Get Ready to Party!

The Kokua/Imprudence Project’s 3rd Birthday is September 1, and we’re having an epic bash: four parties on four grids, spread over three days!

We kick off the celebrations next Thursday afternoon during our weekly ImpDev meetup time, on our home turf on 3rd Rock Grid! Friday night, we’ll be bringing the party to InWorldz. On Saturday afternoon, we’ll be rocking out on OSGrid. Then on Saturday night, we wrap up the celebration with a visit to the grid where it all began: Second Life!

Thanks to the 3RG admins; Zauber Paracelsus; Nebadon Izumi; and our own CodeBastard Redgrave for providing space for the parties. :)

Everyone is welcome to attend any (or all!) of the parties, so I hope you’ll put on some purple and join us as we celebrate the past three years of Imprudence, and rock in the Kokua-filled year four! :improck:

Thursday, September 1: 3rd Rock Grid

When: September 1 @ 1PM PDT (20:00 UTC) (click to find your time zone)
Where: The Hoagie region on 3rd Rock oGrid.

Friday, September 2: InWorldz

When: September 2 @ 10PM PDT (September 3 @ 05:00 UTC)
Where: The Isla Draconia region on InWorldz.

Saturday, September 3 (afternoon): OSGrid

When: September 3 @ 1PM PDT (20:00 UTC)
Where: The Imprudence region on OSGrid

Saturday, September 3 (night): Second Life

When: September 3 @ 10PM PDT (September 4 @ 05:00 UTC)
Where: The Rouge region on Second Life

9 Responses to “Get Ready to Party!”

  1. Crim Mip

    I’ll be sure to wear my mesh AV to the party.

  2. dontosaw

    Are you sure this isn’t going to be a funeral? Can we get a landmark to the Rouge region? Thanks.

  3. yrla

    This is a little bit harsh, isn’t it?

    The devs have made us an exceptional of software, that helped to experience SL (or other environments) the way we like it.
    For free. Just because they like to do it.

    Even in the current state, I appreciate what they have built.
    Thanks! I’ll try to pop in!

  4. dontosaw

    Actually I was just being a smartass. I did not mean to seem unappreciative of what the developers have created, which is a very nice, easy to use viewer. In hind sight I should have refrained from making that comment. Sorry.

    Can we get a landmark to the SL location?


  5. Armin

    I think is a good place to rezz into the SL party.

  6. Nebadon Izumi

    I tweeted this to all of OSgrid :!/osgrid/status/109082443016966145 retweet it if you have an account!

  7. Borun

    September 3 @ 10PM PDT is September 4 @ 05:00 UTC

  8. Jacek Antonelli

    @Borun: Good catch. I’ve corrected the date in the post.

  9. Jessyka Richard

    I’m sorry I missed the parties on other grids, but I managed to slip into the Rouge party (by accident… I live there lol). Here’s hoping for (many?) more years of open source browser goodness! :3