Imprudence Experimental Release: 2011.04.02

Greetings, Imprudentistas!

It’s time for a new Imprudence Experimental release, and this one contains a good number of bugfixes (like the distorted world map) and a few interesting new features. We really hope you enjoy it! Of course, we would love your comments and feedbacks, and please report bugs using our issue tracker.


New Features/Improvements:

  • Added media interaction similar to Viewer 2’s Media On A Prim (MOAP), but still using parcel media only (not per-prim media like true MOAP has). Go to Preferences > Audio & Video, and enable “Media helper widget”. Then if you click on a prim displaying a video or web page, you will zoom in and see some new media controls. Also, web pages are interactive while zoomed in that way; you can click on links, scroll around, etc.
  • Several improvements to the Media Filter system (IMP-829, IMP-832). Many thanks to Thickbrick Sleaford for these.
    • Added a “Media Filter” button in Preferences > Audio & Video to open the Media Filter window (same as using the Edit > Media Filter menu item).
    • Added a checkbox in Edit > Media Filter (and Preferences > Audio & Video) to toggle the Media Filter system entirely.
    • Added a checkbox in Edit > Media Filter to filter only streams initiated by a scripted object, as opposed to the user choosing to play the parcel URL. This is enabled by default, to reduce the number of annoying popups.
    • Updated to Henri Beauchamp’s v4 patch, with some fixes by Thickbrick.
    • Media Filter now better handles sim hosts that have no DNS name.
  • Stream URLs can no longer be hidden in the About Land window (IMP-838). Linden Lab is doing likewise in the official SL viewer. The URL “protection” has always been trivial to circumvent for people who know about it, but can present a security risk for less advanced users.
  • Added video/x-m4v to mime_types_*.xml; this should allow m4v videos to be played (IMP-810).
  • Several improvements to the network proxy settings:
    • Added separate configuration for an XMLRPC proxy (in Preferences > Network). XMLRPC is used for login, and land and money purchases. Before, XMLRPC calls used the Web Proxy; they can now be configured separately.
    • Web Proxy is now used for the login screen and parcel media. Before, it was only used for the built-in browser.
    • Added a “Clear Cookies” button in Preferences > Web.
  • New “single name box” login for Second Life. You can type in your full avatar name in a single box instead of two. That should allow users that have new style usernames to login without having to type “Resident” in the old style Last Name box. Other grids still use separate First and Last name boxes.
  • Improved tab key navigation order on the login screen.
  • Moved ‘Reset all preferences to default’ button to a more logical place: in the main preferences window
  • Updated gpu_table.txt (borrowed from Phoenix). This should fix issues with some new graphics card models not being recognized.
  • UI skinning: Comboboxes can now use the font=”…” attribute.
  • UI skinning: Added a new default font size FontSansSerifBigger and renamed “FontSansSerifBig” to “FontSansSerifLarge”.
  • Cleaned up the unloaded avatar cloud particle system LLSD de/serialization.


  • Fixed the world map being distorted on non-Aurora grids (IMP-811).
  • Fixed Window Creation Error after changing antialiasing settings on Linux (IMP-824)
  • Fixed the viewer reporting crashes to the wrong grid if you crashed after switching grids.
  • Fixed the viewer trying to fetch grid list from an empty URL when the GridUpdateList debug setting was empty.
  • Fixed the “top pick” icon containing the SL logo (IMP-786). This was a minor TPVP violation.

That’s all for this week folks! Looking forward on your comments and bug reports and we hope you will enjoy this release.

Codie for the Imprudence Team

18 Responses to “Imprudence Experimental Release: 2011.04.02”

  1. Tazy

    haha, keep going and this viewer will turn into a V2, V1 hybrid :3

  2. Stryker Jenkins

    Wow… thats a long list of improvements… now to test them all.

    Thanks folks.

  3. Tali

    The one V1/V2 hybrid feature I’d really love to see is multiple attachments.
    Speaking of V2, are there any news about the Kokua version? I am quite curious about which direction you’re taking with it.

  4. armin

    @Tali I hope we have a first Kokua test release (early) this month, with test as in we need lots of constructive feedback to get the user interface in a way it deserves its name. Even though it will – metaphorically speaking – have several wires sticking out (and even a few charged) I’m very much looking forward for it :)

  5. Han Held

    The problem with multiple attachments is that opensim grids can’t handle them; you cannot even log in to osgrid with Phoenix without everything in your inventory sticking onto your avatar like iron shavings on a magnet.

    I use Imprudence on osgrid and other grids because it works with them [Phoenix doesn’t], I hope that the Imprudence team bears people like me in mind as they add features to Imprudence and Kokua.

  6. Zauber Paracelsus

    @Han Held Don’t worry about that. Opensim-based grids are Imprudence/Kokua’s primary targets!

  7. Sylvio Runo

    Congratulations ;)

    The media widget works very fine but …

    This widget will break many TV systems that uses the screen to detect the touch and change the URL. This is not my case since i use a invisible prim to protect the Tv screen, and i know the user can turn off it.

    I hope that you can add the support to allow people to change the audio volume setting of the media (even it is a webpage), like SL v2 does, soon as possible.

    I’ll wait for you to add this functionality to inform my customers (over 100.000 Tv owners) that our choice (the NHC choice) for watching videos in-World is the Imprudence Viewer.

    Best Regards;
    Sylvio Runo
    NHC Media Center

  8. Is Salas

    So guys….when can we expect a release that supports music streaming on Mac?…pleeeeeease

  9. Fabrixx Beck

    Thank fort this upgrade, i want to try media widget

  10. Marie Ravencrow

    Hmmm, great, but –

    I seem to have a larger amount of “sudden” crashes.

    Using this viewer on Inworldz. Crashed to desktop on TP, and also when picking textures to upload (I was in the file pick screen so it wasn’t the upload).

    I don’t get this on Experimental 10-23.

    I also have a wish – can we add save textures as PNG *or* TGA? I had to switch to Phoenix to download some skin textures that had to be PNG. Thanks.


  11. Bavid Dailey

    I have noticed that the lo minimap sometimes shows two locations for a friend (yellow dot). I asked my friend if she was exercising her femiinne ability to multitask and she said no. So I guess its a bug. Seems to be grid and sim independent and intermittent. Not obviosuly lag related either.

    P.S. Count me as very interested in MAc streaming audio also!

  12. Jake

    I’s probably just me but for some reason I get really good performance with shadows in this viewer. Better fps than any type of viewer I use. Is anything done differently that you know of.

  13. Justin Smith

    I’m running 64-bit Linux and the media widget doesn’t show up when enabled :( . I’d love to have this feature because I want to use OpenSim/Imprudence for educational purposes (i.e., giving live lectures with the media set to Dabbleboard. Oh well…

    If I could compile Imprudence on my system, I’d try to fix it myself.

  14. Tali

    @Dailey: Yes, the minimap/radar/chat range announcements seem to be a little flaky, sometimes not showing people, and sometimes announcing them entering chat range several minutes after they stepped up and said something.

  15. XiaXue

    here’s a BIG question these days: which version of v2 will kokua will based on initially? i’m sure you saw the 2.6.3 that came out today has avatar physics built in, and i can say from experience that LL’s iteration of it kicks the butt of anything TPVs had put out yet. not only kicks it’s butt, jiggles it as well :P

  16. Chic Aeon

    Aside from some things not “sticking” well (sort in inventory and getting the AO to work despite lots of reloads), it all seems good. Shadows do seem better than before but still very (VERY ) dependent on the server code that is running. I am guessing this was the case before and I just didn’t notice. Still alpha issues with just SOME alpha textures. Thing I have made seem fine (new) and others not so much with nasty white lines here and there.

    Still have solid black png file if I try to take a full resolution picture with shadows. New computer and new graphics card so this doesn’t seem to be a Nvidia – ATI issue.

    Very happy to have the new release though. I thought I was downloading the Viewer 2 version but this was a nice surprise.

    Frame rate is MUCH MUCH slower than the Kirsten view (less than half in tests of same sim same preferences) but since that isn’t a biggie for me, it all works.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  17. Chic Aeon

    Deleting windlight skies from within the viewer doesn’t really delete them. They come back the next time you log in. So that is fairly worthless – LOL. You can obviously delete within the explorer.

    No other issues but I have crashed suddenly a few times which is unusual.

  18. Rattis Neutron

    Im loving the experimental version. im using the windows copy and the only bugs ive found is the land music stream drops from time to time. a few retoggles and it works again. Also each time i log in game i have to manually reconnect my voice. It doesnt auto enable voice if you have a microphone plugged in.