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Thank you !

I want take the chance before the beta is released  to say thank you to YOU -our users- and YOU – all developers- of Imprudence and Kokua.
Last December the Computer I was doing the Linux 64-bit releases on showed signs of aging, which got worse in January and end of February it was almost unusable. Fortunately McCabe, when he heard of this, didn’t hesitate to offer me to get a new one from donations left, when about the same happened to his computer. Thank you McCabe! Thank you all who donated that time !
So since March the Linux 64-bit releases are done on a shiny new Box with Intel Core i5-750 processor, 4GB of RAM, 1 TB harddrive and a Gainward 1GB graphics card with nvidia GTX 460 chipset.

Special thanks to Rynnan, who helped me to find my way through quicksand north-north-east bridges and smoke signal prone power supplies. Thank you Rynnan!
I am really still surprised what huge difference it is to do development without waiting forever for the compiler to finish. So already a lot thank you is written in code on the new machine, most work on Kokua is done with it. And a lot of bugfixes for the Imprudence 1.4.0 beta release, to which I am looking  very much forward  for.

Thank you :)


Status Update (May 27)

Greetings, Kokua/Imprudence fans! It’s time for another status update.

Lately, we have been hard at work finishing up Imprudence 1.4.0 beta 1. It has been a loooong time coming, but we think it will be worth the wait! Our current goal is to release the beta next week, perhaps on Thursday or Friday. But, as with any release, that depends on our personal schedules and how much time we can work on Imprudence between now and then.

One bit of exciting news is that I have been able to focus and make good progress on the Mac media system in the past few days. It’s not fully working yet, but it’s close. With a bit of luck and some favorable winds, I will be able to get audio streams on Mac working in time for the beta next week!

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Imprudence 1.3.2 Released

Imprudence 1.3.2 is now available. This is a maintenance release to addresses several issues in the 1.3-series Imprudence viewer, including an exploit that could allow griefers to crash the viewer with a specially-constructed ogg-vorbis file. If you are using Imprudence 1.3, you should definitely update to 1.3.2! If you are using Imprudence Experimental 1.4, you should consider using 1.3.2 until we release Imprudence 1.4 beta 1 (expected later this week or next week).

Changes in this verison

  • Updated the ogg-vorbis libraries to address an exploit that allowed attackers to crash the viewer. libogg is now version 1.2.2; libvorbis is now version 1.3.2.
  • Fixed VWR-25479: Avatar physics causing broken shapes on other viewers. Thanks for the patch, Seraph Linden!
  • Fixed the Vivox Acceptable Use Policy window appearing under the wrong conditions.
  • Fixed voice chat always being disabled at startup, even if you had enabled it in your Preferences in the previous session.
  • Fixed a startup error related to “” on certain Linux distros. (IMP-790)
  • Fixed the viewer encountering an error: “Vertex buffer destroyed while mapped!”
  • Tweaked the compile system so the viewer can link using “gold”.


Kokua 0.1.0 WIP test build available

Kokua 0.1.0 WIP (“Work In Progress”) test build is now available for testing purposes. We request that you read this post carefully before downloading or using this test build.

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