Introducing ZATZAi

Please join me in welcoming our new project organizer, ZATZAi Asturias! He will be responsible for many of the day-to-day operations of the Kokua/Imprudence Project, such as organizing meetings, monitoring development progress, and administering the secret daily beatings I have used to keep the rest of the team hard at work for the past 3 years. :twisted:

ZATZAi brings a wide range of skills and experience to the project. He has been involved in Second Life since 2005, and for a time was one of the estate owners of the United Sailing Sims, keeping track of projects there, and working with estate managers and leaders from the community. He helped organize and hosted the in-world portion of SLCC 2007, and has even run his own inworld-only convention called (of course) Second Convention.

In addition to his experience organizing virtual world projects and events, ZATZAi has many useful technical skills, including web site development, programming, and graphic design. I’m sure you’ll agree that he is a great addition to the team!

So, we’re very excited to say: Welcome aboard, ZATZAi! :D

P.S. Everybody: don’t forget the birthday parties this weekend! :mrpurple:

13 Responses to “Introducing ZATZAi”

  1. McCabe Maxsted

    Welcome ZAZTAi! :)

  2. MarkTwain White

    Congrats to you ZAT. Between your duties as the new marketing guy for the United Sailing Sims and your duties with Imprudence you are going to be one busy guy.

    Here’s a tip: When I get overworked I just turn extra duties over to an alt. (Hopefully that will work better for you than it has for me).

  3. Jamey

    Good to have you aboard, ZATZAi!!!! Here’s to even more years of growth, building on what Jacek gave us, but with your own spin!

  4. Stryker Jenkins

    Welcome ZATZAi! Good to see these project continue under your leadership and control.

    Great big thank you to Jacek as well!

  5. Stryker Jenkins

    ZATZAi (pronounced ZAT like cat but with a Z and ZAi like Hi but with a Z again).
    ZATZAi (prenounced Z-Side but without the De). LOL

  6. Nber Medici

    Congrats ZAT! Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy :)

  7. ZATZAi Asturias

    Looking forward to seeing everyone at the party this afternoon on 3rd Rock Grid!

  8. Ci Sense

    Good to see you onboard ZATZAi … and a sailor too.

    You may like my new sailing machinima .. all made with Beta 1.5 fastest viewer around!

  9. Crim Mip

    Welcome. You obviously have some work ahead, but I’m glad to see a leader for this team again.

  10. Lib

    Welcome ZATZAI, taking the relay from Jacek who did an awesome and hard work won’t be an easy task. I’m pretty sure your skills and experience will help to manage all this and bring new ideas and opportunities to our beloved Imprudence and Kokua. Thanks a lot to join the project.

  11. Waki Janus

    Welcome ZATAZAi to running Imprudence as a fellow 3RG Resident, Sim owner and editor of the #RG newsletter.

    Having established our deep connections can I now make a big ass kicking request. Please find a MAC developer that can get IMPRUDENCE working with LION!!!!!! It only viewer that works properly in OpenSim and I’m stuffed without it.

    Waki Janus

  12. Acquitor

    Welcome aboard!

    And now, I must agree with Waki. Progress really needs to be made on the Mac Viewer–it’s been far too long!

    In the interim, I’ve gone back to using Phoenix, which works quite well on Opensim (no sky file errors and streaming music plays fine). In addition, Firestorm now has a “Grid Manager” with some of the most popular Opensim grids pre-programmed. If you want to add your own grid to the list you’ll need to edit the following xml file to include the specifics for your grid:

    /Users/home/Library/Application Support/Firestorm/user_settings/grids.user.xml

    Simply use the other, existing grid information in the file as a template to add your own grid information. Works like a charm! I suspect the Firestorm grid manager will soon be upgraded to make this process much easier (like the Phoenix grid manager).

    Meanwhile, Imprudence for Mac is collecting dust on my machine. Sorry to sound so harsh, but there it is. Even free and open source projects must contend with competition.

  13. Fortnight Baxton

    I know this is late, but congratulations, ZATZAi on getting into this project. It warms my heart that one of the best v1 viewers has such a good team on it.