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IMPORTANT: Server side issue on SL grid breaks map, edit and visibility rights

In order to prevent a few bug reports, we would like everyone to read this JIRA explaining the issue. Basically, most TPV viewers are affected by a bug that prevents from setting map, edit and visibility rights from your friendlist. This only occurs on the SecondLife grid and doesn’t affect other grids. It’s unfortunately out of our control, and also affects most other TPVs. The JIRA issue is marked “Fix Pending” so we can expect that to be repaired on the next Sim rollout by the Lindens.

NOTE: This won’t affect permissions ALREADY granted to users before that bug occured. Those who already had those types of rights set up will still have it working.

JIRA SVC-7104: Granting/revoking perms broken for non-web-profile viewers

Thanks for your patience.


Codie, Community Liaison for Imprudence

Imprudence 1.4 Windows Beta Test Build

AKA “Beta 1½”.

This is a special Windows-only test release to address some specific issues before we release beta 2. If you use it, I’d appreciate it if you’d comment on this post if any of the following don’t work for you:

  1. Imprudence always installs and runs on XP.
  2. Inworld audio always works (except on parcels where restrict sounds is checked. See #819). You can verify this by checking your audio driver in Help >About Imprudence.
  3. Prims don’t turn invisible when they shouldn’t. If you find prims suddenly turn invisible (but are still selectable), please comment here with an SLURL and your draw distance so we can investigate.


This will default install as an “Experimental” build. You shouldn’t have any problems running it side-by-side with 1.4 beta 1.

As far as release notes go, it’s mainly the above along with:

  • Numerous crash fixes.
  • In particular, preferences-related crashes and OpenSim/InWorldz teleport crashes.

Also, if you’ll excuse me for getting serious for a moment, I’d like to say this as a personal note. One of the unique aspects of working on Imprudence is our distributed QA process. When we get to the point where we can’t test a feature/fix anymore ourselves, we release test/beta builds like these to you, the user, for feedback. Your comments (and your passion for putting the viewer through its paces) are tremendously helpful in tracking down bugs we’d otherwise never encounter ourselves.

For some, this might seem like “passing the buck” on our part, but in my eyes it’s always been a highlight of just how much working on Imprudence is a community process. We all care about putting a working viewer in your hands, and the fact that so many of you are willing to take time to help us do that really does warm our hearts and keep us motivated.

So, I just want to say, I know it might seem tough to see where we’re going when most other viewers are doing things differently right now, but I hope you’ll be patient with us. Things are still coming together as far as finalizing and transitioning go, but we’ll get there, and we haven’t forgotten why we do this: our community. Because seriously, our users rock :)

Hope Everyone Had A Happy 4th of July

Yesterday, those of us here in America celebrated our Independence Day with fireworks, family, and a three day weekend! But no matter where you are, I hope it was a good day for you :)

Now, back to the compilers!