Viewer Usability Survey

Luke Hillman, a student at Georgetown University, is conducting research about SL third-party viewer usability as part of his master’s thesis. He’s currently running an online survey for SL users. This survey is targetted specifically at SL users, so if you use only non-SL platforms (e.g. OpenSim), please refrain from taking the survey.

The survey takes about 20 minutes, and has questions about how you use SL, and how easy or challenging it is to do specific things in your primary viewer of choice. If you have some time to take the survey, it would help Luke with his research!

Luke will also be conducting inworld interviews and a focus group as the next phases of his research. If you would like to be considered for participation in those, you can provide your email address at the end of the survey, or email lsh25 at or contact Jaime Radium in SL.

5 Responses to “Viewer Usability Survey”

  1. billyjo

    off topic lol. will there be an experimental update release today?

  2. Arkem

    I think it will be more “when it is done”. It is the best way to make something good with a little team working for fun

  3. zoebuggy

    Keep having Fun :)

  4. Dale Innis

    Fun survey! I had no idea what they meant by “Find a friend”, though (find a new friend? find an existing friend in one’s friend list? find out where an existing friend is inworld?), so I had to answer randomly on that one…

  5. Rhonda Pennell

    this survey is rather fun…I encourage everyone to fill it out:)