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Get Ready to Party!

The Kokua/Imprudence Project’s 3rd Birthday is September 1, and we’re having an epic bash: four parties on four grids, spread over three days!

We kick off the celebrations next Thursday afternoon during our weekly ImpDev meetup time, on our home turf on 3rd Rock Grid! Friday night, we’ll be bringing the party to InWorldz. On Saturday afternoon, we’ll be rocking out on OSGrid. Then on Saturday night, we wrap up the celebration with a visit to the grid where it all began: Second Life!

Thanks to the 3RG admins; Zauber Paracelsus; Nebadon Izumi; and our own CodeBastard Redgrave for providing space for the parties. :)

Everyone is welcome to attend any (or all!) of the parties, so I hope you’ll put on some purple and join us as we celebrate the past three years of Imprudence, and rock in the Kokua-filled year four! :improck:

Thursday, September 1: 3rd Rock Grid

When: September 1 @ 1PM PDT (20:00 UTC) (click to find your time zone)
Where: The Hoagie region on 3rd Rock oGrid.

Friday, September 2: InWorldz

When: September 2 @ 10PM PDT (September 3 @ 05:00 UTC)
Where: The Isla Draconia region on InWorldz.

Saturday, September 3 (afternoon): OSGrid

When: September 3 @ 1PM PDT (20:00 UTC)
Where: The Imprudence region on OSGrid

Saturday, September 3 (night): Second Life

When: September 3 @ 10PM PDT (September 4 @ 05:00 UTC)
Where: The Rouge region on Second Life

Help Wanted: Project Organizer, Developers

The Kokua/Imprudence Project is looking for several volunteers to join our team! Besides finding some people to take over some of my responsibilities after I retire, we also hope to attract more developers, so that we can gear up development on Kokua.

Our team is made up entirely of unpaid volunteers; this is purely a labor of love. You will have the opportunity to gain experience and hone your skills, while being part of a team of wonderful people, creating great software used by thousands of people! :)

If you are interested in any of these roles, contact

Project Organizer

We are looking for a dedicated volunteer to help with project organization. The project organizer will be responsible for running our weekly meetings, keeping track of project progress, posting status updates on the blog, and generally making sure that things keep moving along smoothly. This role does not require any sort of programming skills, but does require excellent organizational and management skills, and good English writing skills. The project organizer should be able to dedicate 5–10 hours per week to this project.

Mac Developer

We are looking for an experienced Mac developer to join our team. In addition to helping with general development (i.e. creating new features, fixing bugs, etc.), this developer would be responsible for preparing Mac releases of the viewer, porting/testing viewer features on Mac as necessary, investigating Mac-related bugs, and developing and maintaining Mac-specific features.

Additional Developers

In addition to a Mac developer, we would like to add several more developers to our team, so that we can speed up the pace of development on Kokua. Ideally, developers should have some prior experience with C++ or similar programming languages. Most importantly, developers should have enthusiasm for participating in virtual worlds; a drive to create high quality, easy to use software; as well as respect for other people, and a desire to understand their needs.

It is up to each developer to decide how much time and energy they can invest in the project, but active developers are generally expected to be able to dedicate at least 10 hours per month on development and maintenance of the viewer software. Of course, even if you can’t dedicate yourself to being a full-fledged team member, we still greatly appreciate patches and other contributions from the community. :)

Moving On

Dear Kokua/Imprudence community,

After 3 years of serving this project, I will be retiring effective September 1. As often happens in life, the priorities in my life have shifted over time, and it is now time for me to focus on other things.

Obviously, this will be a major transition for the project. But, I will be working for the next month to make it as smooth as possible, so that everything can continue with minimal disruption. At this time, we have not yet decided who, if anyone, will replace me as “benevolent dictator“, or whether there will be some other form of project leadership. Of course, we will keep you guys informed as the details are fleshed out.

My retirement is not an occasion for somberness, but rather for fond reflection on the past, and hope-filled anticipation for the future. I am proud of the work we have done and what we have accomplished so far, and I look forward to the great things that will be accomplished after I am gone. What’s more, I am immensely proud that we have accomplished all this without compromising our principles or our integrity, even when the road was most difficult, and the temptation most pressing.

This project has been the greatest undertaking of my life so far, and an invaluable learning experience. It has been a grand journey, challenging and frustrating at times, fun and exciting at others. I’d like to thank the team, our contributors, bug reporters, users, and everyone else who makes this project possible. It has been a great privilege to be a part of it.

I’m certain that I will miss this project and its people. But, I am also certain it is time for me to move on. So long, and I’ll see you around. :)