Imprudence Experimental Release: 2011.03.20

We are now getting back on our regular release schedule, so we are very pleased to bring you this new Imprudence Experimental build. It contains a few new features and several important bug fixes. The biggest feature is probably Media Filters, that we thought was important to add quickly. Imprudence is very committed to our user’s privacy, and since it was a very popular request, we decided to import those patches. This build also contains lots of fixes for voice and media, mostly.

We are working hard on squishing the remaining little bugs especially with the new media system (which is working quite amazingly well despite the little glitches), so as usual, we look forward to see your bug reports in our bug tracker.


(*) The Linux64 build environment changed with the new version of Debian. so far Imprudence 64bit was built on Debian Lenny (now “oldstable”), and with Debian Squeeze now being stable, we moved to Ubuntu long term support (Lucid Lynx). You will now need libc 2.11.1(or newer)  and pulseaudio 0.9.21 (or newer).

New Features:

  • Henri Beauchamps version of Sione Lomus media filter patch: “MediaFilter_v3: based on code by Sione Lomu with a couple of bugfixes by Tonya Souther, this improved patch brings media and streaming audio URLs filtering (to prevent IP ripping by so-called security systems which violate the SL TOS by catching your IP and associating your various avatars with it, thus violating your anonimity). Beside empowering your viewer with allow/deny/blacklist/whitelist functions per domain, this improved patch makes the difference between external servers (domains names filtering) and in-world servers (scripted objects with built-in HTTP servers). I also fixed various bugs, security holes and shortcomings, refactored the code and improved it, and added a whitelist/blacklist erasing function.” – from
  • Aurora Sim: Variable region size (allows sim sizes different than 256 x 256)
  • Added “MediaFilter” debug to be able to inspect the full URL and media texture UUID
  • Added “Copy text” button to Help > About Imprudence and tabbed the info. Ported from Singularity, patch by Siana Gearz.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: voice doesn’t always kick in
  • Fixed: voice always on, even if told not to be
  • Added log info for when GStreamer fails to load because the plugin wasn’t compiled correctly
  • Use a buffer for debug console output (improves speed on Windows when console is enabled). Ported from Singularity, patch by Shyotl
  • Don’t use the build window keyboard shortcuts when the UI has focus (except for the chatbar)
  • Fixed missing use_prebuilt_binary(gstreamer-plugins) from GStreamer010Plugin.cmake and fixed some out-of-date lib requirements for Windows
  • Fixed Bug #799 german language version of  floater_pay_object.xml broken
  • Fixed currency in the german language status bar button missing
  • Only use VBO if available
  • Added a null check for corrupt volume lists
  • Fixed:  setting the viewer offset time from OpenRegionSettings, and also have it show what UTC offset it is representing in the time bar.
  • Fixed bad line endings (CRLF) in many files.
  • Package both and (symlink) on Linux32. (IMP-790)

Again, thank you all for your support and patience, and looking forward to work on the next release!

Codie for the Imprudence team

19 Responses to “Imprudence Experimental Release: 2011.03.20”

  1. Rhonda Pennell

    yay:) Very happy to see another new release, it seems as though the team is back in business with fresh energy:)
    I do hope that smaller but annoying bugs such as the disappearing inventory count or the lack of seconds in time stamps will soon be fixed as well, but my biggest wish at the moment is inventory links. Henri did an excellent job implementing them in his Cool VL viewer, will we eventually see this feature in Imprudence as well?
    Congratulations on your great work, I cannot wait to install this release:)

  2. jamie

    audio stream working can now toggle sounds up and down as before it was permantly on, a very happy bunny here. Loving the new features I have seen so far..thank you so much for a speedy new release on an update :)

  3. soror nishi

    Glad to see increased security from MediaFilter…. thx, love this viewer.

  4. coldFuSion

    Definitely happy with this release.
    With redzone being such a visible and heated issue lately, the media filter is exactly what the doctor ordered.

    When I noticed the media filter patch had been added into ArminW’s branch of IMP I immediately began testing on it. Works quite well and by releasing it right away it will show people that IMP is still very actively developing.

    Fortunately in my testing I identified the “voice always on, even if told not to be” bug which ArminW fixed just a few hours before this release.

    Thank you IMP dev team. /highfives all around

  5. Nikala Thespian

    YAY Updates! Who cares if it works properly (it’s experimental)… it’s new! NEW NEEEEEEEEEEEEEWW!

  6. soror nishi

    This viewer works well InWorldz, as did 1.3.. excellent…thx again.

  7. LaeMing

    Created a 2048×2048 region in Aurora. :-D The terrain seems to map fine over this area, but the ocean doesn’t render over 1152×1152.

    See screenshot at:

  8. Walter Balazic

    The 3/20 release has an issue with Map. It displays the regions improperly. The prior release (3/11?)seemed to work fine.

  9. Christa Pizzicato

    Seems I’m still unable to change the volume. D:

  10. Lia Saraswati

    I’m very happy Imprudence has a media filter now. No more need for the inconvenient “paranoid” configuration!

  11. LaeMing

    Oooh nice!

    Playing with Aurora – when I changed the water level in my estate, the void ocean level followed it. No water-level mis-matches with a 0m sea level.

    Another wish-list item to cross off. Yay! :-D

  12. Kira Tiponi

    Happy to see a more regualr release schedule again :-

    But the 20-03 experimental is somewhat flawed on my Windows XP (both in SL and 3rg). Audio works fine, apart from that irritating audio perms menu, but the volume controls go offline after a stream change (either by the artist or thru region hop).

    Also the Map window is a mess, the pictures don’t show right at all. Hope you guys will have a look at those issues before putting up a full release again :-)

  13. Marie Ravencrow

    This is great, only had a couple of problems –

    1. Crashing on TP

    2. New items in inventory were refusing to show up in Recent unless I did a filter reset – even if I hadn’t used the filters.

    Other than that, great job! I’ll try the next one.


  14. omarly

    great job!
    at last full use of hw on my dell xps m1530 w 64bit ubuntu

  15. Solo Mornington

    On the Mac: The map tiles show up as one single greenish color that looks like an average of all the colors on that tile. Also no stream. :-) Also can’t build on Xcode 4.

  16. Sissi

    search results are not kept

    When I do a search and close the browser and open it again and are not results, is blank and I have to do the search again

  17. Sissi

    My OS is Linux 32 bits

  18. LochdNLoaded

    OK… so far, love the newest version, BUT… I can’t hear music streams from dj’s in the clubs. I have whitelisted them, have tried allowing them, but no dice. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate with a Radeon HD 5770 graphics card and Logitech G930 wireless surround sound headset. I can hear everything else in the club except for the DJ stream. Please fix this ASAP. The issues aren’t just with Mac. I am reverting back to the version released in October.

  19. Baloo Uriza

    Going from reliable, tested and stable Debian to flavor of the week Ubuntu, when the Lindens use Debian and if it’ll run in Debian, it’ll run anywhere? Did you guys go retarded on us while I wasn’t looking?