Imprudence 1.4 Windows Beta Test Build

AKA “Beta 1½”.

This is a special Windows-only test release to address some specific issues before we release beta 2. If you use it, I’d appreciate it if you’d comment on this post if any of the following don’t work for you:

  1. Imprudence always installs and runs on XP.
  2. Inworld audio always works (except on parcels where restrict sounds is checked. See #819). You can verify this by checking your audio driver in Help >About Imprudence.
  3. Prims don’t turn invisible when they shouldn’t. If you find prims suddenly turn invisible (but are still selectable), please comment here with an SLURL and your draw distance so we can investigate.


This will default install as an “Experimental” build. You shouldn’t have any problems running it side-by-side with 1.4 beta 1.

As far as release notes go, it’s mainly the above along with:

  • Numerous crash fixes.
  • In particular, preferences-related crashes and OpenSim/InWorldz teleport crashes.

Also, if you’ll excuse me for getting serious for a moment, I’d like to say this as a personal note. One of the unique aspects of working on Imprudence is our distributed QA process. When we get to the point where we can’t test a feature/fix anymore ourselves, we release test/beta builds like these to you, the user, for feedback. Your comments (and your passion for putting the viewer through its paces) are tremendously helpful in tracking down bugs we’d otherwise never encounter ourselves.

For some, this might seem like “passing the buck” on our part, but in my eyes it’s always been a highlight of just how much working on Imprudence is a community process. We all care about putting a working viewer in your hands, and the fact that so many of you are willing to take time to help us do that really does warm our hearts and keep us motivated.

So, I just want to say, I know it might seem tough to see where we’re going when most other viewers are doing things differently right now, but I hope you’ll be patient with us. Things are still coming together as far as finalizing and transitioning go, but we’ll get there, and we haven’t forgotten why we do this: our community. Because seriously, our users rock :)

38 Responses to “Imprudence 1.4 Windows Beta Test Build”

  1. Zauber Paracelsus

    Issue #3 isn’t specific to Windows. I’m also experiencing it under Linux.

  2. Incon

    Why just windows?

  3. McCabe Maxsted

    @Incon: there are a lot of big Windows-only fixes/changes that need wider testing at the moment (and Zauber’s right, #3 isn’t Windows-only, but we still need feedback on that anyway). The next beta release will include all OSes.

  4. Chips Greggan

    Again, still with the V1 viewer and outdated features…
    Get with the times people! Viewer 1 is doomed to the dustbin and people who can’t embrace change in the wild are called lunch!
    I for one would just love to get kokulaing asap, not wait around while you fix shoddy issues in a viewer which is essentially a year out of date by the time it’s finished.

  5. Nikala Thespian

    I agree with Chips… well sort of.
    I would like to see the viewer catch up as it’s becoming more of a problem as features are updated and it falls behind more and more with each LL update.

    I have particular feature set requirements that are only available in 2 other tpv’s but I don’t trust the developers of them with my account. So I’m sorta stuck here wishing you’d catch up fast.

  6. Chieron Tenk

    I’ve seen the Invisi-weirdness a few times now.
    Yesterday, I had some king of Bermuda triangle, where every object or avatar inside it was invisible to me. (about 4*4m)
    Objects were visible in wireframe, though.
    This happened regardless of drawing distance. the sim is “Belarus”.
    clearing cache fixed the issue on the next login.

    Invisible objects of the regular kind were also common, clearing cache/relogging helped, too. also, belarus sim.

    Chips, troll somewhere else. Although, there are features missing which would be nice to have (to at least see multiple attachments)

  7. Chieron Tenk

    ah.. reread before posting next time.. that was on the older beta..

  8. Gavin

    While we are at discussing OS versions, which version of Imprudence will support OS X 10.7 expected to be released this week?


  9. shamus

    Amen cant wait for the next release of kokua. please insure it’s fully tpv competent as last release was questionable pretty sure it was safe but might of had a few snafus sneak in on branch mergers. namely branding issues no doubt.

  10. zoebuggy

    I exclusively virtually inhabit Secondlife. I also moved on to V2 based clients for 6 months
    I am looking forward to Kokua, but i appreciate that Imprudence is still relevant for non SL worlds where V2 clients dont work and needs to be finished for them.

  11. zoebuggy

    Is it true that developers are paid trillions of dollars
    to work on Kokua and Imprudence? lololol

  12. McCabe Maxsted

    For those who wonder why this is an Imp update and not Kokua, Imprudence 1.4 is being finished up and Kokua is under active development. I meant it when I said be patient. We’re working on getting a mesh-capable release for Kokua out in time for its release on the Second Life grid, for example, but these are still important changes that need verification before 1.4 goes gold. Nothing happens overnight, but we’ll get there.

  13. Walter Balazic

    IDK.. you might be surprised to find out that alot of us old school people LIKE v1.x viewer interface and happen to hate the V2 interface so we couldn’t be happier that someone is working on our old out of date boring interface. Nice work on this update btw, all the TP issues have virtually vanished in OSgrid. We still have that odd thing with the ambient sounds being attached to the interface slider for some reason, but other than that, this update is really solid!! Thank you from all of us v1.x users!! :)

  14. Chips Greggan

    @Walter: A lot of people liked windows 98 when xp came out too… doesn’t mean they were right!
    Embrace and improve, don’t be a future hater!

  15. Walter Balazic

    Nobody is being a hater but the people hating those who like viewer 1. How you can call the v2 interface an “improvement” is beyond me. As a builder it’s a hindrance. Just because something is new doesn’t make it all that either Chips.. Windows Vista ring a bell? Windows ME was a new OS at one point, that was a real beaut too… Does new make automatically better, or is it just a case of following the crowd?

  16. Alex Shuri

    For me both V1 and V2 interfaces are beautiful, but what I like most is the V1 and V2 combined interface without side bar (SL users who use more than one viewer can already understand which viewer’s interface i mean). That is because i can have a “V1-like” interface with “V2 style” which is something I like most than anything else, because all windows can be resized and moved anywhere, because all bottom buttons can be repositioned as i wish and i can even choose which buttons i want to see, plus the color combinations i’ve seen (called “skins”), that make the interface look beautiful! (for example think of a V2 interface coloured with the “V1 Silver Theme”)…. Can you think of an interface better than that? Well, i can’t!!!!!!!! :)

  17. Russ

    I keep trying the LL v2 viewer and every time i do, I remember why I keep coming back to imprudence. With V2, Profiles take forever to come up. Friends names sometimes don’t show (just says loading). Uses more resources. And you end up being a smoke cloud a lot more, amongst other things. There are some improvements with V2 but they are mostly cosmetic. I have tried Kokua and firestorm, they are moving the right direction although not quite there yet. Keep up the good work here supporting the v1 viewer, nice to have options.

  18. Crim Mip

    I hope there is a usable version of Kokua that’s better than alpha stage by the time mesh goes live. While the LL V2 interface wasn’t ideal by any means, a lot of features are going to be coming that v1 based code just won’t do. Mesh, the new search (looks clunky but works a lot better than v1 search ever did.), profiles (I hate the new web profiles, but LL spent too much on them to back down now.)

    In short, I expect v1 based viewers to be too broken to use within 6 months and maybe sooner. I’d highly suggest trying out a TPV V2 based viewer now and learning it before you essentially have no choice. Even LL’s is a lot more configurable than it was originally, though I can’t stand not having an integrated chat/im/text entry box.

  19. McCabe Maxsted

    For any specific complaints/suggestions/ideas about how to improve Viewer 2, we have a great section for that on the forums just waiting to be filled:

  20. Beccas1963

    In regards to #2
    Using this in IW still cant hear the birds sing and such. Did the restrict gestures box on my own land was able to hear them then. But when I tp other places unable to hear sounds. Unable to do that check box on others’ property. Come home no sounds. Yup I did a clean install.

  21. Walter Balazic

    Everything seems to work great except the audio. Still have that issue with audio only working if I turn up the interface slider. Then you hear all the bleeps/bings/clicks from the Viewer Interface.. :/

  22. Syrah Evans

    I’ve had a few locations where the audio stream would play for one stream, then refuse the next. Ambient sounds always are heard. Using an external player, the stream Imprudence wouldn’t play was fine. When changing the stream to another, the audio was fine again. Otherwise, all seemed to be normal.

  23. Gaga

    1.4 beta works fine on XP for me. Sound is fine. Not found any invisible prims.

    I look forward to the final Imp 1.4 version for Opensim. For SL and OS I look forward to Kokua. SL V2 is not even a starter for me. Tried it, dumpped it. Roll on Kokua!

  24. Tali

    I haven’t been able to provoke the disappearing prims in this version. (But then, I didn’t have a reliable repro in the first place).

    I can understand wanting to get some final closure on the v1 line, but I must admit things like the (lack of) multiple attachment spots is becoming a pain point. Avatars are cropping up which just doesn’t look right.
    And mesh will be killer for me. Once that hits the grid, I’ll be on a v2 client; whether LL or Kokua.

  25. armin

    @Tali even though there are signs that the extremely talented group of people doing Singularity might have mesh in a viewer, looking like viewer 1, – I admit: I don’t want to back-port things “for the rest of my virtual life”. It will take time, and effort, and cooperation with other projects to provide an usable viewer 2 based viewer, though I really believe in things will be *much* better after some time of suffering. The key to succeed is user feedback. Use it even though it sucks where it sucks. Report where it sucks. And why. And how you expect things to be. To us, and to any viewer 2 based viewer you are trying. There is already some fruitful cooperation, and the more other projects we can cross tentacles with, the better we can get things like they should be.

  26. Tali

    @armin Certainly. I was not advocating backporting. That’s a dead-end alley. My point was to the contrary: V2 is where it’s happening now, like it or not, so I’d much prefer to see that evolve with useful tweaks.

  27. armin


  28. Gaga

    Okay, problem with displaying Aurora var-region 512X512. It’s a large mostly water region area of 4 sims where only 2/3rds of water surface visible. The rest appears as white blank terrain patches on land below water level. The mini map displays avatar position but not relative to actual location on land. Main map briefly displays 4X4 var-region then reverts back to a single sim (the root sim).

  29. Gaga

    Oh, I also tested (see above comment) this using Astra viewer and the var-region displays perfectly although mini map and main map still has the same issues

  30. Tamara Silversten

    It appears that the vanishing prims might have something to do with faulty Object-Object Occlusion not rendering formerly hidden objects again as they re-enter view. Disabling it while having the issue made everything re-appear immediately.
    Fortunately my hardware can handle rendering things out of view for now until there’s a fix.
    ( For those who want to give that a try: Ctrl+Alt+D for the Advanced menu then in “Rendering” untick “Object-Object Occlusion” )

    I’m also looking forward to giving Kokua a try when it’s confirmed to be TPV rule compliant as I don’t use other grids.

  31. fabrixx

    When a kokua stable?

  32. paulie flomar

    streaming music doesn’t work in 1.4. Beta. :( Had to return to 1.3.2 stable. OS=Win 7 64 Bit.

  33. Chieron Tenk

    ok, now it took some time,but the bug that some prims disappear just happened again. (Belarus sim again)

    btw: the last imprudences have a tendency to ruin the framerate after a while if new textures are loaded (exploring is extremely bad, staying in one sim isnt)

  34. Stormie Windlow

    Everything was working ok, things rez slower than the older version and on some sims you can’t get sounds… go into another viewer and you its def this version..old version got sound too.. hope that’s helpful. Im on Windows 7 64 bit.

  35. Bozz

    I am running Imprudence on Vista Home Prenium and I keep crashing alot like a minute after I log on…it is a 32 bit system with Dual core processors 3.0… I need help to solve problem…thanks if any can help

  36. Marianna Monentes

    I am using the Imprudence Beta 1.4 and have the invisible prim issue mostly sculpts…my slurl

    Thank you

  37. Mis Behave

    I like what I see so far, however I have lost all sound. Not sure what to do. Not computer savvy, so a bit lost as how to fix this. I miss hearing the water, birds, etc.

  38. NickyP

    Thank you for using Kokua. We will need more information in order to help. Please submit an issue at our issue tracker issue tracker. Please include:
    1) Linux distribution or windows version.
    2) A copy of Help->About Kokua while logged into the region where you encountered sound problems.