Thank you !

I want take the chance before the beta is released  to say thank you to YOU -our users- and YOU – all developers- of Imprudence and Kokua.
Last December the Computer I was doing the Linux 64-bit releases on showed signs of aging, which got worse in January and end of February it was almost unusable. Fortunately McCabe, when he heard of this, didn’t hesitate to offer me to get a new one from donations left, when about the same happened to his computer. Thank you McCabe! Thank you all who donated that time !
So since March the Linux 64-bit releases are done on a shiny new Box with Intel Core i5-750 processor, 4GB of RAM, 1 TB harddrive and a Gainward 1GB graphics card with nvidia GTX 460 chipset.

Special thanks to Rynnan, who helped me to find my way through quicksand north-north-east bridges and smoke signal prone power supplies. Thank you Rynnan!
I am really still surprised what huge difference it is to do development without waiting forever for the compiler to finish. So already a lot thank you is written in code on the new machine, most work on Kokua is done with it. And a lot of bugfixes for the Imprudence 1.4.0 beta release, to which I am looking  very much forward  for.

Thank you :)


7 Responses to “Thank you !”

  1. matthew o connor

    hey guys just a quick question. are you going to change the look of the viewer so it dose not look like the second life one????? from Brighton boy on the OS grid… check out virtual brighton 01 (my sim plays hd movies)

  2. matthew o connor

    oh its now just called brighton 01

  3. Crim Mip

    I would suppose that like Firestorm, Kokua will be a bit of a hybrid. The 2.x code makes it extremely difficult to change the UI and while some things can be made more like the 1.x interface, others will just have to be gotten used to because to change them would make future merges with LL’s code a much larger chore than it already is. Keep in mind that LL is still making major changes to their viewer with each new release which for trying to aim at a moving target.

    It’s looking like the final killer of 1.x viewers is going to be mesh graphics and LL is making noises like they want to get that out ‘real soon now’. There’s a little wiggle room because even when it goes live, there will be some delay before it’s widely used, but no 1.x viewer will be able to render mesh objects. All you’ll see will be a triangle. Like it or not, probably by the end of the year you’ll either be using a viewer based on 2.x code or large parts of the grid will appear badly broken to you.

  4. armin

    for the test release of Kokua the main goal was to get basic opensim support on various levels in – like being able to login at all, choose a grid, support the os build limits, have usable debug messages for opensim developers. For the UI really the best is to give as much specific feedback as possible: pick a single thing you want to have different, say why it isn’t how you want it, and propose how it would be better. I did in code with the media on a prim floater: I didn’t like the tabs, because they hide security relevant settings. So I proposed (by coding it so) to have all relevant setting on the same visual field. But such proposals can be of course be just written, or scanned scribbles, or customized skin files.
    Go for it in the Kokua Idea Nursery forum – if there is already a relevant topic join in the discussion there, if it’s something new start a new topic.
    Thats basically how Imprudence got what it is now, and it will for pretty sure also take the Kokua UI to a new level.

  5. Vanish

    Thank you Armin!

    Care to share where you got that shiny new box from? I might need a good machine in the near future too.

  6. armin

    @Vanish ok … german on- and offline store Just some info how I chose them: Pretty important to me was that they have a store I can walk in in the town I live in- just in case. Then I had to assemble that box myself, because I didn’t find *exactly* what I wanted anywhere. Though thats nothing I recommend, if the store would have had the option they assemble it, I would have invested the extra money. About “exactly what I wanted”: Most important: a *nvidia* card that is rather recent and has a reasonable relation between speed and price. nvidia because its the only brand I see that does OpenGL properly. Second I wanted was a (rather) recent x86_64 quadcore of the brand currently most people swear its the best (not swear against) – the coin flipped several times over the last years – this time intel was up. And third I wanted was a motherboard that supports at least 16GB RAM, comes with lots of USB and at least one firewire connector, and as possible no modem, no internal graphics and no internal sound… well, there wasn’t any without sound.

  7. Rynnan

    It was a pleasure!