Imprudence Experimental Release: 2011.03.11

Oh how excited are we to bring you this highly anticipated Imprudence Experimental release. This build includes a few new features, a very considerable amount of bug and crash fixes, but especially, a completely functional media and stream system on Windows.

Note: This build contains dozens of commits, you can read more about it in this pastebin. We will update this post as we sort out the commit list.

Of course, it still is an Experimental and can contain other documented or undocumented bugs, so please refer to our bug tracker to report any issues.

IMPORTANT: We had a little glitch with the first Windows installer and decided to simply replace it with a patched version. If you have issues playing Quicktime/MP4 media, please simply re-download the installer from this page and re-install it over the previous installation, it should patch the faulty library.


(*) The Linux64 build environment changed with the new version of Debian. so far Imprudence 64bit was built on Debian Lenny (now “oldstable”), and with Debian Squeeze now being stable, we moved to Ubuntu long term support (Lucid Lynx). You will now need libc 2.11.1(or newer) ¬†and pulseaudio 0.9.21 (or newer).

New Features:

  • Fully functional media system for Windows, including music streams.
  • Purple teleport clouds.
  • News bar at the bottom of the login screen let you know about the latest info.
  • Display name support, with fine tuning.
  • Display names optional in your friend list.
  • Tintable tattoos.
  • Support for the new 42 groups limit on SecondLife grids.
  • Keyboard shortcut for groups.
  • Aurora Grid now included in the default group list.
  • Horizontal mouse scrolling support.
  • and a few more…

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed crash when using the Link button.
  • Numerous cache and texture/sculpty fixes.
  • Fixed group apply changes option enabling when group profiles are open.
  • Fixed grid not showing up when Max Build Constraints are disabled.
  • Fixed muted groups becoming unmuted in certain cases.
  • Fixed certain IM settings not persisting.
  • Fixed AO not loading sometimes.
  • Several menu fixes.

We really hope that you will enjoy it, as it is probably the best Experimental we ever released. Again, we want to thank you all for your patience, feedbacks and support through this belated release, and are eagerly looking forward to your feedbacks and comments.

Codie for the Imprudence team

39 Responses to “Imprudence Experimental Release: 2011.03.11”

  1. Phedre

    So happy!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Arkem

    Oh my god, our favourite Christmas present arrive at last ;) Thank you so much for your hard work :)

  3. Stryker Jenkins

    Works great… This is the best viewer for builders yet!
    Now I can’t wait until Kokua… *evilgrin*

  4. Garn Conover

    *peaks around and sniffs* yay! *puts pawprint* Tis Purple Imprudence Werepoodle Approved!

  5. billyjo

    ahhh *waits for mac release*

  6. Livio

    thank you :)

  7. lupopa


    Ohne Probleme, sehr Sysstemschonend, und rennt hervorragend.

    Without Problems, gently system, running fine.

    Linux Ubuntu 10.04 – 32 Bit

    ty lupopa

  8. Sidney

    One thing I noticed is that search doesn’t save the search topic or location anymore. Maybe it’s as simple as a debug setting that I need to change but it’s pretty annoying having to type in the search word again and start from the top
    Other than that, no problems noticed and thanks for the release. Glad you’re back

  9. Mumpy

    Really glad to see Imprudence is still going.
    Running the Linux 64bit release on Ubuntu 10.10, everything works perfectly, including the media system. Great job, people

  10. Codie
  11. zoebuggy

    congratulations imp team :)))

  12. Baloo Uriza

    Can we get native, apt-gettable Debian packages since the build environment is already Debian?

  13. Bruce Patton

    Thank you for this experimental. I noticed the following using open simulator r/14979 on iMac:

    1. Fetching all inventory items on each re-log.

    2. Problem Importing Estate Covenant on each re-log.

    UUID of Covenant notecard is changed at MySQL database level on each re-log and defaults to an UUID for LLWearable version 22, New Hair, resulting in error “Covenant file format error”.

  14. coldFuSion

    Thank you very much to the everyone on the IMP Dev team for all your hard work. /highfive

  15. Kim Link

    I have “double sounds” like the old viewer. It’s unusable, unless there is a way to fix this.

  16. Kim Link

    oh….also: slow texture loading. If I TP away then go back to the same place, the textures are gray again…aren’t they supposed to be cached?

  17. Kopilo Hallard

    Contrags! Much anticipation and gratitude for releasing.

  18. Vivienne Graves

    Search is unfortunately broken. Unlike the previous experimental build, if one uses the search feature, teleports, and then opens the search window again, the last search isn’t remembered. This is for me a pretty significant and annoying bug (I’m guessing it’s not supposed to do this).

  19. Toshik Cyberschreiber

    Stream still works badly, when i click play button its begin to play, but in a ~1sec music turns off…

  20. Toshik Cyberschreiber

    Sorry, some streams are working fine, but for example dont work properly, may be some port issues?

  21. Fabrixx Beck

    Very thank.
    I waited for this version thanks

  22. Noddington

    Thank you so much for releasing the new experimental! The only issue I have noted thus far is the inability to mute music (without actually turning the music stream off). Muting music doesn’t work, nor does muting the master volume. Even with “Mute When SL Minimized” tick box, the music continues playing. Not sure if this is true of the other sounds or not.

  23. jamie

    Sound levels do not alter, turning volume on any of the sliders up or down doesnt change the sound at all the sound is constant.

  24. livio

    I dont know if help, but installed first time and audio working. Day after music gone. Removed OpenAl by my pc, reinstalled Imprudence and music working again (Win7 64bit).

  25. Jor3l

    Video streaming not working here :( Win7 64bits

  26. Josephine

    Yes, I agree with Vivienne, the fact that the search feature is not remembering the search is a pretty significant drawback for me.

  27. Dale Innis

    Woot, yay!

    Seems to be working so far, including audio. When I first logged in a few land patches were staying brown-grass instead of green-grass, but on relogging (to test inventory caching) all is green.

    Inventory does seem (in the one test I did) to start loading from an even smaller number than usual. Is there something I can adjust in cache size or debug settings or somewhere to make it cache more than the first 17K or so of inventory?

    But in general, hurrah! Imprudence with improved music, and with display names: happy!

  28. Dale Innis

    Oh, and is it expected that I had to re-undefault various things (like chat-window placement and “view tips on all objects” and some others) on installing the new version? Would be nice if it preserved as much as possible of course…

  29. Dale Innis

    (So -next- time I logged in, it started counting up inventory at around 40K. Who knows! :) )

  30. Dale Innis

    Dunno if this should be an Issue or in the forums or what, but because I am lazy :) here it is here: a stream that iTunes and Media Player had no trouble with (Windows 7, 64-bit), but Imp 1.4.0 Experimental 2011.03.11 (Mar 11 2011 14:44:20) just produced silence for. According to the iTunes infobox, it’s MPEG-2, Layer 3, 64 kbps, 22.050 KHz. Not sure I should post the actual URL since it’s someone else’s, but just in case this is helpful, there ya go…

  31. livio

    I read this: Does anyone even read this? IF YOU SEE THIS TEXT YOU HAVE WON $500, MESSAGE ME TO COLLECT YOUR PRIZE

    McCabe? My prize?

    For audio hiccups: i have tried to make more high the maximum bandwidth and now seem more well working.
    I have also *impression* that this version work more well if installed over the last experimental.

  32. Vivienne Graves

    Severe memory leaks on Windows 7 (64 bit); viewer uses 700MB at startup which will increase to as much as 1.7GB in areas with many avatars/after a few hours of use. (For comparison purposes Cool VL Viewer with identical graphics settings…256m draw distance, ultra, no shadows, 16x antialiasing/anisotropic set via NV Control Panel…uses c. 330MB.)

  33. pan

    64MB at startup on Windows 7/64 bit (used “ultra” because I didn’t find “identical” graphic settings”).

  34. Blaze Rumble


    I did not see where anyone posted this although I could have missed it.

    I have to reconnect to voice each and every time I log in. Sometimes I have to reconnect a couple times for it to take and most times this is not due to lag.

  35. livio

    True Blaze, and if you connect voice volume sliders dont work anymore. boh… maybe necessary a patch bug version?

  36. Nikala Thespian

    I can live with most bugs… as long as the updates keep flowing! Perhaps a return to the weekly experimental???

    One can hope!

  37. Maverick

    it’s this experimental version a sse2 optimized one?
    I can’t run it on SEE-only cpus..

  38. Marx Dudek

    Gesture sounds seem not to work for me.

    Not that this is always a terrible thing.

  39. Marx Dudek

    Actually, gestures suddenly started working but now the music player will work once on the first parcel I land on, but not on any subsequent parcel, even if Allowed or Whitelisted.