IMPORTANT: Server side issue on SL grid breaks map, edit and visibility rights

In order to prevent a few bug reports, we would like everyone to read this JIRA explaining the issue. Basically, most TPV viewers are affected by a bug that prevents from setting map, edit and visibility rights from your friendlist. This only occurs on the SecondLife grid and doesn’t affect other grids. It’s unfortunately out of our control, and also affects most other TPVs. The JIRA issue is marked “Fix Pending” so we can expect that to be repaired on the next Sim rollout by the Lindens.

NOTE: This won’t affect permissions ALREADY granted to users before that bug occured. Those who already had those types of rights set up will still have it working.

JIRA SVC-7104: Granting/revoking perms broken for non-web-profile viewers

Thanks for your patience.


Codie, Community Liaison for Imprudence

6 Responses to “IMPORTANT: Server side issue on SL grid breaks map, edit and visibility rights”

  1. Zauber Paracelsus

    Does this affect those settings if they have already been set?

  2. Borun

    No, this only affects changing these permissions. Present permissions are stored server-side and persist. You can still grant and revoke permissions on the SL web profile of the resident in question.

  3. xia xue

    only affects setting/removing rights *now*, it’s basically a delay between the webgrid. it’s actually been an issue since january when web-profiles were first introduced, and now it seems as if those perms have been moved 100% to web, even if you don’t have a viewer using web profiles.

    in short: the permissions system is all but frozen as it is. permissions you’ve already set are stuck, and setting new permissions generally requires both people involved to relog (reading new permissions from the web possibly just takes forever to kick in, OR they’re picked up as part of the login process, i’m not patient enough to wait and not techy enough to know for sure)

  4. xia xue

    web-to-grid* it took out my formatting

  5. naughtybear777

    hi i been haveing problems getting in secound life viwer 2 it sometimes make it hard for me to qownload and she deformed big time so could that be a cug if so how can i fix im sorry to bother and thank you naughtybear777

  6. moya7070

    i need the this probblem for entered seconde life my computer is mac plissss help me