Hope Everyone Had A Happy 4th of July

Yesterday, those of us here in America celebrated our Independence Day with fireworks, family, and a three day weekend! But no matter where you are, I hope it was a good day for you :)

Now, back to the compilers!

13 Responses to “Hope Everyone Had A Happy 4th of July”

  1. Stryker Jenkins

    Happy 4th to you too… and for about those fireworks… I hope you have saved a few for those spamers of the Kokua Wiki. You can shoot them up where the sun don’t shine… LOL

  2. McCabe Maxsted

    Haha! Indeed! :)

  3. zoebuggy

    happy holidays everywhere :))

  4. SignpostMarv

    For some reason when I read the phrase “Now, back to the compilers”, I envisioned some sort of coder’s treadmill…

  5. Garn Conover

    What about us Canadians who also had a 3 day weekend and fireworks woot! hehe Marv

  6. McCabe Maxsted

    @SignpostMarv There may or may not be lashes involved as well >.>

    @Garn Also a very happy Canada Day to everyone who celebrated on the 1st :)

  7. Dani

    Happy Birthday America for all of you.. now please work on Imp 1.4 beta2 :)

    As a Mac user and large SL business owner, the “crash on upload” of every image file bug already posted about is “show stopper” for me. I know Jacek posted it will be fixed in beta2, but really, a bug like that cannot be fixed soon enough.

    As I tell inworld friends, customers, etc, I like Imprudence because the menus are so perfect, everything is easy to find, everything “feels” to be EXACTLY in the right place. Some other TPVs the menus are a total mess, just badly organized. Also the profiles in Imprudence are soooooooo much better looking than in other viewers. Imprudence is just the best looking, most “clean” viewer, and for me that is very important.

    But I am sorry to say I am getting very close to leaving it for one of the others. The slow pace of adding features I can accept.. but the slow pace to fix major bugs that make the software un-useable is making it really that I have no option as I cannot create and run my business using a viewer that cannot even upload image files, something I must do many many times each day.

    I think it will be much more better if a “show stopper” level bug to be immediately fixed in a Beta 1.1 release than to say “will be in Beta2… sometime later”.

    I know I am just one user, so if I change to another viewer.. “so what”. But I am a very vocal one and always pushed and promoted Imprudence.. and with groups of 50 in staff and 6000 in customers, lots of people had to hear it :-P

    Please fix this. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease.

    Thanks :)

  8. Sarge Misfit

    And a Happy Canada Day, too :) (July 1)


    Any updates on Kokuna?

  10. Static

    Guys, we need multiple attachments and multiple tatoo layers as soon as possible in final 1.4. Without this I can’t recommend Impy to anybody except lonely builders. Please, every other viewer has this feature. Thanks in advance.

  11. McCabe Maxsted

    @Static believe me, I hear you. Personally, I don’t want to release 1.4 without either of those patches, but it was decided to skip them in favor of working on Kokua. Here’s how the reasoning broke down:

    Both are very SL-specific features. Support across the wider metaverse is mixed. For example, the multiple attachments patch causes issues on OSGrid. We’d have to spend a good amount of time and effort debugging this and other issues. 1.4 already includes so many major changes, people felt uncomfortable about adding to the pile. Plus, any changes we make would have to then be ported to Kokua, doubling our work as we try to support the same feature in two different viewers.

    By focusing on Kokua, we get both these features for free, and work on them will be part of our larger effort to make a version of Viewer 2 that works across the metaverse. Another example would be mesh. This will pretty much break Imp on Second Life, but once it’s released we’ll be asked to backport it to Imp, and that’s something we can’t do easily (or, probably, at all) whereas mesh support was always the primary goal for our first official Kokua release.

    So, it’s more a question of where we want to focus our efforts. I have a great deal of fondness for Imp, but practically speaking, I think you’ll get more benefit out of the increased focus on Kokua in the long run.

  12. shamus

    hit the over drive button on kokua and put the peddle to the floor. we desperately need a 2.x code base viewer that has a good UI.

  13. Axaes Xandal

    I once dated an American conservative. (Don’t ask.) His idea of a fun day was to show me the Magna Carta (I think) on no day other than the 4th of July. I waited in line for more than 4 hours before I could take a several micro-second-long glimpse at some text drenched in something green.

    But the guards were cute. So were the fireworks. Woohoo!

    Be glad, Americans, that you celebrate this day in July. If I was serious about this stuff, I´d have to do this on the 3rd of October. It’s not a time in the year when you want to go outside in Germany. Contrary to popular belief, Germany doesn’t have four seasons, but two: Green Autumn and Grey Autumn. And October is where the line is.