Imprudence 1.3.1 Released

Imprudence 1.3.1 is now available! This is a follow-up to 1.3.0, to tie up a few loose ends before we move on to 1.4. If you are using Imprudence 1.3.0, you should definitely update to 1.3.1. If you’re using the Imprudence Experimentals, you will probably want to wait. We’re planning to release a new Experimental soon (probably next Friday), with streaming audio definitely working on Windows (thanks to McCabe’s hard work taming GStreamer), and possibly also on Mac.

Imprudence 1.3.1 does not include the new features from the Experimentals, like spell checking, chat translate, or local textures. It also does not have the new experimental media system, which is good news for Windows and Mac users!

Linux users, please be aware that you will need to have GTK+, ATK, freetype, cairo, pango, and pixman installed on your system to use this version. We no longer package those libraries with the viewer, because they would break the clipboard and file chooser dialogs when the system version differed from the packaged version.

As always, we ask that you post your feedback in the forums. We rely on your reports and feedback to make Imprudence better!

Here are the highlights for this release. Read the release notes for the full list of changes.

  • Added support for the new Second Life maximum group limit.
  • Added new options in Preferences > Fonts: “Font size multiplier” and “Force integer font sizes”. (Note: increasing the font size too much may cause some parts of the UI to mess up or look bad.)
  • Fixed the mouse not being able to interact with the world after using snapshot freeze frame (#629).
  • Added a “news bar” on the bottom of the login screen, which loads a web page with links to the latest Imprudence blog posts. You can disable loading that page by changing the “NewsBarURL” debug setting to nothing.

    Here’s what the news bar looks like (click for a larger image):

    Screenshot of the news bar



18 Responses to “Imprudence 1.3.1 Released”

  1. Stryker Jenkins

    Great work… glad to see things moving forward again. Keep up the good work, I can’t wait until the experimental viewer is updated.

  2. Marcus A. Link

    Love it!

    Even copying the selected prim (via clicking on the face of another prim) works properly, yay!

    Thx guys, great job!


  3. Sam

    Great work on your viewer. I use it as my primary viewer for Secondlife and for OSGRID. I was wondering if its still in the plans to continue work with the Aurora Project considering they are now producing their own viewer. I dont know where Aurora is going and they claim they are not pursuing Opensim core compatibility anymore.

  4. Inara Pey


    Will Imprudence be adopting Sione Lomu’s patch to authorize / deny media and audio streams to enable users to stop spurious and potentially malicious attempts to use such streams?

  5. Codie

    We are actually looking at it, as the Imprudence/Kokua team is very committed to improving user privacy.

  6. Jor3l

    Hello, is there any documentation on how to get this working with Ubuntu/Kubuntu? Thanks in advance :)

  7. Zauber Paracelsus

    I suggest using Henri Beauchamp’s implementation of Sione Lomu’s patch, as it contains some additional improvements and bug fixes.

    Here’s a link to the download for the patch:

    And a link to the forum thread where he details the changes he made:

  8. Matangdilis


    I use Imprudence on Ubuntu lucid amd64. I simply extract the package somewhere then create a menu item with command:

    bash (path)/imprudence

  9. Orion Pseudo

    Eep? The Linux 64bit release seems to be missing some pieces… It only has the two default skins, the align tool is missing, and a few other goodies too. But otherwise it works good, and the in-client web browser is back online too! :)

  10. Orion Pseudo

    Ok nevermind, I’m an idiot… I just downgraded from the last experimental release. *whaps forehead*

  11. Garn Conover

    So how’s Kokua coming? I’ve been using Kirstens 2 majority of the time now. I’ve gotten so used to the ui and such that it’s actually hard going back to a 1.23 >_<. Oh well I've noticed lately there are a lot of tpv improved versions so hopefully it helps you get a leg up :) even seen a purple v2 skin already!!!

  12. Linda

    Please add support for links and outfits

  13. Vinicius Mortensen

    Well done! but what happened with the “max of non-impostors” function? this function is so good to reduce lag!

  14. Mai Moonwall

    I just uploaded the Imprudence 1.3.1 and now when I take a picture it takes forever to save and I crash, I never had problems on my old Imprudence :(

  15. matthew o connor

    hi guys i have been building a city using Google street maps and i have media. and love the update. is there any plans to change the viewer look? it still looks like a second life viewer

  16. Mai Moonwall

    it works fine now, I had to untick constrain proportions :)

  17. Guitarman

    Hi people, somebody knows how to log in if I dont have a last name??? please?!!!!

  18. Dot

    Guitarman, try using “Resident” as your last name