannot use voice!
    When I tick and apply ‘Activate voice’ in preffs I get the tick to say you have read vivox’s terms of usage plicy window containing the terms but both the box I am supposed to tick & the continue button are greyed out/unclickable. I have waited for ages and it doesnt appear! I have double checked firewall is not blocking etc so it’s not that. Can u help me!???
    (p.s. I have a usb & normal mic pluged in so its not hardware.

  2. Tazy

    Trance, go to Debug Settings, “VivoxLicenseAccepted” to True.
    Magic Happens… Dun dun dun

  3. Shigeko Tachikawa

    Any news about Kokua apart from the ones of 3 months ago that it will be out soon?

  4. Garn Conover

    Well hopefully Kokua rears its head soon, Kirstens is slowly dying even with Niran taking over I think and I really need a stable viewer like Imp was :)

  5. Shigeko Tachikawa

    Kitty Barnett’s Catznip got a long needed upgrade 5 days ago. For the time being this is probably the best way to go if you want V2/V3. Thanks to the lab messing up the rendering engine, the 2.8 based Catznip Viewer has some issues with NVidia cards like every V2.8/V3 based viewer, though. Quite annoying, but I guess for that very reason Kitty also provides a 2.6 based viewer which lacks Mesh support but runs rock solid.

  6. Kentron Katana

    Hi, Thank you for this new release. I’m having issues controlling the sound volume. The control seems not to work: nor the volume sliders, nor the on/off switches..
    I also have no sounds except the wind generator and the media&music stream.
    I’m using the SSE2 version on windows XP.

    Anyway I love it since its well organized, fast, and makes building easier.
    Thank you vm :)

  7. oogieboogie

    great viewer but i dislike the not being able to move tabs around and i really hate the zoom bottons ugh so freaking hard to see anythin..

  8. Miguael Liamano

    @oogieboogie You’re comparing two completely different viewers with different goals and based on completely different code…

  9. Reynard


    I know you’re all about clean code, but multiple attachments are all too common a feature to drag your heels on, and all the bug fixes in the world aren’t going to make up for the inability to properly display many avs.

  10. Shigeko Tachikawa


    I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for new features in Imprudence, there won’t be any. Until Kokua is ready, you either have to deal with Imprudence’s limitations or move on to another viewer.

  11. Vbinnia

    Linux 64 bit file seems to have the wrong suffix. Just changing bz to gz did the trick for me. :)

  12. fabrixx

    I have downloaded 2 times Linux 64 bits version but i cant decompress with fileroller cause an error:
    bzip2: (stdin) is not a bzip2 file.
    tar: Child returned status 2
    tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

  13. Reynard

    If only I COULD use another TPV in the mean time, I lose so much performance with the other TPVs it’s unreal. That’s IF they work at all.

  14. Ci Sense

    Installed cleanly and works with XP SP3/HD6870. Nice job!

  15. Matt-CMPNetwork

    Hello any news on when all imprudence viewers will have mesh decoding and also DAH File uploading available for mesh items that would be great for a nice update in that aspect.

  16. McCabe Maxsted

    @fabrixx The Linux x64 link has been updated. Please give it a try and let us know if it fixes the issue you’ve been having.

  17. McCabe Maxsted

    @Shigeko: I have a plan to get those patches in Imprudence, but we need help in order to make sure we don’t violate the GPL like other viewers have done. Basically, we need people to help us comb through the patches and identify which portions we can apply and which portions need work. Some knowledge of how to use grep, diff, etc, is highly recommended, but not required. If anyone’s interested in getting involved in helping us move these features along, please email me at

  18. Don Roodborst

    When will the next beta of Kokua be out? Will it support mesh?

  19. fabrixx

    @McCabe Maxsted

    It work (tested on Mint 201109 x64)

  20. Bruce Patton

    Imprudence 1.4.0 beta 2 is unfortunately still not working under OS X 10.7 (i.e. Lion).

  21. Doxie

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou – at last I can use Imprudence on my Mac again

  22. eLiane

    i would like know…..why i cant made download here, i need use new Imprudence 1.4

    I try many many times, and donload page never open files to me-((((((

  23. michael

    i want media on primmmmmmm

  24. michael

    at release notes says:
    “Note: Due to known issues playing streaming music, Mac users may wish to use the 2010.10.23.”

    i do not use mac os, i use windows 7 (x64) and i have problems with streaming video.
    1.3.2 plays video, 1.4.x does not

  25. JLin

    I have to echo michael’s comment about Imprudence 1.4.x not playing streaming video…smaller sized streaming .mp4s (352×288) play but anything larger does not work.

    I ended up going back to the stable 1.3.2 on Windows XP (32 bit).

  26. Andre

    we need a proper mesh viewer, get rid of LL crap..!!!


  27. Kei Yuuki

    @Bruce Patton,

    I am reviewing the code as soon as possible. Lion is a Hybrid Code Base… it will take a bit of time.

  28. Hannah Naimarc

    I cant download imprudence beta for Mac. They page doesnt exist- please fix this! thanks

  29. ZATZAi

    Try again Hannah, the download listed on this blog post for the mac beta works for me.

  30. Gwyneth Llewelyn

    The link certainly works for me :)

    Now I wonder what happened to half of the textures: the ones that are broken show as completely black except for the top left corner, where a minimised version of the whole texture is shown (it takes a lot of zooming to notice it; it’s clearly there on the map, though). Yes, I cleared cache. And yes, I have a very old MacBook (not Pro) with a silly Intel card, which might be the issue. The strange thing is that only about half the textures are affected, not all; and performance seemed to be slightly worse. Oh well. Back to last year’s beta version, which has no problems…

  31. Sierra Cheri

    My only problem with this viewer is that you cannot see some sculpts. I made some trainers and they look like balls on my feet, they were ok in the earlier Imprudence.. Think I will go back to that one til this bug is fixed.

  32. L4cun4

    The export object feature seems to have a slight glitch that seems related to the name of the object being exported. For example, I have an object named “Viking barn w/half-moon loft opening” and tried to export it but the file save dialogue would not appear. I then changed the object’s name to “Viking barn 2” and it worked as expected. I’m guessing maybe it did not like the “-” (hyphen) or “/” (slash) character, or maybe the object name was longer than it was expecting.

  33. L4cun4

    I did some further testing and have concluded the “/” (slash) character was the culprit in my situation. It looks like the browser is attempting to cast the xml export file names by performing a simple concatenation of objectName + “.xml”. The problem is that the slash character, while allowed in object names, is an invalid character in a Windows file name, so what may be needed is a little scrap of code to clean the object names so they result in valid file names. I imagine there may be several other characters besides “/” that are valid in object names but invalid in file names.

  34. Lauren

    I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for putting out a 64 bit linux viewer…It’s so nice not needing to install a buttload of compatibility libraries to get in world :D

  35. L4cun4

    Issue: Streaming music will not play on Windows when cache folder moved

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. perform a clean install of Imprudence 1.4.0 beta 2 (on Windows XP, in my case)
    2. move cache folder to C:\TEMP
    3. restart Imprudence
    4. streaming music will not play

    media_plugin_gstreamer010.log file says:

    [hh:mm:ss] Imprudence is installed at C:\TEMP
    [hh:mm:ss] GST_PLUGIN_PATH set to C:\TEMP\lib\gstreamer-plugins

    However, the libs are actually in:

    C:\Program Files\Imprudence\lib\gstreamer-plugins


    I added this to the Windows environment variables:

    SET GST_PLUGIN_PATH = C:\Program Files\Imprudence\lib\gstreamer-plugins

    So, now the media_plugin_gstreamer010.log file says:

    [hh:mm:ss] Imprudence is installed at C:\TEMP
    [hh:mm:ss] GST_PLUGIN_PATH set to C:\TEMP\lib\gstreamer-plugins;C:\Program Files\Imprudence\lib\gstreamer-plugins

  36. Optikal

    Good to see you guys are still working on this project, TY.

  37. matthew o connor

    hey guys, yes yes mesh for Kokua but imprudence needs this for developers like me to enhance the virtual experiance, whats the point in putting mesh objects im my photorealistic sim when nobody can see them??? I have spent a year and a half developing building my sim, and know this that imprudence is the one that needs developing and made unique and totally seperated from sl’s viewer you could change the layout more the look has been forgotten like the buttons and interface and make it more user friendly for idiots that are new to virtual worlds, like for example click on a box of items and wear?????? thanxs

  38. matthew o connor

    get on photoshop and sort out the interface and make it your OWN!!!!!

  39. LochdNLoaded

    Using the in-world/in-viewer web browser, my login information is not being saved on SL Marketplace. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this, or is it a bug that Kokua needs to fix? It’s also really annoying when someone sends me multiple links in chat, and I have to repeatedly close and reopen the slow-loading browser in order to open each link. Perhaps tabbed browsing would be something that could be added?

  40. StarMaker Boa

    i am without a avatar only my name and group show up i have tried character traits and things but nothing will help me i have unloaded imprudence but i am trying to find how to load it

  41. LibreLife

    Ok, I tried your linux binary 1.4.0 beta 2. It improves from 1.3.2b because now I can hear streaming music, while in 1.3.2b I couldn’t.

  42. ELQ

    Apparently, the viewer’s browser can’t load secure web pages anymore. Any ideas how to fix this? The viewer’s useless to me without this ability.

  43. Alexandra

    Hey guys i’m having a problem too and i really hope i’ll get a reply from someone…I just downloaded the viewer i’m using imprudence for ages and i was so happy to see that i’ll be able to see meshes with this new one but i guess something isn’t working for me as i can’t still see meshes…Can someone tell me if it’s something from settings or something? Thank you very much

  44. Elton

    bem, vou começar a utilizar hoje, depois volto com mais comentários

  45. windmillchaser Constantine

    Well all I have to say is I like imprudence’s way of loading quickly with very little or no lag. What I do have issues with is no way to view mesh. One person commented get on photoshop. Why? Why do we the users of the viewer have to do it. I am not sure what the problem is but Phoenix Viewer will crash after about 20 min. Firestorm is even worse, it freezes. Imprudence seems to be more stable than both and I use windows XP ss2. I would love to see mesh but until the developers make it a system wide area mesh is only going to be a nice ‘toy’ to play with. Why can’t any one create a simple stable viewer. Good grief you’ve got patches on almost everything worse than Microsoft Internet Explorer. Just give us a nice clean viewer with mesh. That is if it is possible. So far I don’t see that.

  46. Tony

    Imprudence is a great viewer, even though it has not been worked on for almost a year I still use it because it seems to be still more stable and reliable with no to little lag compare to the other viewers. Is imprudence ever going to be worked on again, or has the developer given up on it, how can we get the developer to start back work on this excellent viewer. If money is the issue, maybe donations perhaps, I am pretty sure people are will to donate, I know I am.

  47. Susannah Avonside

    Imprudence is still the best, most stable viewer for OpenSim grids, far better than anything else, and it excels for building – no other viewer comes near it! However, it is still buggy, has no mesh support and though it has good shadows implementation it still has that awful alpha bug and you can’t take snapshots when using full shadows and get a sky that isn’t black.

    V3 based viewers may be de rigeur, but none of them comes near the feature set that Imprudence has. Kokua is a bit of a joke by comparison, and no-where near ready as a mainstream viewer.

    Given that so many in OpenSim grids still use and rely on Imprudence, perhaps it would be a good idea to consider starting development of it again?

  48. TawnieLee Rotaru

    Apparently Imprudence is not compatible with Mac OS X 10.9
    Mavericks. Either current Mac viewers open with a “missing” file message “Day cycle A-12PM”. Further when clicking the close button on the splash screen it will not clear and the viewer must be force quit to exit. I love your viewers and know you’re hard at work…keep it up!

  49. Rafael JR

    Well please continue this imprudence with mesh, because the kokua are trash,nobody use kokua,all reclaim about that,You can see the quantity download now how many u have and how many u had with imprudence,and kokua very heavy and have many others viewers better than that, I think better you stay in one thing you have a differential with that imprudence viewer low laggy, work very nice in old and new computers than continue this heavy kokua viewer behind many others viewers as singularity,firestorm,and others.

  50. NinjaBunneh

    So I tried logging into SecondLife with Imprudence today and I was told I couldn’t because my date/time settings were wrong? But they’re not…apparently this is some kind of server handshake thing? Is there any way to fix this with Imprudence? Can we get a new release that is able to log into SL? Or is Imprudence forever borked now?