Kokua 0.1.0 WIP test build available

Kokua 0.1.0 WIP (“Work In Progress”) test build is now available for testing purposes. We request that you read this post carefully before downloading or using this test build.


  • This is a test build. It will likely have many bugs. It might break your avatar or eat your pets. Use it for testing purposes only.
  • This is not a finished product. The UI is not final. The feature set is not final. Nothing about it is final.
  • We need your feedback to improve the viewer.

We Need Your Feedback

We are releasing this test build to get the ball rolling on Kokua development. This is not a finished product, just a starting point. The Kokua development process will involve a lot of iteration and experimentation: make some changes, get feeback from the community, repeat. Some of the experiments will be flops, but those can be improved or reverted. Over time, the viewer will evolve and change, with your feedback as a selective pressure.

Specifically, we are looking for certain kinds of feedback about this test build:

  • General information about how well the build worked for you, any problems you encountered, etc. You can leave that sort of feedback as a comment here on the blog.
  • Solid bug reports about crashes and broken functionality. Please follow our guide to reporting a bug.
  • Ideas and proposals for improving the viewer. For loose/unpolished ideas, please use the Kokua Idea Nursery forum. For serious, polished proposals, please follow our guide to proposing a feature

Important Information

There are several important points I want to emphasize about this build:

  • This is a test build; it is not a stable release, nor even an Experimental release. It is intended for testing purposes only, not for normal use. It will certainly have many bugs, possibly even serious ones that could affect your account, avatar, or inventory. We recommend testing this build with an unimportant alt account to evaluate its stability and safety.
  • The user interface is not final. This current revision is based on SL Viewer 2.4, with an eclectic mix of experimental tweaks. We will be updating to SL Viewer 2.6 in the near future, and making more substantial reforms to the user interface as part of an ongoing development process. Your feedback is essential to that process.
  • This build may not be fully compliant with the Second Life Policy on Third-Party Viewers. We do not believe that there are any serious violations of that policy, but we have not yet conducted a focused evaluation of our compliance, so there may be minor infractions we have overlooked. Therefore, we caution against logging in to Second Life with this test build . If you choose to do so, it is at your own risk.


This current revision is based on Second Life Viewer 2.4, but has some changes. Some of the most notable changes are:

  • Better, but not perfect, OpenSim support:

    • Support for OpenSim limits: megaprims, 99 hollow, 0.01 hole size, 10,000m build height, and as many groups as the grid allows.
    • There is a simple grid selector on the login screen which comes pre-populated with a few grids. You can also paste/type in the login URI of another grid to add it to the list (as long as the grid supports the GridInfo protocol). We’re still considering the best way to do the grid manager.
    • Early support for “hop://” URLs, a work-in-progress replacement for “secondlife://” URLs. (Note: Inter-grid teleports are not yet supported, and the format of hop:// URLs may change in the future.)
    • Limitation: Some OpenSim-based grids do not fully support inventory links, “outfits”, or multiple clothing layers. This may cause your inventory to fill up with Link-type items that cannot be deleted. You should avoid using those features unless your grid supports them.
    • Limitation: Some OpenSim-based grids do not support the new protocol used for downloading sim images on the World Map. As a result, the World Map may appear empty or show the map from SL.
  • Some experimental UI changes:

    • The Sidebar and its tabs are not visible by default. Click the “Sidebar” button on the bottom toolbar to open a small window with buttons to access the Sidebar. We’re still considering what to do with the Sidebar.
    • The main menu has been rearranged to be more familiar to Imprudence/Viewer 1.x users. We’re still considering the best way(s) to arrange the menus.
    • The Camera Controls window has been revamped to display all controls at once (like in Imprudence/Viewer 1.x), instead of having to constantly switch between multiple tabs.
    • The Chat/IM/Groups window looks and feels more like it does in Imprudence/Viewer 1.x. (Thanks to the Firestorm team for this!)
    • Support for hiding of minimized detached Sidebar tabs. (Thanks to Arrehn, Kitty, and anyone else who worked on this!)
  • Miscellaneous features:

    • Double-click minimap to teleport. Hold Ctrl while you do it to teleport to ground level.
    • Support for client identification, similar in function to Imprudence’s.
    • Stream metadata (song titles) appear in chat when listening to a stream.
    • Save and load WindLight settings as notecards (thanks to Katharine Berry for this!)
    • Preview animations on your avatar before uploading.
    • Purple! :improck:

We have also done quite a lot of work establishing the project framework for Kokua, e.g. rebranding the viewer, making it easier for people to compile “standalone”, revamping the way the viewer is packaged, and other such un-sexy chores that will help in the long run.

For a more thorough summary of the changes compared to Viewer 2.4, read the release notes. For a complete (but difficult to read) list of changes, you can (try to) read the full list of commits.



Once again, I have to emphasize that this is a starting point, not a finished product. We will be making many changes and improvements in the following weeks and months. Feedback and involvement from the community (i.e. you!) is absolutely essential to shaping and refining Kokua. If you test this build, please provide feedback in any of the ways described above.

65 Responses to “Kokua 0.1.0 WIP test build available”

  1. zoebug

    I personally very much prefer the clean V2 family interface.
    It def can be tweaked and improved but I am unable to go back to V1 family now.
    What I am missing is not the UI of VI family but the very useful extras Imprudence had.
    I guess more time spent on turning Kokua into a V1/Imp clone would mean less time can be spent by the Kokua team perfecting really useful extra features

    The test build worked fine on my mini mac and i am looking forward to its progress.

    Those who prefer the V1 user interface have got Imprudence , phoenix, singularity etc , those who want V2 can choose Kirsten, Dolphin2 , Linden V2, Firestorm, (Catznip & Kitty) and soon Kokua And even more choices of viewers described here

  2. Locutus Watanabe

    Just wanna say, at my Box it works great !

    OpenSuSE 11.4 64Bit

    Just some little GUI things else – for a Version that early,
    really great :-)

  3. zoebug

    Above when I say ‘V2 family’ above in the first paragraph in my last blog post I do mean all viewers including Kokua that a based on Viewer 2 UI.

    And yes… me also it worked great on my Mini Mac too (apart from the obvious stream problem) :))))) much appreciation :)

  4. fabrixx

    I try several times to login with Firstname Lastname but receive dns error.

    Imprudence login correctly.

    I have 2 SL accounts:
    My second SL avatar login correctly on kokua.

    Error is only with my primar avatar.

    I try to delete cache but with no results

  5. stephen Venkman

    funny for a test build this has given me the best results in shooting images inworld with shadows. Looking forward to the full release.

    Have had issues with lag now and again, but i’m using my regular account with over 65k in inventory.

  6. Kaliope Karas

    Got it… for one, I like that it seems much cleaner than V2, at least the last time i tried it. Love that you can hide the sidebar or just pick which one you want.

    I got a few issues and its that two windows are opening, one with a c prompt that scrolls the whole time, I keep getting a media error message… and it either doesn’t have, or I can’t find, the integrated AO? If it doesn’t have it, I hope you get one, its one of the features i LOVE on the alternate viewers!

  7. Stephen Venkman

    Loved this viewer up until a week or so ago, went to turn on shadows and I get a fatal error.

    ERROR: ../../llrender/llrendertarget.cpp(441):LLRenderTarget::copyContents: Cannot copy framebuffer contents for non FBO render targets.

  8. zoebuggy

    I really love the View and Move pop up controls on Kokua.
    Defo the best easy speedy friendly unobtrusive access layout.

  9. zoebuggy

    i have also fallen in love with side bar mini tool bar

    i just now look forward to the return of streaming sound :)

  10. ccloneu

    I run Fedora 14 and this ran right out of the box.. Couldn’t take the gray UI though soooo I got and copied over many of the xml’s from an other V2 based viewer and now have the UI Silver.. yay.. I hate V2 and this has made me change my mind..
    The graphics are AWSOME!.. running vnidia 470 superclocked on all MAX settings…
    PLEASE keep up the great work.. I just love it.

  11. PLUR

    For me to be able to use this viewer i MUST have the option to move with WASD. And the same goes for everybody that dose RP/combat here in SL. or well, at least for those who are good fighters and uses systems like “CCS” and DCS” We use WASD to fight, just like in many other online games, so please, please let me have the option to use WASD, this viewer is great and i want to be able to use it.

  12. Koli

    Been using v2 for a while, and I certainly have faith in this viewer. The UI is amazing – superb job on it!

  13. gimisa

    I am usualy rolling with imprudence 1.4 april build on SecondLife. I also use SL2 and Krisens viewer on OSGrid for their mesh capability.
    I have post a few mesh thing on 4freedom OSGrid region.

    I have Kakua may 18. Use it on OSGrid to build and to explore. It was rolling out of the box on Ubuntu 10.04. No prob except the ususal OSGrid crashes. Hypergrid jump work great too. Realy love as a starting block. I Will appreciate being able to see my mesh stuff eventually like I do with SL2 and Kirsens viewer I am also using.

    Many thanks to the kakua / imprudence team. Keep up the good work.

  14. xiaxue

    terrible performance in ubuntu 11.04 64bit. 2-3fps, compared to 20-25fps on LL’s viewer in win7.
    also, a few UI flaws making it much less desirable to use than LL’s: inability to hide the ‘info’ panel in IM windows in ‘separate window’ mode (the pane showing their profile pic and options to teleport, pay, etc etc). inability to switch back to the LL color scheme while maintaining imprudence’s additions (Marine’s viewer is able to do that, so i know it’s possible). there’s just something about the general vibe of starlight skins that rubs me the wrong way; none of the window rounding is there.

  15. Alecia

    averaging 40 to 60 fps… as opposed 80 110 snowglobe cool viewer or 70 / 80 + in imprudence.

    So for code based on lindens biggest error of judgement ever ! this is undoubtedly the best viewer 2 style implementation out there for both performance and UI .. bar none!! web based search is still a nonsense tho .. so I ws wondering if there was any way to implement the old search code and style for “instant” and more logical searches.

    just a few needs for me:

    at least an option for old style search.
    disable fly not fly on hold down pge up/dn.
    mini map radar.
    built in AO (of course).
    avatar offset Z adjustment.
    Global UI background colour and text colour ?.. brown has never been a good choice – for me a light background with dark text has always been more legible (I know its a personal thing).
    preference option for chat bar to ‘completely disappear’ on hit return.
    higher render far clip save me having to hack it (2048 at least).

    Oh and of course .. MESHHH (and in imprudence also as this will remain my favourite viewer for building)

    beyond that I would just be picking nits .. this is excellent work .. so please don’t let it become a firestorm type nonsense build .. i.e reducing rendering features to increase fps (I now u wd never do that :)

    me = CPU: AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 945 Processor (3200 MHz)
    Memory: 4023 MB
    OS Version: Linux 2.6.35-30-generic-pae #56-Ubuntu i686
    Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 460/PCI/SSE2/3DNOW!