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Final Experimental Release for 1.4.0: 2011.04.19

I think hands down, you’ll agree this is the best Experimental release we’ve made yet. I’m really thankful to everyone who’s participated in our Experimental process. You’ve provided us with a great amount of useful feedback, and our ability to get these viewers out to you sooner rather than later means 1.4.0 will have the highest mix of features and fixes out of any version of Imprudence to date! And a special thanks goes out to everyone who’s contributed great patches to bring us here :)


New Features:

  • Full sim radar. That’s right, not just the radar in the mini-map. Changes to the mini-map are forthcoming, but in the meantime you can access the new radar window from the Advanced menu > Full Radar
  • Login and passwords now saved for each grid. No more having to re-enter your first/last/username and password when you login to a different grid! Usernames are also now stored in the grid manager (grids that want to support usernames can enable their entry by adding ┬áthe boolean “username_compat” to their grid info).
  • Inspect now shows last owner as well as script and object count (depending upon server performance, this can tricky).
  • Imprudence now supports SOCKS 5 proxies.
  • Set your Imprudence tag color. You can change your tag color in Preferences > Advanced. (Only affects what you see on your computer, not what other people see.)
  • New preferences for color and behavior of particle clouds in Preferences > Advanced > Eye Candy.
  • Debug Settings are now searchable.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issues with camera and selection in the previous experimental. For those who’re curious, it was an attempt to make the selection process more consistent in the UI, but the change did more harm than good.
  • Fixed search not remembering results when closed. A “save results” checkbox was added to this window. Checking it will keep the search window always open but hidden (note: this will consume more resources in the viewer).
  • Fixed large sculpt rendering (let us know if you have any texture problems with this release especially! Changes were made there).
  • Fixed account history/management menu items still showing up on non-Second Life grids.
  • Fixed numerous crashes (including two fixes for known crashers, a teleport crash fix for InWorldz, and a fix for Aurora Sim).
  • Fixed upload cost being reported as $-1 on some grids.
  • Fixed URLs not being clickable in numerous windows across the UI, such as profiles and groups.
  • Fixed Windows version identification.
  • Fixed Vivox license appearing when you login to a non-Second Life grid and a potential fix for not being able to accept the license.
  • Fixed quicktime not being used for m4v files on Windows.

Known Issues (introduced with this release):

  • Right clicking the chatbar doesn’t bring up the translation submenu (workaround: use the chatbar in Local Chat).
  • Menu borders and colors might be off depending upon the menu.
  • Some preferences windows need to have their layouts adjusted.

As always, please post any issues you have on the issue tracker! We really do need you all to speak up there if you have an issue, particularly as we prepare for the beta.

Why the issue tracker?

One of our users recently posted about this over on the InWorldz forums.

Status Update (April 18)

Greetings, Kokua/Imprudence fans! Things have been a bit quiet on the blog, but we’ve been busy behind the scenes. I’d like to take a minute to give you all an update about what we’ve been working on.

Forum Restructuring

For the past several weeks, I’ve been working on defining, clarifying, and streamlining the Kokua/Imprudence Project’s “communication policy”, i.e. the way we use various communication channels like the blog, issue tracker, mailing lists, and forums. My goals have been to reduce the redundancy/overlap of communication channels, define guidelines for which channels shou be used for which purpose, and to publicly document this policy. Most of my work has been writing and organizing wiki pages, for example the Communication Channels, Reporting a bug, Proposing a feature, and Support pages.

My focus now is on restructuring the forums and tweaking their purpose so they don’t overlap as much with other communication channels. Before we do that, we would like to get more feedback from people who use the forums regularly. Please check out the “Forum Restructuring” topic in the forums to read more about the proposed restructuring and let us know what you think.

Imprudence 1.4 Beta

McCabe has been on an Imprudence coding frenzy lately, hammering out tons of bug fixes and UI tweaks, and applying patches from other viewers. There are too many to list them all right now, but Imprudence will finally have a more detailed radar in its own window (to complement the one in the minimap), and the grid manager can store a login name and/or password for each grid (alas, it’s not the best possible solution, but it’s better than no solution at all).

We’re aiming to release one more Imprudence 1.4 Experimental, probably within the next few days. After that, Imprudence 1.4 will (at long last!) enter beta development, bringing it one step closer to final release. I’m anticipating about 2 beta versions, then 1 or 2 release candidates, then the final release. Barring any major unexpected problems, Imprudence 1.4 should be complete before the end of May. Then, we can finally focus fully on Kokua!

But, while I’m on the topic of Imprudence 1.4: I know Mac users have been wondering about the lack of audio stream support. That issue has lingered much longer than it should have, so you guys deserve an explanation of what’s going on.

It isn’t really a technical issue, but rather a mental/motivational block. Currently, I’m the only one on the team who can work on Mac stuff. (Elektra, who has handled Mac development in the past, is still officially on the team, but she has been busy with RL work for so long that she is, for practical purposes, retired from Imprudence.) But, McCabe and I have had so much trouble and frustration with the media system in the past, that my mind associates it with strong negative emotions. It takes a real effort for me to focus my mind on the media system, and there have been many other tasks for me to deal with lately, so I have subconsciously neglected/avoided addressing Mac audio stream support.

So, that’s why it has taken so long. But, you can rest assured that — one way or another — Imprudence 1.4 will have working Mac audio stream support before we reach the release candidate stage.

Kokua Test Builds

Meanwhile, Armin has been leading the Kokua development effort, so that we can soon begin to release test builds. The purpose of these builds will be to start getting bug reports and preliminary feedback from the community. The Kokua development process will involve a lot of iteration and experimentation: make a change, get feeback from the community, repeat. Some of the experiments will be flops, but those can be improved or reverted. Over time, the viewer will evolve and change, with your feedback as a selective pressure.

We’re hoping to release the first test build within the next week or two. At this point, Kokua still looks and feels quite a bit like the Second Life Viewer 2.4

Here’s a little teaser Armin posted recently, showing some of his recent experiments with the UI (click for a larger view):

Kokua preview screenshot

A few things to note are the re-integrated camera controls (the window in the top left); the Inventory button, which toggles a non-Sidebar inventory window; and the Sidebar button, which toggles a small window with buttons to navigate the sidebar). And, of course, be sure to note the purple UI. :improck:

So, that’s the status! Watch for a new Imprudence 1.4 Experimental very soon, and a Kokua test build shortly after that. And don’t forget to give us your thoughts about the forum restructuring!

Imprudence Experimental Release: 2011.04.02

Greetings, Imprudentistas!

It’s time for a new Imprudence Experimental release, and this one contains a good number of bugfixes (like the distorted world map) and a few interesting new features. We really hope you enjoy it! Of course, we would love your comments and feedbacks, and please report bugs using our issue tracker.


New Features/Improvements:

  • Added media interaction similar to Viewer 2’s Media On A Prim (MOAP), but still using parcel media only (not per-prim media like true MOAP has). Go to Preferences > Audio & Video, and enable “Media helper widget”. Then if you click on a prim displaying a video or web page, you will zoom in and see some new media controls. Also, web pages are interactive while zoomed in that way; you can click on links, scroll around, etc.
  • Several improvements to the Media Filter system (IMP-829, IMP-832). Many thanks to Thickbrick Sleaford for these.
    • Added a “Media Filter” button in Preferences > Audio & Video to open the Media Filter window (same as using the Edit > Media Filter menu item).
    • Added a checkbox in Edit > Media Filter (and Preferences > Audio & Video) to toggle the Media Filter system entirely.
    • Added a checkbox in Edit > Media Filter to filter only streams initiated by a scripted object, as opposed to the user choosing to play the parcel URL. This is enabled by default, to reduce the number of annoying popups.
    • Updated to Henri Beauchamp’s v4 patch, with some fixes by Thickbrick.
    • Media Filter now better handles sim hosts that have no DNS name.
  • Stream URLs can no longer be hidden in the About Land window (IMP-838). Linden Lab is doing likewise in the official SL viewer. The URL “protection” has always been trivial to circumvent for people who know about it, but can present a security risk for less advanced users.
  • Added video/x-m4v to mime_types_*.xml; this should allow m4v videos to be played (IMP-810).
  • Several improvements to the network proxy settings:
    • Added separate configuration for an XMLRPC proxy (in Preferences > Network). XMLRPC is used for login, and land and money purchases. Before, XMLRPC calls used the Web Proxy; they can now be configured separately.
    • Web Proxy is now used for the login screen and parcel media. Before, it was only used for the built-in browser.
    • Added a “Clear Cookies” button in Preferences > Web.
  • New “single name box” login for Second Life. You can type in your full avatar name in a single box instead of two. That should allow users that have new style usernames to login without having to type “Resident” in the old style Last Name box. Other grids still use separate First and Last name boxes.
  • Improved tab key navigation order on the login screen.
  • Moved ‘Reset all preferences to default’ button to a more logical place: in the main preferences window
  • Updated gpu_table.txt (borrowed from Phoenix). This should fix issues with some new graphics card models not being recognized.
  • UI skinning: Comboboxes can now use the font=”…” attribute.
  • UI skinning: Added a new default font size FontSansSerifBigger and renamed “FontSansSerifBig” to “FontSansSerifLarge”.
  • Cleaned up the unloaded avatar cloud particle system LLSD de/serialization.


  • Fixed the world map being distorted on non-Aurora grids (IMP-811).
  • Fixed Window Creation Error after changing antialiasing settings on Linux (IMP-824)
  • Fixed the viewer reporting crashes to the wrong grid if you crashed after switching grids.
  • Fixed the viewer trying to fetch grid list from an empty URL when the GridUpdateList debug setting was empty.
  • Fixed the “top pick” icon containing the SL logo (IMP-786). This was a minor TPVP violation.

That’s all for this week folks! Looking forward on your comments and bug reports and we hope you will enjoy this release.

Codie for the Imprudence Team