Imprudence 1.4.0 beta 1 Released

Imprudence 1.4.0 beta 1 is now available!

This is the first non-Experimental release in the Imprudence 1.4 series. This version will certainly contain some bugs, but probably not anything severe. We consider it to be safe and suitable for everyday use. However, Mac users should be aware that streaming audio will not play on Mac in this version. We are working to fix that.

If you need help with the viewer, please see our Support page. If you find a bug and want us to fix it, please follow our Reporting a bug guide.

Compared to the latest Imprudence Experimental, Imprudence 1.4 has many bug fixes, better inventory caching, the Animation Overrider starts working faster, the object exporter can export textures from SL (with TPVP-compliant permission checks), the Preferences have been reorganized, and more. We strongly encourage all Imprudence Experimental users to upgrade to Imprudence 1.4.

Compared to Imprudence 1.3, Imprudence 1.4 adds a mind-blowing number of new features, UI improvements, and bug fixes. We recommend Imprudence 1.3 users also upgrade to Imprudence 1.4 soon, unless you require streaming audio support on Mac.

Here is a brief overview of some of the most notable new features, grouped by category:

  • General: Support for WindLight notecards; Updated Chinese, French, German, and Japanese UIs; Derender object/avatar; Gestures can use more keys; Reload $ Balance; Animation Overrider starts working sooner.
  • Communication: Spell Checking; AutoCorrect; Chat Translation; Chatbar Commands; Display Names support; Highlight chat from friends; Highlight chat mentioning your name or nickname(s); Search bar in Friends and Groups lists.
  • Content Creation: Support for Alpha and Tattoo layers; new Prim Alignment tool; Local Textures (real-time preview of textures on your computer without uploading); Object texture export from SL (with TPVP-compliant permission checks); Upload support for Photoshop PSD image files (available on Mac only); Copy/Paste buttons in Build tools.
  • Login, Grids, and OpenSim: Login name and password saved per-grid; Support for variable sized regions (i.e. bigger than 256m) when available; Support for the OpenRegionInfo capability.
  • Map, Radar, and Teleport: Full Radar; Teleport History; Estate Managers’ minimap radar distance is no longer limited; Right clicking objects in Area Object Search to teleport to/cam to/edit them.
  • Media, Browser, and Networking: Media system revamped with SLPlugin; Media Filters; Interaction and zoom with streaming media/webpages; Improved XMLPRC and SOCKS5 proxy support; Parcel media URLs are no longer hidden.
  • Preferences: Reorganized Preferences window; New UI skins (Dark and Gemini); Sliders for draw distance, etc. allow typing in exact values; Search bar in Debug Settings.
  • Texture Loading: Many, many texture loading improvements from Robin Cornelius, Thickbrick Sleaford, and others; Various improvements to help prevent unloaded (cloud) avatars.
  • Development: Many, many, many code improvements and cleanup under the hood. Special thanks to Aleric Inglewood and others for their work on this.

You can find more information about these and the other changes in this version by reading the release notes. As of this writing, the release notes are still a work in progress, but we will try to finish them up before the final 1.4.0 release.



44 Responses to “Imprudence 1.4.0 beta 1 Released”

  1. Dani

    Great, BUT.. ok, do the devs not read the Bug Report thing, or the comments here?

    The image upload = crash on Mac is exactly the same as in the experimental. Did no one read my 2x comments and bug report?

    I am using OSX 10.5.8 on a 2,66GHz Intel DuoCore2 Mac.

    EVERY time I try to upload a texture (JPEG, PNG) the Viewer will instantly crash. It was the same on the experimental.

    Waited so long for this new Imprudence, I cannot believe this bug was not fixed :(

  2. Dani

    (sorry just to add- image upload works totally fine on the old Imprudence 1.3. So whatever you changed in 1.4 about how image upload works, please just change it back to how it was in 1.3!)

  3. Stryker Jenkins

    YAY… Great work and it works great!
    I like the new setup of the preferences. The settings are a lot more logical divided than in 1.3.x

  4. Ryou Yiyuan

    OMG !!!!!!!!!
    I love that update. At the moment, Imprudence still the only viewer I can’t use because my computer isn’t SSE2 compliant.
    I hope this will work on the future update.
    Love Imprudence

  5. Walter Balazic

    Everything works great but the sound in OSgrid. The ambient sounds like sound orbs, birds, wind, etc, are still controlled by the “interface slider”, and essentially the other sliders don’t do anything. So unless you have all the click/bleep/etc from your interface turned up you can’t hear any ambient sounds. This was the thing I hoped was fixed in this version, it worked in 1.3.0.

  6. McCabe Maxsted

    @Dani we read all issues that get posted to the issue tracker, but we currently don’t have a full-time mac developer who can investigate and prioritize mac issues. Your issue ( is actually a duplicate of an even older issue ( I’ll take a look. Fixing crashes is definitely a priority for us. Generally, it’s hard to keep up with blog comments, though. The best way to bring attention to something is update redmine. See:

  7. McCabe Maxsted

    @Walter: I can’t reproduce that on Windows 7. The “sounds” slider controls inworld audio, the “interface” slider the ui sounds for me. What OS are you on? And did you file an issue on redmine?

  8. Dani

    @McCabe: thanks for answering. I am not a coder so sorry if I seem ignorant but- Image upload worked FINE in Imp 1.3 on Mac. So this was very clear something you changed in 1.4. Cannot just put it back as it was? Look at the old code, compare with the new, and say, “Oh! Right there! That is what we changed.. oops!” and fix it?

    In SL I have a 6000 member customer group, and often promote Imprudence softly there.. Difficult to do that if I cannot even use it myself anymore :( Especially for something so silly as this.

  9. Walter Balazic

    I’m using 7 and Vista (have a mac also). If I go to my sim in OSgrid, open any sound in inventory, and press “play in world” nothing. If I press “play locally” I can only hear it if I have “interface” slider up. I laid out a sound orb with wave sounds as a test. I cannot hear it unless I turn up the “interface” slider. The wave sound shouldn’t be connected to the interface. And yes several of us have filed an issue on Redmine about the sounds prior to this, but we will do one for this release now.

  10. Walter Balazic

    Here’s a new Redmine for this issue:

  11. Pcoach Lavendel

    Thanx for the hard work. Gonna try it out immidiately

  12. McCabe Maxsted

    Thanks Walter, appreciated! :) I know it can be a bit of pain to register and file, but it really does help us keep up with everything that’s going on. The viewer is an immensely complicated program to try to track over time!

    @Pcoach welcome, let us know how it goes :)

  13. Bec Jigsaw

    tried both he regular windows and the sse2 version and I do not hear my birds. But if I try the IW viewer I am good I can hear the sounds. Any suggestions?

    Oh did a clean install each time.

  14. Ci Sense

    Horribe release :(

    I’ve spent the last hour trying to recover my sound system that worked perfectly in the 2011-04-19 release, now it skips, echoes and distorts. Uninstalling Beta 1, clearing cache didn’t help. Neither did reinstalling 2011-04-19. Sound works perfectly when imp is not running, otherwise imp interferes with the entire sound system including skype.

    HELP !!!

  15. Ci Sense

    Forgot to say …

    Using the Windows +SSE2 release under XP SP3 with Realtek HD Audio

  16. QuestionableAvatar

    What exactly changed in the 1.4 viewers AFTER the 10.23.10 experimental? Every version since has really dogged my laptop , even with a cooler. It makes it run extremely hot. Swapping back to the old trusty 10.23 and I can run SL as long as I want.

    I know my hardware is dated but I don’t think that’s the issue. 1.4 after the 10.23 does something to the hard drive because I notice the heat buildup. My specs below if you are curious:

    CPU: AMD Turion(tm) 64 X2 TL-62
    Memory: 2889 MB
    OS Version: Linux 2.6.38-8-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP Mon Apr 11 03:31:24 UTC 2011 x86_64
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce 7150M / nForce 630M/PCI/SSE2
    OpenGL Version: 2.1.2 NVIDIA 270.41.06

  17. Darkus

    Where is it?

    When I go to the download page, all I can find is Stable (1.3.2). What happened to the 1.4 release?

  18. Darkus

    Nevermind.. sorry, I found it at the end of the post. I thought it should be at the download section and was surprised it wasn’t listed yet.

  19. zoebuggy

    Big Congratulations Imprudence Team for producing this release. :)))
    And·*·.?????•???? for dedicating your free & unpaid time to this project.

  20. zoebuggy

    Pooo, i tried to be too clever
    the Question marks above are an ascii THANK YOU :)

  21. Herkimer Highmist

    I’ve ran into a couple of issues…first, I’m having the same issues as Walter. After some weird sound issues in SL, I found this bug:
    I turned off the “Restrict gesture and object sounds to this parcel” option in the opensim region I was having issues with, and now sounds (both “Play in world” and scripted prims) work again. It’s an issue in SL as well, but not as easily reproduced as in opensim grids.

    I’m also having issues with HTTP texture fetching – random(?) textures are never updated after initially loading a low-res (64×64) version, but I’m still trying to figure this one out before submitting a bug report.

  22. kaliope karas

    omg.. i can see the moon again! YAY

    Lovin’ it.. so far no issues for me, no lag.. no issues… just easy breathin’.

    Thank you thank you

  23. Chic Aeon

    Easy install. Used SSE2 version. Thanks so much for keeping my perfectly set up Windlight Skies. No extras to delete or backups to move over. Yeah!

    Still an issue with classifieds not reading (put a bug report in tracker) and shadows still make me crash instantly (my fast new Radeon card I suspect).

    Textures seem to be loading faster than the last experimental. Streaming sound which has been on and off is currently working. Only time will tell on that one.

    Thanks so much!

  24. livio

    Very good work, all working fine. Thank you. Stable and very fast.

  25. fabrixx

    in Ubuntu 64 bit imprudence crash if i minimize:(

  26. Kira Tiponi

    Glad and happy to see the 1.4 Beta, but can’t help but feel its a bit of a mess. Crashes all the time on silly things: when I click on the parcel name to get the About Land men -> crash, when I tp into a parcel thats set no-entry -> crash, when I try to set the ‘Only friends … I am online’ preference -> crash. Am going back to the previous release for now :(

    Running Windows XP Prof

  27. Raja

    It’s a good release, thank you for the work.
    Although i had a rough start with it i think it is the best one until now and can be a graceful end to the 1.x series.

    Here the solution to the error i encountered wehn i tried to start Imp 1.4b:
    On a Win XP SP3 PC an error popped up telling me that the “application hasn’t been cofigured properly”.

    It’s been once more the missing(?) or outdated Visual C libraries. After installing .NET and the Visual C 2005 SP1 libraries the error was gone and Imprudence did run again. I didn’t encounter this error on any previous release, so.. no idea why it popped up this time.

    Oh, and of course very special thanks to whoever is so kind to provide the 64 bit linux binaries :)

  28. Erik N

    Running it on Win7 32-bit. No issues, looks great! Cool, purple cloud until avi rezzes.

  29. MtheFox

    Hey was wondering about if Imprudence will be able to support V2 but with V1 features and such. I Just love your viewer too much to try anything else honesty o3o

  30. Odd

    Voice is NOT working. And I can’t hear people on voice either.

    Using: Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit
    w/ Imprudence-1.4.0-beta

  31. Chips Greggan

    Can’t we just abandon this 1.4 thing and skip to Kokula??? The feature set of 1.3/1.4 is so far behind the secondlife viewer and other TPVs it’s not even funny anymore.

    It feels like we want to download your album and you’re making it on a cassette.

  32. Noddington Schmooz

    When I booted up the new beta it took a few minutes to download my inventory, and then I discovered, to my horror, that I had the inventory from the last time I had used Imprudence stable (as opposed to Imprudence Experimental, which I have been using for over a year). Over a year’s worth of accumulated inventory was missing, and stuff I had moved in my inventory was moved back, etc. Needless to say, I ejecetd immediately and went back to Experimental which, thankfully, loaded back in my proper inventory.

    Is there a fix on my end for this, like pointing something at the correct inventory listing, or is this something anyone else is experiencing?

  33. Gisele Rodeyn

    mi trovo benissimo con IMPRUDENCE, ho scaricato la versione 1.4 ma non mi va il voice
    potete aiutarmi

  34. Jason Rand

    The XP issue is a pain. 1.4b runs fine on my vista system but on an almost virgin xp system no, it won’t fire up, giving the same improperly configured error others have been posting about. XP SP3 btw – I have .net and the vc++ redistributables installed, no help. I have to keep using the 10/10 experimental because 1.4b is buggy on XP and from what I can gather you all don’t give a sh*t about this error as I have yet to see a useful post from a dev telling XP people how to fix, and trust me I’ve tried the version number thing as well, no go.

  35. Raja


    The ‘XP issue’ is odd indeed, but the solotion is certainly one of the VC redistributables. Make sure you downloaded the redist a n d the service pack of it as well. To add to the confusion you have to take care that you download the XP version only (32 bit) and don’t overwrite the files which are, funny enough, named all the same by MS.
    It confused me as well and i was close to give up, but after making a step by step install of all the VC libraries plus their service packs, going painstakingly through the download and install process… i made it.

    I guess it’s time to say good bye to XP :)

  36. Jacek Antonelli

    The XP issues should be solved in the new test build.

  37. Raja

    Yes, but it has become a very common issue on XP by now. So it can’t hurt to spread the (bad) news.

    I had it several times by now, and due to the inconsistent error messages XP spits out it wasn’t easy to track down the issue.

  38. Gisele Rodeyn

    di punto in bianco il programma si chiude, senza dare crash .

    non mi fa passare i miei permessi, metto la spunta e basta che riloggo la spunta sparisce

    non si imposta in lingua italiana


  39. Theron Giordano

    Im just wondering if RLV will eer be introdued ti imprudance bcause i liek the viewer but i use RLV alot and if it is ther i appologise but i cant it and also what will happen to imprudence when the overlookers decide to rollout the old code and make us all use V2 code based Viewers i hope imprudence are working on that and ide love RLV in it ie not used imprudence for about 3 months because i had some reallu buggy session so i called it a day but i always give it anouther chance so any ideas about the VS code base and is RLV there,otherwise lovelty veiwer to use very stable and i use the SSE2 version

  40. Raja

    Imprudence got RLV for ages already…

    ctrl+alt+d -> advanced->restrained love support

  41. ladyy haven

    Hi, I love imprudence, but i crash a lot on busy sims, and my biggest problem is the inventory, whe i crasht is my half inventory gone, how can we or you fixed that?
    Im tired of installed imprudence again and again..
    im an builder so my inventory is importent for me, but everytime my half invntory gone im so tired of that, can that be fixed? im working with windows xp

  42. Sinful Blackheart

    Love using Imprudence except for one thing, there is no streaming audio or media, so I am not able to hear music or media in secondlife. I am not on a Mac, which you said was the only OS you had issues with, I am on Windows and am having audio and media issues.

  43. tiger

    Hello, i worked with viewer 1.3.2 and i didn’t had any loggin problems, i tried the 1.4 and i can’t loggin sl anymore. With the 1.3.2 i can, but with the new update i can’t.

  44. Amza Lighthouse

    I have an inventory issue. I use Imprudence when I’m inworld on InWorldz, 3rdRock, and Osgrid.
    In InWorldz, if I go back to using InWorldz viewer, whatever I bought using Imprudence, doesn’t show in the inventory if I use InWorldz.
    For 3rdRock and Osgrid, a slightly different twist. I sometimes use my laptop or desktop. If I buy or get something on the one, it doesn’t show in the inventory on the other and it doesn’t make any difference which one it is.
    If I do it on the laptop, it’s a no show on the desktop and vice versa. Is there any reason why this is? I would think whatever went into the inventory would stay there since it would be on the server of the viewer. Not what computer I’m using.
    Thank you.