Final Experimental Release for 1.4.0: 2011.04.19

I think hands down, you’ll agree this is the best Experimental release we’ve made yet. I’m really thankful to everyone who’s participated in our Experimental process. You’ve provided us with a great amount of useful feedback, and our ability to get these viewers out to you sooner rather than later means 1.4.0 will have the highest mix of features and fixes out of any version of Imprudence to date! And a special thanks goes out to everyone who’s contributed great patches to bring us here :)


New Features:

  • Full sim radar. That’s right, not just the radar in the mini-map. Changes to the mini-map are forthcoming, but in the meantime you can access the new radar window from the Advanced menu > Full Radar
  • Login and passwords now saved for each grid. No more having to re-enter your first/last/username and password when you login to a different grid! Usernames are also now stored in the grid manager (grids that want to support usernames can enable their entry by adding  the boolean “username_compat” to their grid info).
  • Inspect now shows last owner as well as script and object count (depending upon server performance, this can tricky).
  • Imprudence now supports SOCKS 5 proxies.
  • Set your Imprudence tag color. You can change your tag color in Preferences > Advanced. (Only affects what you see on your computer, not what other people see.)
  • New preferences for color and behavior of particle clouds in Preferences > Advanced > Eye Candy.
  • Debug Settings are now searchable.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issues with camera and selection in the previous experimental. For those who’re curious, it was an attempt to make the selection process more consistent in the UI, but the change did more harm than good.
  • Fixed search not remembering results when closed. A “save results” checkbox was added to this window. Checking it will keep the search window always open but hidden (note: this will consume more resources in the viewer).
  • Fixed large sculpt rendering (let us know if you have any texture problems with this release especially! Changes were made there).
  • Fixed account history/management menu items still showing up on non-Second Life grids.
  • Fixed numerous crashes (including two fixes for known crashers, a teleport crash fix for InWorldz, and a fix for Aurora Sim).
  • Fixed upload cost being reported as $-1 on some grids.
  • Fixed URLs not being clickable in numerous windows across the UI, such as profiles and groups.
  • Fixed Windows version identification.
  • Fixed Vivox license appearing when you login to a non-Second Life grid and a potential fix for not being able to accept the license.
  • Fixed quicktime not being used for m4v files on Windows.

Known Issues (introduced with this release):

  • Right clicking the chatbar doesn’t bring up the translation submenu (workaround: use the chatbar in Local Chat).
  • Menu borders and colors might be off depending upon the menu.
  • Some preferences windows need to have their layouts adjusted.

As always, please post any issues you have on the issue tracker! We really do need you all to speak up there if you have an issue, particularly as we prepare for the beta.

Why the issue tracker?

One of our users recently posted about this over on the InWorldz forums.

37 Responses to “Final Experimental Release for 1.4.0: 2011.04.19”

  1. soror nishi

    Brilliant, thanks for all your hard work, you are the best viewer around by a long chalk.

  2. Jamey

    Someone forgot to mention the new crash-log tarballing, all ready for e-mailing to the appropriate maintainer! At least, the Linux version has it – I don’t know if the other versions do.

  3. Sylvio Runo

    Amazing Stable ;)
    Certainly the best viewer of the moment!

    PS.: I still waiting the volume working with flash plugin.

  4. Nikala Thespian

    Still no multi-attachment per point support?
    Seriously… this is the on TPV without this now.

    Yes I know it messes up on other grids, but why not implement both solutions and have a “legacy attachment points” option?

    The only thing that keeps me on Imp, is my lack of trust for other TPV devs. Please please, multi-attach support! It’s annoying not seeing other people’s shoes!

  5. Fujin Blackheart

    As much as i would love to praise this version, but the lack off LLs multiple attachments is kinda a showstopper for me, so i have to agree with Nikala…

  6. makomk

    Nikala: even falling back to legacy attachments is harder than it looks, and there are problems on other grids if RLV is enabled. I’m guessing no-one has got around to looking at this; I’ve been distracted by other stuff.

  7. McCabe Maxsted

    @Nikala: multi-attachment support will be in the next version.

  8. Marcus Antonelli

    Thank you for including the radar from CoolViewer. That was one of the last blocks to my switching viewers. Now if you could just implement the old version of IMs in a separate window from main chat…


  9. billyjo

    i’m on a mac, i thought this version was suppose to have music streams, did i read the last post wrong or not understand it fully? am i the only mac with no music?

  10. antonio

    i would like to know why the updated version will not play media i have the one for windows???

  11. joycee

    I’m on a Mac as well billyjo and no.. you’re not the onlyone… if I want music I have to go back to the latest stable version out there..

  12. Bruce Patton

    billyjo: I’m on iMac with OS X 10.6.7 and audio streaming is not working for me either (tested with opensimulator r/15250 of 20-Apr-11).

  13. matthew o connor

    This is amazing work keep up the advances. As all the creators and builders on the OS grid are making advances into bringing virtual worlds into the future, With out your work our work would be pointless. Well done From matthew o connor building the first photo realistic sim

  14. Crim Mip

    Not bad at all. I do wish the radar included account age as that’s actually more important to me than location coordinates.

    I’ll also add my vote for implementing the new attachment point system. It’s nice not to have to worry about a new piece of clothing removing one’s jaw or whatever.

    Imprudence is still my viewer of choice under Linux mainly due to it being the only one that works with my Space Navigator.

    I’m looking forward to trying out Kokua when it becomes available to test out. I trust that like the Phoenix team, you will also be able to come up with a better UI than LL seems capable of.

  15. Justin Smith

    The Media Helper widget still doesn’t work for me :( . Enabling it has no effect. I’m running 64-bit Ubuntu Linux (the current release). Otherwise, this release is fantastic! I thank all the people who made this possible!

  16. Justin Hale

    Love the new experimental. The only issue I have, and I am not sure if it is just me, but when I right click text anywhere to copy, using “copy” function from the menu(ie: notecards, chats, IMs)it automatically selects the whole lot of text instead of what I wish to copy. Instead, I have to ctrl+C. I mean I don’t mind, but it is an issue.

  17. jamie cheeky

    @ Justin Hale yup same thing for me too, have almost delete some important stream notecards because of this bug – not a big show stopper but getting annoying fast – other than that im very happy although ***please please please dont remove the cam to feature in the radar as I use to that keep an eye on the shop and a certain issue we keep having there*** and fantastic that finally my music volume will toggle! in all a great job just that small bug. great job all!

  18. Dani Knelstrom

    Hihi, sorry to post this here but… your issue tracker is too much work (really I need to create a account just to tell you I find a bug?)

    But I am using the new Experimental (Mac version), and everytime I try to upload a .PNG image file, BOOM! Instantly crash. :(

    That is all :) Except for this, LOVE the new version!


    Dani K

  19. Is Salas

    On the Mac/music stream issue, might want to check with the Singularity development team. I have better luck with their streaming than with Phoenix. Dying to get back into Imprudence, but I manage a club and have to have music.

  20. Chic Aeon

    Reporting almost no issues and NO crashes (knocks on wood) as the previous release caused.

    The only thing I have noticed that seems amiss is that Search (whether you save results of not) has been keeping the DESCRIPTION between viewing of notices. So the name of the notice changes and the landmark, but the descriptive text sticks at the first description. This STAYS even if you switch categories. Closing search gets you back. This was OK though a couple of days ago and I don’t believe I have made any changes that would affect it — at least not on purpose so it MAY be a database issue and not a viewer one.

    Anyway lots of kudos.

  21. Sidney

    Seems very stable to me with no crashes but one thing I found that isn’t working for me is when I open my own Real Life profile the text shows as blank. If I write something in there, it shows for others but is always blank when I open it for myself. Going blank if I ‘ok’ while it’s open
    Not a bit deal but kind of annoying

  22. Zeev

    Just one little thing, I crash continuously with the Experimental version, when: always trying to open the “Cam to”, into Alt + A items. search area menu. It was checked using as SO’s – Linux Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.4 versions and Windows 7 Pro.
    By the rest,congratulations to you because it’s the best for me, in Linux same as Win.

  23. Dani Knelstrom

    Hi again, just adding to my first comment about this Experimental.

    Can other Mac users test this please? I crash on *every* upload image action. All file types. Everytime.

    Upload >> Upload Image >> Choose a File >> CRASH!

    Curious if this happens for other Mac users. :/

  24. Chic Aeon

    Updating on the apparent SEARCH issue not working (description always sticks to the first entry and only shows correct title and teleport info. In frustration I opened an old copy of Imprudence I had on this computer –1.4.0 Experimental 2010.10.09 (Oct 9 2010 00:54:24)– and search works fine. So it is a problem with the viewer and not the database. Fixing good *wink*. Most everything else working swimmingly.

    I do still have issues with tiny prims not showing up until I “edit” them, then they are fine for awhile. Yes did the rendervolumelodfactor. That isn’t it. This has happened with some previous versions for me on another computer and with a very different graphics card so not sure what the issue actually is.


  25. PP

    I’m crashing right after I log in on this viewer:/

  26. Chic Aeon

    I found another problem in the interface. People’s profile info (avatar on the first tab) repeats. I checked a lot of folks and each one had the text in there twice.

    Spell check is very odd now but it does seem to work even though it highlights the complete block of text rather than the word you are trying to fix. It underlines in red as it always did, just the word changing is a bit bizarre.

  27. Walter Balazic

    So far the only 2 issues that have been really big for us (I say us because I have about 25 people testing this on our sims) is the copy issue listed above, and… we cannot change from midday to any other time. It is always daytime no matter what we do. It doesn’t effect all of us, only about 1/2 of us, but we all have the same issue with this version.

  28. Walter Balazic

    Oh… we also have a problem with the volume sliders. It seems that ambient sounds are part of the interface slider. If the interface volume is down, you don’t hear any ambient noises (doors closing, etc..).

  29. xstorm Radek

    Please make this just for open sim users it will be far better and can do more if it was made just for opensim users

  30. Kaliope Karas

    if you do nothing else, open your lag meter in your old viewer and open your lag meter after installing Imprudence! wow… no more red lights, or rarely if any!

    I do want the multiple attachments, so will be looking out for the next release!

  31. Talia Mirajkar

    By far the most stable viewer on the grid right now for my Mac. THANKYOU!

  32. Gerdine Zee

    Thank you for this incerdible viewer. Many thanks.

  33. Sarge Misfit

    I’m running this on an Aurora-Sim stand-alone and the only problem is not being able to change the time of day. A bit annoying as its stuck on sunrise, makes texturing a bit tricky.

  34. Wayfinder

    First: thanks for all your hard work. We know this is a huge task, and no one’s getting paid. Hopefully that will change as the new grids become more profitable and need more devs. Until then… we really appreciate all you do.

    Glad to hear about the changes, but like some, I’m concerned that many of these are cosmetic, when far more pressing issues exist.

    The multi-attachment point of course is an issue, so glad to hear that’s coming out next release.

    But the one that really is a showstopper for me… is constant crashing. Imprudence crashes on me more than any other viewer I use. My friends report similar experience. All viewers crash, but Imp seems to make a habit of it.

    Part of this is due to that ancient SL memory leak bug. Seriously, one can call up Windows Task Manager and just watch the memory use climb… constantly. My wild guess would be: the texture reload issue is reloading textures that have already loaded, losing track of the textures already in memory, so just keeps on increasing memory use. But that’s just a wild guess. I think more than that is involved, because the memory keeps climbing even if one is standing in the same area and textures have already loaded.

    In my book, this is the #1 issue affecting not only Imp but ALL viewers. That memory leak has been around for years. LL hasn’t fixed it, the OpenSim project hasn’t fixed it, TPV creators haven’t fixed it. So my friendly advice: focus on the foundation. Doesn’t do any good to paint the walls when there are huge holes in the roof. :)

    Imp would work just fine for me if not for the constant crashing. Sometimes I crash 4-5 times a day. That’s showstopper level for me… the one that causes me to switch back to good ol stable Hippo 6.3. Even though it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles I want… usually it only crashes once a day.

  35. reese shawbridge

    All good viewier it fixed me sculp map loading issue music works just one slight tech hitch with exp model tv media on the icarus 2000 fails to play anything at all. menu works fine but not the visual side and am using the last graphics card and latest quicktime with the fastest net on the market. gonan go back to version 1.3 normal until ya figure out this bug what i see is

    Warning get headers()(function.get.headers) Filename cannot empty ETC.

    ty reese

  36. gokul


    does it support mesh ?

  37. Indigo

    This is the only viewer so far that runs well on my crap laptop. Kudos to you and thanks so much.